Apr. 3rd, 2015 10:31 pm
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Tonight is our first night in the new house.

Being as we were on the third floor, we hired movers. The movers were scheduled for this afternoon, sometime after 11:00. We planned to get up, have breakfast, tidy a few last minute things and dust everything to be moved. Leisurely.

My phone woke me at 8:00. It was the movers. Their morning job had rescheduled, and could they come early? I made incoherent noises into the phone as I contemplated the likelihood of movers have ever before come early in the history of human domiciles. I made some sort of assenting growl and crawled out of bed. (It's important to note that I spent 18 hours on my feet yesterday.) We threw stuff out of the way and scrambled into clothes. The movers came precisely on time. I placed the exodus under my partner's supervision and fled to the new house to sweep and mop and attempt to sweep the knee-high pollen drifts out of our driveway.

The movers were faster than their original estimate, and very competent. One of them noticed my crash pad, and we discussed our favorite climbing spots in the area. After they left, we ran back to the apartment to throw laundry in the wash, and then we went for a belated breakfast and I ate a plate of migas as large as my head.

The rest of the day was spent scrubbing the bathroom. Last night I regrouted for the first time, earning myself a new adulting badge. I have since celebrated by taking a bath in my clean new bathroom, and am now rejoicing in our functional wireless.

Next up, dinner, and then a serious effort to stay up to watch the bloodmoon.
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Today I took a break from our move to help a friend move. I burned a lot of calories, sunburned my shoulders, and went home determined to give even more stuff to Goodwill so that I will never have that much stuff to move. Tomorrow I must meet a flooring person to see about fixing a water-damaged board in the living room, which is currently preventing us from filling a bookcase there. Wednesday I will borrow my mom's SUV to make what will hopefully be the last IKEA run, to obtain yet another bookcase and various other things. Friday the movers come to drag everything down from the top of this ziggurat and set fire to it in the parking lot relocate it.

In non-move-related news, the first few chapters of Dreams of Shreds & Tatters are now up on my website. A month and a half left till release day.
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Yesterday was new house day, one of many. I went over at 9:00 for carpet installation, and left at 23:00. I scrubbed baseboards, wiped out cabinets, dusted, swept the driveway and patio, and reupholstered a chair (three more to go). Later my partner and roommates came over for more dusting and scrubbing, plus toilet seat replacement, new AC filters, replacement doorknobs, and the removal of some unfortunate blinds which will live out the rest of their life in the garage. Still to do: replace some light covers, put up curtain rods where those blinds were, contact paper the kitchen cabinets, call down the cleansing fire of heaven upon the bathtub, and sweep and mop before we bring our furniture in.

For you see, we are getting a very good deal on rent in a lovely, well-situated house by taking over a lease for friends*. The down side is that we don't get the professional cleaning services that would usually be brought in between tenants. So we clean. Everything. Ourselves.

On Friday I'll get a Uhaul and bring in my bookcases from storage. In a week and a half we have movers to carry everything down three flights stairs.

I'll spare you the Unfuck Your Habitat-style before & afters, but expect pictures soon.

* Chuck Palahniuk says that no matter how much you think you love somebody, you'll step back when the pool of their blood edges up too close. I say that no matter how much you think you love somebody, you'll reevaluate your entire friendship if you have to clean out their fridge.
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I miss you, LJ! Maybe not enough to drunk-post at 3:00 am, but pretty close. Tumblr and Facebook just aren't the same.

My partner and I and our roommates are moving this month! Going from five mammals in a two-bedroom (third floor) apartment to a three-bedroom house will be a pleasant change. We'll have exciting things like tile floors and a bay window! Not to mention retrieving all my books from storage. The relocation of stuff doesn't start for another two weeks, but I may succumb to my urge to start packing now. Something will end up being done at the last minute no matter how early I begin.
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Good morning, and happy holidays! As is the way of my people, I shall soon go have a family Christmas brunch, then return home and have a second holiday with different family. In the meantime, I'm attempting to tidy the hell of beads that my desk has become.

With a bit of diligence, 2015 will be the year of me being more productive in things like blogging and non-writing artistic endeavors. Looking back at the past year and a half, it becomes clear that a grue made of stress and/or depression ate me in 2013, and I've only recently crawled out of it. It's no fun inside a grue; I cannot recommend this.

I've finished two short stories in the past few months, and need two more by March. I'm also working on The Poison Court, and a still titleless project known as D2: Byakhee Boogaloo.
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Today feels so productive it warrants a post!

So far I have:

* Taken Agent J to her weekly therapy session.
* Gone to the dentist to have my crown reattached. Because spending the weekend without a tooth was very traumatic.
* Written half on an introduction which I owe someone very soon. But it's half done now!
* Tidied the apartment.
* Planned a dinner with the neighbors tomorrow night and bought the appropriate groceries.
* Learned how to make chocolate ganache truffles. Only in theory so far, but this theory will be tested soon. Oh yes.
* Made "What the hell is in the fridge?" soup. Answer: split peas, sausage, parsley, and beet greens.

Next I'll make tea, chill, and wait for a friend to get home so we can watch True Detective. About which I have Serious Feelings, as any of you who suffered through Dreams with me might well imagine.
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Our house has acquired a new mammal, and this time I'm not responsible for the addition. Our rodent friend has made a little hole in the garage ceiling, and we can hear him* scampering through the walls. Steven has seen him at least once hanging out in the garage, probably eating the cat food.

Have I mentioned we have four cats? Which means that statistically, at least one of them should be a murder cat. And yet a rat is camping out in the garage eating their food. Their shame is great.

Since my cats are abject failures at what should be both a duty and a joy to them, I see live traps and crawling through attics in my future.

* I pray this rat is male, and not possessed of a wife and children for whom he intends to send.
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Today was my last day at work for the end of June. I sing the praises of my day job, for lo, though I am but a part time peon, I still qualify for four weeks of family leave. Now I just have to carve out enough time from my time off to get some writing done.

I might have been sad about losing my husband to Diablo III, but now James Hong has joined his party. Now I will dream of an AU version wherein Lo Pan appears to Deckard Cain and says "Shut up, Mr. Cain. You are not brought upon this world to 'get it'."

I'm still holding out for my Egg Shen/Lo Pan and the internet continues to fail me. I've broken Rule 34.
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I seem to have fallen into an elementary school schedule-shaped hole, which has stronger gravity than usual. I may need another daily posting meme to keep me tethered. Anyone feel like joining me in a mutually-assured destruction blogging pact?

We can't be sad, though. Not today. Today is Rex Manning Rammstein day. Or it will be as soon as I clean the house, drop off a dog to be boarded, pick up Agent F from school, pick up the CSA and split the spoils with [livejournal.com profile] fadethecat, feed animals, feed and medicate a child, and wait for the babysitter to show up. Then we will drive to San Antonio to enjoy pyrotechnic goodness.

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I cleaned my house for 5.5 hour straight today. It was clean when company came over. I am very tired now. I was going to do G and H today, but now I can't sit up, let alone think. We'll see if G, H, and I happen tomorrow.
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All of mine today has gone into cleaning my room. I'm getting better at embracing the unfucking lifestyle in the rest of the house, but there is something about cleaning my room that makes me feel like an eight-year-old badly in need of a nap. Something about the combination of the dark gloomy gothcave atmosphere (great for sleeping) and the near-constant enormity of the chore inevitably leads to me falling asleep mid cleaning. But it has to be clean by Thursday, so on we trudge.

And this is really the lamest post ever, but it's what you get today.
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by Amanda Downum, age 32 and 2/3rds.

I unfucked part of the front lawn! Then I figured out how to use tumblr so I could post about it. Now you too may enjoy the before and after photos, since I'm sure everyone else is enthralled by yardwork.


Afterward I ate a pummelo, and now I'm making $40 a pound chai. If this chai doesn't turn me into a guild navigator, I want my money back.

The End.

P.S. Pretty soon you'll get before and after photos of my shrub-removal project. Won't that be thrilling!
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I'm late to Unfuck Your Habitat, like every other party I attend, but holy crap it is the best thing ever. It isn't telling me anything I didn't already know--except maybe drain volcanoes, which I'd at least forgotten--but the repetition and challenges and breaking down of tasks is amazingly motivational. The public areas of my house have been clean for a week now, which is pretty outstanding around these parts. The bedroom is a minor disaster (but only a minor one), and I may turn that into tomorrow's challenge.

My other challenge besides the bedroom is to unfuck my novel proposal. I have four chapters of Isyllt IV that are full of bits I love, but are also deeply flawed in a stakes/motivation way, and I need to take everything apart and rebuild it in a more stable fashion. It would also help to foreshadow the other half of the plot if I knew what that half was.
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I have survived the weekend and its houseguests-of-little-warning. The house was clean when they arrived, and is still mainly clean, except for the shriveled husks of Disney princess stickers littering my living room, and a sink full of dishes. If I tidy the kitchen today and start the guest-linen laundry, this week will be off to a good start. Which is handy, because in just under two weeks I'm hosting a crit group meeting here, so I need to keep entropy under control.

I didn't get up particularly early today, but I did walk the dog first thing, fulfilling both my half-hour exercise requirement and my decent-pet-keeper requirement. I'm waiting on another shipping address before I can make a post office run, so I am not unvirtuous in that regard.

Now I will make coffee (at home, instead of buying more delicious coffee elsewhere) and open up my various writing projects. I need to make progress on a short story due in the middle of March, write two missing scenes for Dreams, and work on getting more roller derby into the proposal for The Ashen Throne. I'd also like to get the beginning of Prayers To Broken Stone whipped into proposal shape as well.

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Peace has once more returned to the land. Now maybe I can get some work done on this short story, and finish the two scenes that are still missing from Dreams.
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I have cleaned so many things today. All the things? No. But a lot of these damn things. Why do I have so many things? I blame the Norse.

I finished off the last square of chocolate in the pantry, and that is the end of the sweets. It's a good thing I didn't make alcohol an option on the poll, because I definitely earned a beer tonight. I probably earned three, but moderation and all that.

I wish my calorie tracker had "Ikea" as an activity option. I would dearly love to know how many calories I burned wrestling a bookcase together. My right thumb is still store from the allen wrench. But now my paperbacks are no longer stacked four deep, and my hardbacks no longer three deep. Now I just have to something about the horror that is my non-fiction shelf.

I also wrote my 500 words yesterday. I have a structure and characters--now I have to finish the thing in less than three weeks. A title would be very helpful. Mi-go aren't as conducive to easy titles as ghouls or deep ones.
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Good morning, LJ. I'm back from Hawaii, having not been eaten by sharks, eels, or mongeese*. Now I have a head cold; it's like con crud without the con.

What are you doing today?

* I never saw a mongoose, but the hotel warned us very strongly not to feed them.
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Thank Cod almighty, the dogs went home today. I actually took them to the shelter this morning, after two days of no leads, with the understanding that I would take them in again when we got back from Hawaii if no owners had been found. But the shelter had a parvo outbreak, so the nice animal control officer asked me to keep them till tomorrow. And lo and behold, a young girl called me this afternoon. Now Crystal* and Sparkle--I know, I know--have been returned to their monkeys, and everyone is happy again.

Except for Gretchen, who will miss Crystal.

* There is another dog in our neighborhood named Crystal, who also once ended up spending the night here. She is large, fluffy, and light-colored, like Crystal 2. When I first saw Crystal 2, I called her by name and she answered. This was a little confusing when I figured out she wasn't Crystal 1. I would claim psychic powers, but I would never in a million years have guessed Sparkle.
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I have three chapters of That Book Thing finished, but need at least one more to have a proposal-sized chunk. My current trouble is controlling the flow of information--usually I'm told to clarify things, but this time I'm trying not to let the first chapter turned into a bolus of exposition that would choke a horse.

Austin's Midnight Madness scavenger hunt--which I'm helping run this year--is on Saturday. I've started making my clues, and need to put together prop packages for the teams. And buy a wig. And make sure all my cohorts have fedoras.

I've bought the first round of supplies for my Halloween costume, but haven't begun assembling it yet. Next week will be a frantic wing-making rush. And I need to find--Cod help us all--a pair of leggings.

The pile of gravel in my driveway is much smaller (we can park one car in it), but not yet vanquished.
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I'll spare you day-by-day pics, but day two of Operation: Saved By Zero(scaping) has gone well. There's still a huge pile of pea gravel in my driveway, but years' worth of leaf drifts have been raked out of the corners, and you can actually see inside the garden plot now. Eventually I may try planting something in it again.

Pea gravel looks a million times nicer than bare dirt, but now I'm feeling the strange urge to buy a chiminea and a statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe...


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