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Yesterday was new house day, one of many. I went over at 9:00 for carpet installation, and left at 23:00. I scrubbed baseboards, wiped out cabinets, dusted, swept the driveway and patio, and reupholstered a chair (three more to go). Later my partner and roommates came over for more dusting and scrubbing, plus toilet seat replacement, new AC filters, replacement doorknobs, and the removal of some unfortunate blinds which will live out the rest of their life in the garage. Still to do: replace some light covers, put up curtain rods where those blinds were, contact paper the kitchen cabinets, call down the cleansing fire of heaven upon the bathtub, and sweep and mop before we bring our furniture in.

For you see, we are getting a very good deal on rent in a lovely, well-situated house by taking over a lease for friends*. The down side is that we don't get the professional cleaning services that would usually be brought in between tenants. So we clean. Everything. Ourselves.

On Friday I'll get a Uhaul and bring in my bookcases from storage. In a week and a half we have movers to carry everything down three flights stairs.

I'll spare you the Unfuck Your Habitat-style before & afters, but expect pictures soon.

* Chuck Palahniuk says that no matter how much you think you love somebody, you'll step back when the pool of their blood edges up too close. I say that no matter how much you think you love somebody, you'll reevaluate your entire friendship if you have to clean out their fridge.
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I cleaned my house for 5.5 hour straight today. It was clean when company came over. I am very tired now. I was going to do G and H today, but now I can't sit up, let alone think. We'll see if G, H, and I happen tomorrow.
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All of mine today has gone into cleaning my room. I'm getting better at embracing the unfucking lifestyle in the rest of the house, but there is something about cleaning my room that makes me feel like an eight-year-old badly in need of a nap. Something about the combination of the dark gloomy gothcave atmosphere (great for sleeping) and the near-constant enormity of the chore inevitably leads to me falling asleep mid cleaning. But it has to be clean by Thursday, so on we trudge.

And this is really the lamest post ever, but it's what you get today.
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I'm thirty-three days into my faux-Lenten sugar purge, and I have broken a couple of times. Once in Boston out of weakness and crabbiness, once again two days later because we found cupcakes and I decided to grant myself another signing cupcake exception, and this morning because a muffin was the better part of valor when confronted with sweet vs. salty & greasy airport breakfasts. Cupcakes have officially become way too much sugar. (Cake is okay, but icing is brutal once its sugar load hits my bloodstream.) I will marshal my virtue and finish my last sugar-free week, and then try to avoid cupcakes.

In more virtuous news, I swept and spot-mopped the front of the house tonight, scrubbed a shelf in the fridge, and did my travel laundry before taking to my bed like a jet-lagged thing.
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It's a bright side/dark side sort of week. On the bright side, my local B&N had several copies of Kingdoms, and copies of Brave New Love. Also, my unfucking habits have held on: not only is the kitchen clean, but I have coffee prepped and ready for tomorrow morning, and made my lunch. Also also, I went to a new dentist today, and was quite happy with her. My cavity was filled with entirely no fuss or pain, and I didn't have any other cavities lurking out of sight.

On the dark side... My laptop Jadis died yesterday. She'd been running slow for a while, so I freed up some memory and rebooted. Only for her to never wake up from the reboot. Steven still isn't sure what the problem is, but it does seem like most of my data is intact, somewhere out of reach. Say it with me now, children:

Back up early. Back up often.

So I'm borrowing Steven's Macbook for the time being, and hoping for the best.
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by Amanda Downum, age 32 and 2/3rds.

I unfucked part of the front lawn! Then I figured out how to use tumblr so I could post about it. Now you too may enjoy the before and after photos, since I'm sure everyone else is enthralled by yardwork.

Afterward I ate a pummelo, and now I'm making $40 a pound chai. If this chai doesn't turn me into a guild navigator, I want my money back.

The End.

P.S. Pretty soon you'll get before and after photos of my shrub-removal project. Won't that be thrilling!
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I'm late to Unfuck Your Habitat, like every other party I attend, but holy crap it is the best thing ever. It isn't telling me anything I didn't already know--except maybe drain volcanoes, which I'd at least forgotten--but the repetition and challenges and breaking down of tasks is amazingly motivational. The public areas of my house have been clean for a week now, which is pretty outstanding around these parts. The bedroom is a minor disaster (but only a minor one), and I may turn that into tomorrow's challenge.

My other challenge besides the bedroom is to unfuck my novel proposal. I have four chapters of Isyllt IV that are full of bits I love, but are also deeply flawed in a stakes/motivation way, and I need to take everything apart and rebuild it in a more stable fashion. It would also help to foreshadow the other half of the plot if I knew what that half was.
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February 23 - 29

Thursday: Housecleaning. A lot of it.
Friday: More housecleaning. Also a lot.
Saturday: Playground duty (including monkey bars!), a truly lackluster amount of outdoor bouldering.
Sunday: Dayjob, 7 hours. (Book mining burns a lot of calories.)
Monday: Dog-walking, 1.5 miles.
Tuesday: Yoga, 30 min.
Wednesday: Day job, 5 hours. Top roping & 1 hour yoga.

And by some Leap Day miracle, I managed to have beer and cheese fries for dinner, and still come in at 2k calories for the day.

I have a tumblr now. What do I do with it?
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Six days into my sweet-free* existence, and I want sugar so badly I would knife a man for a muffin. Another few days of this and I'll probably be hallucinating that my hands are cupcakes and the cats are cinnamon rolls the size of my head. And I don't even eat very much sugar normally!

In happier dietary news, today I decided to unfuck my crisper drawers and turn the contents into gardener's pie. This, my friends, was a wild success. Some sad broccoli and carrots, wrinkly potatoes and hoary frozen peas and corn combined as if by magic into a delicious dinner. I think the actual magic was not having any broth and subbing red wine. Red wine makes many things better.

* Processed sugary things like cake, candy, ice cream, etc. I can still put honey in my tea.
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I have survived the weekend and its houseguests-of-little-warning. The house was clean when they arrived, and is still mainly clean, except for the shriveled husks of Disney princess stickers littering my living room, and a sink full of dishes. If I tidy the kitchen today and start the guest-linen laundry, this week will be off to a good start. Which is handy, because in just under two weeks I'm hosting a crit group meeting here, so I need to keep entropy under control.

I didn't get up particularly early today, but I did walk the dog first thing, fulfilling both my half-hour exercise requirement and my decent-pet-keeper requirement. I'm waiting on another shipping address before I can make a post office run, so I am not unvirtuous in that regard.

Now I will make coffee (at home, instead of buying more delicious coffee elsewhere) and open up my various writing projects. I need to make progress on a short story due in the middle of March, write two missing scenes for Dreams, and work on getting more roller derby into the proposal for The Ashen Throne. I'd also like to get the beginning of Prayers To Broken Stone whipped into proposal shape as well.

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I will endeavor to go without sweets (processed-sugary things) for the next 40 days. Inspired by [ profile] yuki_onna's unfucking project I will also endeavor to actually exercise for 30 minutes every day. Yoga, walking, climbing, whatever. My caveats are:

1. I have half a chocolate bar left in the pantry. I am going to finish it. Because wasting good chocolate is just dumb.

2. I will have a cupcake at my launch party. Because it is my launch party, and I am bringing cupcakes.

3. Cleaning the house for 30+ minutes totally counts as exercise*.

I may also attempt to sleep for under nine hours a night, unless a sleep deficit is involved. But I don't want to get too crazy too fast.

And now I'm taking my laptop to bed, where I will write 500 words of the story I have three weeks to finish. Like a m*therf*cking boss.

*This caveat is made because tomorrow will be a frenzy of housecleaning due to an imminent scary thing happening this weekend, which I will talk about later. Not the scary thing some of you already know about, though.


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