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I have returned to Operation: Vampire Movies at last. One day I will see them all!

The updated list )

I think I've seen Dracula, Dead and Loving It. How could I not have? But somehow I never saw Rockula until last month, so it's possible. Also not listed is whatever awful C-grade recent movie we recently watched whose name totally escapes me. It was bad.
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Because it's nearly my birthday, Precious, and because I couldn't stand to wait till August, we're taking advantage of an otherwise annoying holiday and going to the beach. The full moon over the beach tonight was worth what will likely be a hell of holiday traffic tomorrow.

It's also been two years since we've been to Galveston, and I was unaware of the existence of the Pleasure Pier. We saw the ferris wheel lights as we drove down the seawall, and now I have "People Are Strange" stuck in my head, and the overwhelming urge to write a vampire story. Perhaps a Pinocchio vampire story. And somehow I've lived to be two days from hobbit adulthood and never before noticed that The Lost Boys is very much a Pinocchio story already.
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Yeah, you guessed it. V is for vampires. And W is for werewolves. But I am le tired, and do not have enough oomph left for a coherent post tonight. So I owe you a post about chompy monsters.
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I failed at seeing Deathly Hallows, but I celebrated Black Friday by buying new gothware and concert tickets. I was going to come home and write, but...

Blood Maidens came in the mail today.

It sat in the mailbox long enough that it's currently sucking the warmth out of me, which is appropriate. I'm almost scared to open it. I've been waiting for this book for nearly fourteen years. Traveling With The Dead is my favorite book ever.

I don't think I'll be getting much else done tonight.
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I dreamed about The Lost Boys last night, and woke up with "Lost In The Shadows" stuck in my head. My success in repurposing Fallen Towers into salable work doesn't mean I should try to dust off my awful junior high Lost Boys homage. Really. My perpetual state of annoyance with Lost Girls shouldn't factor into this either. Or my life's ambition to write a decent vampire novel. Really.

But I'm 31 and haven't written more than one short story about vampires, and it is one of my great ambitions...

Ack! What do I doooooooo?
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18. Inkheart

It's so refreshing to see Paul Bettany in a movie I like. I may break down and watch The DaVinci Code just to see him as a self-flagellating evile albino, though.

19. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (vampire movie #16)

This movie is very bad. Its crimes against blue filters are vile and unforgivable. But, hey! It doesn't have Scott Speedman in it!

Inkheart gave me a brainworm, though: The Secret Garden with monsters. Plucky orphans, spooky mansions, creepy dead gardens... Add 200% more monsters (and something that passes for action) and that sounds like a winner to me.
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16. (Vampire movie #15) Rise

Lucy Liu can make a bad movie watchable, but she can't make it good.

This does get a couple points for a fairly crunchily realistic portrayal of blunt teeth chewing through a wrist. Reader, I squicked.

I fell off the vampire wagon for a while, but I'm trying to get back on. This can only lead to suffering.
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That's my childhood rocking and keening in the corner.
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69. (vampire movie 14) Låt den rätte komma in - OMGLOFF! Sweet and beautiful and loffly. (Although it's probably a sign of my general character that at that first childish Hjaelp from the dark, I started cackling. Also, one needs a very strenuous screening process for ghouls [the Renfield sort, not the meeping sort].)

The work Christmas party had dolmas! And biryani! And after I'd already had my free martini and cider and beer, I found a serendipitous stray ticket and got a free absinthe! Nom nom nom. I am still somewhat expansive.
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I was going to go climbing tonight, but after spending an hour looking for my wallet (it was under a cat) decided not to. Instead I watched:

#51. (vampire movie #13) Lost Boys: The Tribe

I hope that they paid Corey Feldman enough to keep him drunk through that whole ordeal.

(Seriously--the awful Lost Boys ripoff I was writing in junior high was better than that. But that doesn't mean I need to salvage it just to prove a point. Really it doesn't.)
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I'm compiling a playlist I should have compiled ages ago: the cheesy 80s pop vampire song list. I don't mean goth classics like "Bela Lugosi's Dead", oh no. I mean stuff like "Take Me Home Tonight", "Love Bites", "Black Cars", "Sunglasses At Night", and possibly "Maneater". Songs you listened to in grade school/junior high and just knew were about vampires. Lou Gramm's "Lost in the Shadows," too, though it may be cheating to use an actual vampire soundtrack. "Bloodletting" may also be too obvious (and too good).

I know I know more songs than I have right now, but I'm blanking. So I turn to you, beloved f-list!
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Picnic-march, Day 4

"Bone Garden", which may need a new name, but I'm not worrying about that yet.
Words yesterday/today: 2700
Words total: 2700

Yeah. :P I realized that all the faffing about and set-changing was because I'd started the story in the wrong place. Not the wrong point in the story, but the wrong location. So I redid everything, and lost 500 words of faffing and random extraneous extras. Now it's not so much about boywhores vs. oracular demons as about demimonde theatre boys vs. oracular demons. I know, I know, semantics.

Vampire movie #12/Movie #47: Vampires: Los Muertos

Oh god, the pain. And because it was on SciFi, the black guy died. I'm starting to wonder if that's how they select non-SciFi-originals to show. But worse than the movie itself were the commercials on SciFi! ED! Herpes! CATHETERS! Fucking CATHETERS!
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#8. Frostbiten

Oh, Swedish horror movies. I loff you so. This movie is not good, but it's very fun. And I want to learn to say "Stop throwing gnomes at me!" in every possible language.

#9. Razor Blade Smile

I really like this title. Alas, that it's attached to this movie. This is, in fact, the first movie in the project that we didn't finish.

#10. Nadja

Ah, early '90s indie movies. Ah, early '90s hairstyles. But Elina Löwensohn is hot, and so's Karl Geary, so we endure. However, this does it. I call a moratorium on movies that recycle the Dracula names. It's not cute anymore. Fucking quit it.

#11. The House That Dripped Blood

Okay, only one segment of these is about vampires, but it's Peter Cushing and Chris Lee! And Ingrid Pitt, who's not exactly hard on the eyes either.
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Okay, I swear I'm going to bed after this.

Here, for posterity, is the master list of vampire movies I know I've watched. I know there are others, including at least one Chinese vampire movie (figured that one out), but these are the ones whose titles I can remember and look up.

In mostly chronological order... )

That's a large chunk of my childhood right there.
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#6. Cold Hearts

Or, Lost Boys II: 90s Vampires of the Jersey Shore (Reality really does bite)

Too much "day in the life of a 90s vampire", not enough roller derby. But some really hilarious Lost Boys homage scenes. And bonus Power Ranger! This movie has two serious flaws: realistic dialogue is not good fictional dialogue, and the David-and-gang analogs were totally lame. Otherwise a noble effort.

Also, if you're going to play a Temple of the Dog song over a vampire suicide, I think the song should really be "Hunger Strike." I'm just saying.

#7. Perfect Creature

Genetically engineered not-quite-steampunk vampires! With dirigibles! And Dougray Scott!

Very pretty, but also very slow.

Argh. Now I have "Hunger Strike" stuck in my head!
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Because my brain is totally inundated with Hammer films, and because it got good reviews, today the boy and I went to Austin's Romanian restaurant, Drakula. I am now very full of the blood of innocents good goulash and apple strudel.

And while we were in there, we heard three different remixes of the Numa Numa song. Seriously, how fabulous is that?
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#5. Dracula has Risen From his Grave (To find his home vandalized by wandering priests)

aka Where the Hell was Peter Cushing?

It just isn't the same without Peter Cushing to smoke and slap hysterical people and wear fabulous waistcoats.

Next time I'm looking for Taste the Blood of Dracula, the title of which cracks me the hell up. There should also have been a Say Dracula's Name, Bitch and perhaps Dracula's Your Daddy. (In true Hammer fashion this could have the alternate title of Why You Gotta Make Dracula Angry, Baby? You Know He Don't Like to Treat You Like This.)

But I'm getting a lot of ideas for a vampire story. It will at some point involve a bad guy trying to revenge himself upon the protags through their female relatives, and then getting his ass handed to him by said females. I just need to figure out what my not-emo occult detective's name is.
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#4. Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter

This one was a pleasant surprise. Sure it's cheesy, and slow in places, and pretty simple, (and Kronos not only has a katana for no damn reason at all, but also mistreats it criminally) but I liked the vampire mystery. My first guess was right, but they pulled a nice misdirect, and I liked the Durward siblings. (Possibly I have a weakness for a blond and a redhead with just a hint of incest.)

The more I think about it, I'd kinda like to write a version of this. I need to figure out an interesting treatment/woodshedding of the silent & emo road warrior vampire hunter type, and a good setting. I was already contemplating building another universe for oldskool werewolves, vampires in formal wear, and Peter Cushing's cheekbones...
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My quest continues. I was originally going to try to watch them in alphabetical order, but that led to too much suffering in a row.

#2. An American Vampire Story

This movie wasn't as bad as it could have been. I think that's all that can be said.

#3. The Satanic Rites of Dracula

I think this movie should be retitled Peter Cushing's Amazing Cheekbones, because that's what I was paying attention to 90% of the time. Good god, that man was beautiful.

I'm working on the Hammer drinking game. Based on these two, I have: Women happy after meeting Dracula--drink; Dracula carries a woman around--drink; the romance with Dracula dies (woman ends up chained in a basement, buried in a garden, tossed around, etc.)--drink; Peter Cushing slaps someone who's hysterical--drink; Dracula's ring--drink. I'm going to need more beer.

Next on the list: Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter! Stay Tuned!


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