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I have returned to Operation: Vampire Movies at last. One day I will see them all!

The updated list )

I think I've seen Dracula, Dead and Loving It. How could I not have? But somehow I never saw Rockula until last month, so it's possible. Also not listed is whatever awful C-grade recent movie we recently watched whose name totally escapes me. It was bad.


Dec. 10th, 2013 11:21 pm
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I am, I swear. I even survived Run For Your Lives with [ profile] matociquala on Saturday, despite it being 28 degrees (F) out, and me having a raging sinus infection.

I will have News soon, on both the writing and personal fronts, but for now I am biding my time and VagueBooking. I was going to haul out the first lines meme tonight, but I am le tired, and must open a bookstore in the morning.


Feb. 19th, 2013 01:11 pm
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Words today: 532
Words total: 6680
Reason for stopping: THE END
Darling: THE END

It is a draft with many drafty problems, but I have finished a short story! It's been a year and a half since this happened, and I was starting to disbelieve in the possibility.

Now it's time to dig through the more folders and see if there's anything else that wants to be finished.
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Today I and a team of bookstore cohorts attended Run For Your Lives, the 5k zombie obstacle course. Obstacles included vaulting logs; crawling under fences and barbed wire; not one but two steep, muddy inclines (one of which was covered in thorns); a muddy, swaying balance beam; sucking mud pits; hurdle walls; a smoke house filled with dangling live wires... And, of course, lots and lots of zombies.

I made it through all the obstacles, never lost a shoe, and only nearly twisted my ankle once. I also made it more than two miles in before a bastard zombie in a Christmas elf costume swiped my last flag. I was, however, the next-to-last man standing in my team. We got one person to the finish line with a flag intact, so in that regard we were successful.

This was the most fun I've ever had at a run, and the most exhausted I've ever been after. Not to mention filthy. I'm talking epic filth here. I'm also very proud of myself, even if I am succumbing to the zombie infection even as I type.

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This is just to say that in 24 hours I will be queueing up to run from zombies. I am rather excited about this. I bought fancy socks for the mud run and everything. My immediate goal after survival is avoiding debilitating injury, as Sunday night is Deathrock Disco.

I don't have a zombie icon. This is sad and slightly embarrassing.
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Err, hello. I am being part of the lack-of-LJ problem again. I've even slacked off on spamming with workout stats. But Run For Your Lives is this Saturday, so maybe that will be worth an update! (I ran another 5k on Sunday, and finally beat 5 mph. So progress is happening.)

Are there any memes going around worth doing, to keep some semblance of activity happening here?
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Sunday: 8 hours dayjob.
Monday: 1 hour yoga, climbing.
Tuesday: Weights. I added 5 pounds to my dead lift and subtracted 5 pounds from my pull-up assist. I also did Bulgarian split squats, even though we hates them, precious. 4 hours dayjob.
Wednesday: Sloth and more sloth.
Thursday: 4 hours dayjob.
Friday: 1.5 miles jogging. I actually jogged the whole way, with no walking intervals. This is amazing. 4 hours dayjob, but at least 1.5 of those hours were spent trying to catch a stray dog who was running around our parking lot. (We eventually succeeded.)
Saturday: Zombie obstacle course. This was not the grand Run For Your Lives event that I'm training for, but a local gym's knock off loving homage. The trail was longer (at least 4 miles, if not 4.5), but there were fewer zombies, fewer obstacles, and no mud. Obstacles included wheelbarrows and/or dragging our partners, carrying a 15 lb bag of sand* for 3/4ths of the way, zombie target practice, and carrying an additional load of bricks and a 2x4 the final leg. We didn't win, but neither were we last, and most importantly, I didn't die.**

* Supposedly we were carrying food to the safe zone. I think there would have been more pathos in having to transport flour-sack babies to the safe zone. And the babies might not have bled sand down my bra.

** I outran all the zombies. I learned later that my partner got tagged, but didn't tell anyone. So we would have eventually gone on to infect the safe zone and destroy the last attempt at saving humanity. Score!
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Today I sent the final* draft of Dreams of Shreds & Tatters to [ profile] arcaedia. Selling the damn thing may be a new nightmare, but it will be one that is mostly out of my hands. There is suddenly a book-shaped hole in my life. And since there's no pressing need to kill myself over D2 until I know the fate of D1, this means I get to cruise the city looking for sexy novels to have torrid flings with. Maybe Salvage wants to tell me more about its alien scientists and speedboat chases.

In other news, I will be at Monster-Con on Saturday, October 13th. I'll be signing books dressed as a fish monster. As one does.

In other, other news, I hope to participate in Run For Your Lives on December 13th. This depends on me getting the day off work, since large contingent from my bookstore wants to go, but I'm going to start training for a 5k anyway. December is the best possible time to run 5k. This means I have to abandon my beloved elliptical tomorrow in favor of the dreaded treadmill.

On Friday I made a last minute decision to go see TKK after work, and am glad I did so. It wasn't like seeing them 12 years ago, but the show was fun and the venue pleasantly small, and Groovie was ambulatory the whole time. And they played "After The Flesh," which I'm been waiting to hear live since I first saw The Crow. And in an added bonus, my recent love affair with the elliptical means that I can now wear the striped tights which are the custom of my people without looking like a hobbit.

And on that note, I'm off to the gym.

* Yes, I know. There will be a revision for an editor, copy edits, and proofs. Let me cling to my delusion for a time.
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IMG_0228 by Amanda Downum
IMG_0228, a photo by Amanda Downum on Flickr.

Also for cop out, because this is kind of a lame post, but I have to work today, so it's what you get.

As promised, zombification pictures. I may or may not be wearing any makeup in the first one.

Corn syrup really holds hair in place, I discovered. Sadly, the bloody bite on my arm (not shown) kept catching on my dress when I danced, and most of the blood flaked off. And because I opted for a subtler zombie look, it was mostly invisible in the club.

The depressing part is, the zombie makeup was more flattering than the understated stuff I usually wear.

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B is for baby bats, because tonight is zombie night at Exquisite Corpse, which means I get to dress up extra. I was a late blooming baby bat--I didn't learn the term "goth" (as opposed to Ostro- or Visi-) until I was seventeen and started college, despite years of watching vampire movies and wearing black. I also discovered VLARP my freshman year, which doubled the tragedy of crushed velvet and cobwebs on my temples. And then I discovered Hot Topic. I won't lie, readers: those were a grim few years.

My love of dark clubs, loud music, and dressing up hasn't faded in the past fifteen years. Luckily, my fashion sense and taste in alcohol have mostly improved.

B is also for blood, because it's compulsory, and because I need to mix some up for extra undead verisimilitude. Pictures may follow, if the gods of photography are kind to me.

In the meantime, enjoy a sampling of the music of my people.

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I would worry about the goth points lost by owning a George Strait song, but it's a George Strait song from a vampire movie, so I think that's okay.

Words today: 2,000
Words total: 3,400
Reason for stopping: end of scene
Darling: The rain had stopped but low clouds slid across the sky, snagging against the distant silhouettes of grain elevators. Sodium lamps glazed wet asphalt with light the color of marigolds.
Mean things: Bad news, bad memories, not being happy with the things you think you should.

Apparently the dream was true: this story is much closer to finished now. It didn't hurt that I spent a lot of valuable research time googling pictures of Lance Henriksen.
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I seem to find myself with a day off. This is good, because I woke up this morning from a long dream about an unfinished short story, which might be a sign that it's ready to become more finished. That would be nice, since I've known the whole plot for this damn thing for the last four years. Less nice is the part where I wrote a whole scene for this story in a notebook on a road trip years ago, and now have no idea which notebook it was.

Luckily it has a good soundtrack, since I'll have that on repeat for the rest of the day.
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I've written 3,000 words today, completing a very rough first draft of "Red" (formerly "Red is the Color", and may become something else). It didn't so much end as go pear-shaped and stop, but hey. If I can get an emergency critique from my stalwart writing buddies, I may be able to squeak it in by midnight to make a deadline. (Or maybe before I go to sleep, which makes it still mostly today, even if it's two in the morning tomorrow.) That would be kind of awesome.

This makes the second work of short fiction I've finished this year. I may dig out "Flood" and see what it's doing these days.

ETA: I realized a transition was missing between my last entry and this one. Despite some truly above-and-beyond assistance by [ profile] kafkonia, I couldn't get "Needlepoint" into shape in time. It had an entire plot, but the worldbuilding was facile and generic, lending itself in turn to generic plot points. I will now set it aside for a bit and try to develop some clever, thoughtful background. After a mild freakout, I woke up yesterday with the burning certainty that I could finish "Red" as a last minute substitute. And I did. The end.
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I need a military uniform for this year's Halloween parade, preferably WWII era (though older is good too). A Red Cross nurse's uniform would also be great. (This is what I really want.) My initial googling has yielded a whole lot of skimpy cheesecake costumes, and rentals from places that don't help me, like Seattle and the UK. Does anyone know a place that sells decent historical costumes for decent prices, and will ship to Texas?

I have army surplus stores in town I can hit up, but they are far and the internet is near.
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Quick! Name my ghoul city, which likely lies somewhere in the Sarcophagus Mountains. I have been stuck on this sentence for half an hour now, and unable to put in a note and move on.

ETA: Oops, I should clarify. It's a ghul city. In the Fauxgyptian empire.
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I dreamed about The Lost Boys last night, and woke up with "Lost In The Shadows" stuck in my head. My success in repurposing Fallen Towers into salable work doesn't mean I should try to dust off my awful junior high Lost Boys homage. Really. My perpetual state of annoyance with Lost Girls shouldn't factor into this either. Or my life's ambition to write a decent vampire novel. Really.

But I'm 31 and haven't written more than one short story about vampires, and it is one of my great ambitions...

Ack! What do I doooooooo?
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Resident Evil: Afterlife

In the greater scheme of REs, this was not quite as godawful as the first one, but nowhere as good as Apocalypse or Extinction. And I think you understand the values of "good" I'm using here.

This movie raised so many questions I know I will never have answers for: Where does the makeup come from? How did Ali Larter contract the alarming pore-removal filter that Milla had in Extinction? Where the hell did the Executioner get his boots? But most importantly, who the hell told Shawn Roberts* to act like Agent Smith? Who told him he could? That was the most embarrassing piece of cinema I've seen in some time. Everyone watching him was embarrassed. Somewhere out there, Hugo Weaving is embarrassed and he doesn't know why.

I'm cutting for spoilers, as if this movie had a plot that could possibly be spoiled. )

*The high moment of his career appears to be falling into a coma after kissing Anna Paquin in the first X-Men.
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I need a word, o my wise and learned LJ. This time, I need a word for undead sorcerers that isn't lich. Not zombies, mind you, or any sort of shambling undead. I need something that implies power and sentience.

[ profile] truepenny suggested necrifex, which I'm very fond of, but if might have the sanguiturge problem of crossing the Greco-Latinate streams. So I turn to the court of the LJ poll.

[Poll #1548248]
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I bought this today.

Let's take a moment now to mock this cover.


How many seconds would the Cullens last against Jesse and the gang, I wonder?

In other exciting news, my story "The Garden, The Moon, The Wall", originally published in Ideomancer, will be reprinted in [ profile] squirrel_monkey's Running With The Pack anthology.

This doesn't make up for the fact that I haven't written any new short fiction in two years, but is very pleasing none-the-less.


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