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My WorldCon was an unexpected whirlwind of delights. The obvious highlight was when [ profile] matociquala and I presented the Campbell Award and I got to give the tiara and brand new scepter to an astronaut. Then Jessica Jones won a Hugo for "Smile," which filled me with violent, vicious glee. But I think my true favorite moment came during the Losers Party, when the band struck up the Time Warp for the second time. I don't believe I've ever been to a two-Time Warp party before, and I'm very grateful to [ profile] grrm for providing that experience. I also participated in great panels, and had a blast with new friends and old friends and random passers-by. I am making every effort to attend in Helsinki next year.

And if you happened to see my Hugos dress, which I hope someone got a good picture of, I'll let you in on a little secret: Jobst: It Stays. I bought a backless bra to wear with that dress which completely failed to function. So in a moment of panic I borrowed [ profile] matociquala's sock adhesive and glued myself into the dress. Everything stayed where it was supposed to for ten (10) hours, perfectly comfortably, even through the aforementioned two rounds of the Time Warp. Sorcery!

My agent sent me her notes for The Poison Court just before WorldCon. Now that I'm beginning to recover from the excesses of the con--not to mention driving to Minneapolis and back in four days immediately afterward--I will buckle down and turn those around. I also need to get cracking on another project, and figure out the three short stories I have in various degrees of completion.
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First of all, everything at Still So Strange Studios has been deeply discounted for the holidays.

But, that is not the only reason I have called you all here today.

I have purchased many beautiful necklaces from [ profile] elisem over the years. Many of them have given me stories, but too many have been languishing in my jewelry box for years, not spreading delight in the world as they should. So with their maker's blessing, I'm now offering them to new homes. I purchased most of them on sale or through the Artist Challenge program, so I'm passing those savings on to you. (Also, silver has tarnished over the years. I'll polish them as best I can before I send them on, but they may never sparkle quite as bright.)

"Big Bad Frog Witch" (Recent photo) $100

"Circus Angel II", which gave me my story "Catch." (Recent photo) $100 SOLD!

"Doll With a Ghost In It". 153 inches long, and full of stories. (Recent photos) $150

"The Etiology of Angst In Angels, Volume II", sandcast glass, mother of pearl, glass, dyed shell, moonstone, aquamarine, mysterious recycled bead and spacers, sterling silver. About 52 inches long. (Recent photo) $100

"Somewhere In The Sky", glass, labradorite, picasso jasper, moss agate, various stones; someone described this as neo-Victorian mourning jewelry, which has a good bit of truth to it. (Current photos) $100

"Summer-Colored Where The Bones Shine Through" I don't have the original description of this. It's long, and full of things. I can measure it if anyone's interested. Current photos) $150

If you're interested, please email me at exoblivione AT gmail DOT com. I have PayPal and Google Wallet, or we can work something out. Shipping is $10 (including insurance) in the US and $15 for Canada. For overseas sales I'll calculate shipping as needed.

I don't have the original cards for most of these, but I'll recreate them to the best of my ability.
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On Sunday, [ profile] matociquala and I ran* the Galveston Half Marathon. The astute reader may note that I am still alive. This comes as a surprise to us all.

We appear to be doing it again next year.

* I ran 3/4ths of it, in intervals, because I'm still taking it easy on my IT bands.


Dec. 10th, 2013 11:21 pm
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I am, I swear. I even survived Run For Your Lives with [ profile] matociquala on Saturday, despite it being 28 degrees (F) out, and me having a raging sinus infection.

I will have News soon, on both the writing and personal fronts, but for now I am biding my time and VagueBooking. I was going to haul out the first lines meme tonight, but I am le tired, and must open a bookstore in the morning.
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Readercon was lovely, as usual. I read from The Poison Court and no one threw produce at me. I listened to other people read things. I drank an intemperate number of cocktails on Saturday night and got five hours of sleep before my 9:00 A.M. panel Sunday morning. I am forever grateful for Neil Clarke for being present and awake and talking about publishing while all I could manage was to sit very still and pray the room didn't capsize. Eventually the hotel stopped its ominous sway and I had breakfast and made it to my panels, where I hope I managed some small degree of coherence. After the last panel, a group of us adjourned to see Pacific Rim, which was...entertaining. The next day we returned to Boston for still more cocktails and dancing.

Today I'm slumped on [ profile] matociquala's couch until it's time to go to airport, staring at the internet and wondering if I should try to write a synopsis for Poison Court yet.
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[ profile] stillsostrange: I get to have a pelvic ultrasound.
[ profile] matociquala: Eeee. Why?
[ profile] stillsostrange: My ob/gyn likes to make sure one's uterus is not oddly shaped, oddly sized, or full of bees before she does IUDs.
[ profile] matociquala: I suppose that makes sense. If it's bees... Awesome?
[ profile] stillsostrange: Better bees than daddy long-legs*.
[ profile] matociquala: That's a Cure song.

* Last time I went climbing outside, one of my friends disturbed a daddy long-legs nest while looking for a toehold. They came boiling out of the rock, down the cliff, and tried to swarm our bags. At least it was a toehold and not a handhold...
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Behold, a post!

Valkyrie Report:

Thursday - An hour at the gym, mostly doing bodyweight and core exercises. My trainer gives me homework now.
Friday - A half day at the dayjob, but mostly a rest day.
Saturday - Bouldering, 3 miles walk/running. A brief dancing interlude that night.
Sunday - 8 hours dayjob, dancing.
Monday - Yoga, climbing. I cleanly sent a 5.10 that I'd struggled up before Christmas.
Tuesday - Gym. Pull-ups and push-ups and deadlifts, oh my. My deadlifts are now in the triple digits, an increase of at least 20 lbs since I started training. I've lost 20 lbs on my pull-up assist, too. Muscles move in my arms when I comb my hair*.
Wednesday - Running. ~1.9 miles in 21:30. Wind chill was 23, and I only survived because of my fuzzy bear hat with ear flaps. So far my best time is a mile in 11:30. Which is definitely an improvement, but only a small one.

I'm considering running a half marathon with [ profile] matociquala in March. A week after Warrior Dash. I can totally do that, right? It will make my trainer sad, since I'd probably slack off on weights, but if I keep up my protein intake I probably won't lose any muscle.

Having run, I am now camped out at a coffee shop**, where I will poke dejectedly at several projects and try to find some traction on one of them.

I have completely lost track, so I'm going to say that I'm now 65 miles out of Hobbiton, and go from there.

* I need to take pictures.

** They play the best music, but every time Joy Division comes on, I want to shove tables out of the way and start dancing. I'm not sure they'd approve.
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And now a brief excerpt from writer-chat. Names redacted to protect the guilty and avoid spoilers:

Writer X: "If this write-ahead scene is correct, I am going to defeat the high fantasy threat in this high fantasy book by shooting it with a lot of bullets."

Writer Y: "That could work."

Writer X: "It'll totally work."

"I'm an asshole, though, for doing it."

Writer Z: "Better bullets than fuzzy colored lights."

Writer X: "This is true."

"Or the power of love."

Writer Y: "Just what I was going to say."

This week's Valkyrie Report is truncated due to illness.

Friday: Dayjob.
Saturday: Kayaking and surprise dayjob shift.
Sunday: Dayjob.
Monday: Yoga & climbing.
Tuesday: Hour with trainer.
Wednesday: sick
Thursday: sick
Friday: sick

Everything else this week has been truncated by illness as well. I had just started coloring my last sketch, but now I would rather not sneeze on it. All I've done for the past two days is lie in bed and read The Crown of Embers. And poke the internet, waiting for it to grow something interesting.
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Another con survived, and this time without "Hotel California."

ArmadilloCon is over, and I had a lovely time. I missed the waterfall in the lobby on Friday, but I was out for dinner and drinks with the Bat City Novelocracy at the time, so it wasn't as disappointing as it might have been. My reading went well, I gave away two ARCs of A Fantasy Medley 2, and my panels were smart, fun, and contained no slut-shaming at all*. The writing workshop also went smoothly. We even got to blindfold the workshop students and do terrible things to them.

And did I mention I have ARCs for A Fantasy Medley 2? I drew names out of a bowl at the reading, so I should probably use a slightly more sophisticated system of placing the next two. Suggestions?

* Sadly, I'm told that wasn't the case in other panels. Panels, I am disappoint.
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My latest New England adventure is winding down. I parted ways with [ profile] matociquala at the T station, and now I'm safely holed up in an airport hotel. Beacon Hill is as gorgeous as it was the last time I was here, and I'm stuffed to the gills with dumplings and scallion pancakes and nasi lemak. The signing at Pandemonium was a lot of fun, if slightly blurry from all the pre-signing cocktails we consumed at Drink.

Providence was also as lovely as last time, and this time we found the right yellow house on Benefit Street. So of course my camera seems to have devoured those photos.
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Chapter 3 of Kingdoms is now up on my website. And keep an eye on the Necromancer blog, as I hope to have another character study posted before the release date.

3. Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed

I actually read this last year, but forgot to add it to the book list. Ghouls! Crotchety ghoul hunters! Lion girls! Creepy jackal spirits! Cardamom tea! I do not read enough books with cardamom tea.

4. Infidel - Kameron Hurley

I continue to love the Bel Dame Apocrypha, brutal and bittersweet and veined with the impossible hope of redemption. My only nit with this book is Sweet Holy Mother of Fishes, the word rep! I cannot not see it, and it burns us, precious.

And now I should have lunch and put on non-yardwork clothing, for tonight I'm crashing [ profile] jmeadows' signing, with cupcakes.
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Today was not as productive as I might have liked in wordcount, but I did also manage to take my car to the shop (cracked ignition coil), buy [ profile] jmeadows' brand new book, meet [ profile] commodorified & co. for coffee and mutually assured corgi destruction, and spend some time chatting with a strange and tiny new cat in my driveway.

Dreams of Shreds & Tatters

70105 / 80000 words. 88% done!

I have five chapters left to revise from the old-old file, or around 13,000 terrible awful nogood words. I'm not sure what that will become in new words. On the one hand, the old stuff was overwritten and repetitive sentence-wise, so things will shrink. On the other hand, I'm adding more useful bits in this draft, and have two new plot points I want to squeeze in. And the original denouement was atrocious, and needs to become completely different. I would guess the final product will turn into 85k, but I've been wrong before.

Tomorrow I have dayjobbery and climbing, but Thursday through Saturday shall be a bookmarch of epic proportions.

Also, Publishers Weekly has nice things to say about Kingdoms.
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I have been having quite the terrible no-good day, but I do have a bright spot to share:

On Thursday, March 22nd, [ profile] matociquala and I will at Pandemonium Books in Boston, having a joint signing/launch for Range of Ghosts and Kingdoms of Dust, from 7 - 9 PM. Come hang out. We promise not to throw books at you. At least not hardbacks.
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[ profile] jimhines has an excellent post on sexual harassment today, including links about where to report harassment in SF/F circles and the Backup Project.

If you are being harassed at a con or other event where I'm in attendance, please feel free to grab me for backup. I'm pretty terrible when it comes to confrontation, but I am more than happy to escort anyone out of an unpleasant situation, or help find security, or just hang out and glare until the dickbag in question goes away.
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It is entirely [ profile] sovay and [ profile] handful_ofdust's fault that I want to replace all the characters in Dreams with anthropomorphic cats. I'm not saying it would improve the book, but it couldn't make it any worse.

Okay, little cartoon byakhee and nightgaunts would definitely be an improvement.
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The Bone Palace is up for a Spectrum Award! As are [ profile] handful_ofdust and many others. Woot!
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Armadillocon is over, and I've returned [ profile] matociquala and [ profile] scott_lynch to the airport. It was a lovely con, except for the part where I had to cut out of the writing workshop early to drive to Houston and back on Friday. Panels were sane, the bar was full of drinks, and the AC in the hotel was set to 60 to make up for the 110+ temperatures outside.* I had drinks and/or watched bats and/or played Talisman with [ profile] catrambo, [ profile] stina_leicht, [ profile] fadethecat, [ profile] matociquala, [ profile] scott_lynch, and got to meet [ profile] upstart_crow at the signing table. There were also climbing, queso, and cupcakes, in the tradition of my people.

Now I have page proofs for Kingdoms of Dust to finish, and then I can return to fidgeting with books.

*The AC in my house went out Sunday. It's been repaired, but the house hasn't cooled off yet.
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Behold! Shadow Unit ebooks are now available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. With sexy Kyle Cassidy covers!

In other news, I just scrapped the beginning of the story that will not be called "Needlepoint" in favor of one with actual action and protagging. Crazy, I know. Now this new actionyness needs to action its way toward and ending.
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Good morning, LJ. I'm home at last. I've adjusted my blood-capsaicin levels and started the epic round of laundry, but have yet to scrub the airport grime out of my hair. I also haven't uploaded all of my grainy iPhone photos yet, so I refer you to [ profile] matociquala's, flickr stream.

This was pretty much the best trip ever. Dublin and environs were gorgeous, and Stockholm was even better. When I can afford to expat, Stockholm is high on the list of destinations. With any luck, seeing Flogging Molly at Gröna Lund has broken my years-long travel concert curse.

Eurocon was fabulous: the panels were smart, the people were friendly, and I met a lot of awesome new people, some of whom are now reading my LJ. Hello, awesome new people! I hope to attend more cons in Europe, possibly starting with Åcon next year.

Today I need to finish some interview questions that have been greatly delayed by travel, and maybe work on a post about process that I promised someone. Then I'll return to neurotically running in circles and gibbering about my option novel.

But first, coffee.
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By Amanda Downum, age 31 and 13/24ths

Today [ profile] matociquala and I went to the Skansen zoo. We saw bison and owls and elk and bears and baaaaaaby wolverines. Then we ate ice cream and petted baaaaaby goats, and then we found a runestone and translated the futhark. Then we walked a very long way to catch a bus, and now we're back in the hotel (which is like staying in Ikea), and in a couple of hours we will have beer.

The End


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