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Which are much like bulls, in this case. Between being trampled by a bull or paying to overnight a manuscript to New York, I'm not sure which is more painful.

[ profile] deakat and [ profile] saare_snowqueen, your books are finally in the mail! Sorry for the delay.

Blood Rose Books is running an interview with me and attendant contest (scroll down, you'll find it). If you know anyone who doesn't have a copy of The Drowning City yet, they can win one there.

And now, at long last, I get breakfast, and to sit down and brainstorm on the proto-book. Word Race 2011 crashed and burned spectacularly, as is my way with races, but maybe now I can get moving again.
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I post things on Facebook and G+ and forget to mention things here, though there's so much overlap that I'm probably spamming most of you through three different sources.

Anyway, this week's exciting news was that The Drowning City has gone back for a third printing. That little book has made me very proud. I'm impatiently waiting for June's royalty statement.

It will come as little surprise to long-term readers that I have scrapped (or at least back-burnered) yet another novel idea. In addition to my natural flakiness when it comes to books, I've also spent the last couple months burdened with a disconnect between what I felt I should be writing and what I want to write. Today I finally gave up and gave a resounding "Fuck that noise" to should. Should without want leads to drudgery and hack-work, and I need all my drudgery to clean my bathroom. I have a shiny new idea that I'm actually excited about--I have to get this right eventually.
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I may be bowing out of two conventions this year. I'm going to Hawaii with my family in November, which means I'm not going to WFC. And I love you guys, but Hawaii beats sitting in a hotel bar in San Diego for three days. Now it looks like I'll also be skipping WorldCon. I'm sadder about this, but finances are a bit grim, and the dayjob is all but begging me to work that weekend.

But I'll definitely be at Armadillocon, and I may bring my Talisman board to make up for missing the epic Talisman bar game in Reno. Anyone else feel like playing?

I've completely failed to think of a cool contest for La Cité des eaux. Instead I'll send copies to [ profile] txanne, [ profile] deakat, and [ profile] saare_snowqueen, on the condition that you share pictures of the book in some pretty, unusual, and/or amusing setting.

Le squee!

Jul. 18th, 2011 07:26 pm
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C'était peut-être un exil, mais du moins s'annonçait-il intéressant.

My author copies of La Cité des eaux were waiting for me when I got home today. It's a trade! I had no idea. I am big in France, in a literal sort of way. Also, they totally cleaned up my map and made it all pretty and professional-looking. It's so fancy and awesome!

I would love to give a copy away, if any readers of French would like one, but I need a worthy contest of some sort. Any ideas?
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The Orbit France site has a book trailer for La Cité des eaux. How awesome is that? (The text goes by too fast for my poor French to keep up.)

I started to make my own trailer for TDC back in the day, but it fell prey to the apathy demon. I should make one for Kingdoms.
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I just bought my plane tickets for WFC, and today I found out that The Drowning City went back for a second print run. My baby novel is grown up!

Also, Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle.
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After cleaning my closets, I discovered many more copies of The Drowning City than I thought I had. And so I turn to the time-honored tradition of having an LJ contest to give some away. My Minister of Contests, [ profile] tanaise, has decreed that this will be an artistic contest.

If you would like a signed copy of TDC with a mermaid or octopus or sea monster doodle (or another doodle--I take requests), all you need to do is:

Make a book trailer for The Bone Palace. I need to make a real one in the next couple months, and I need inspiration. Yours doesn't have to be good, of course. If you make a good one I'll give you more than a book. Stick figures and storyboards made in MS Paint are perfectly acceptable. If you make me laugh hard enough to have a post-bronchitis coughing fit you automatically win.


Draw cover art for Kingdoms of Dust. I'm breathlessly awaiting preliminary art from Orbit, but I would like more breath and less waiting. So draw something to inspire me! I can't post the blurb yet because it has spoilers for TBP, but the book has deserts, jinn, spies, and formless entropy monsters.

If you're not artistic but still want a book, I'm open to suggestions for different kinds of contests.
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Voting for the Gemmell Award shortlist is open now. [ profile] mr_earbrass and I are going to throw down for the Morningstar Award any day now.

Thursday April 8: --
Friday April 9: kayaking, 1 hour
Saturday April 10: --
Sunday April 11: running/walking, 10k
Monday April 12: --
Tuesday April 13: yoga, 40 min
Wednesday April 14: climbing
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Today was full of kayaking on Town Lake (which doubled as research for my Changeling game) and scheduling my octopus coloration. My tattoo boy is moving to San Marcos! Alack and wailaway! I also got my race registration stuff done.

Then I got home to find a royalty statement for The Drowning City in my mailbox. This is the second most exciting piece of mail I've received that didn't contain a check. (The first was probably my contract for TDC & co.) Books sold! Books that I wrote!
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Congratulations to all the Hugo nominees, and to the Gemmell Award shortlisters!

And that means congratulations to me and [ profile] mr_earbrass, because we both made the Morningstar shortlist!

This may mean we have to fight...
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Voting for the David Gemmell Legend Awards longlist ends tomorrow. If you haven't voted yet, I encourage you to check it out. Many fine books are up for the Legend and the Morningstar. This is only the longlist voting; polls will reopen after the shortlist is picked in April.

Remember--winners get axes. That's why this is important.
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New bonus content from The Drowning City is now up on my website here

These are the scenes from Vienh's POV that got cut from the final draft. I never nailed her character arc (as you can see if you watch how it just...stops at the end), but I'm still fond of these scenes. They're most Vienh and Adam getting in trouble, with Bonus! Thrilling! Piracy! (All accuracy in the thrilling piracy is because of [ profile] lotusice; all the mistakes are mine.)
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The Drowning City is longlisted for David Gemmell Legend Award, in both the Legend and Morningstar categories. And Larry Rostant's awesome cover art is also up for Ravenheart award. How cool is that? Many other fine books are nominated as well. If you are so inclined, I encourage you to click over and vote for whoever you think should win what appears to be a shiny axe. Shiny axes come in handy in all sorts of situations.

A plant?

Oct. 20th, 2009 11:31 pm
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I survived a writerly rite of passage tonight: the signing where nobody came.* Poor little books doomed to be returned. The good news is that the Borders had several copies of Lovecraft Unbound in stock, so I got to read something besides TDC. I think I'm getting better at reading out loud.

The Bone Palace

80000 / 100000 words. 80% done!

The last thousand words was pretty much all unconnected bits of description, because I've hit another point where I have to stop and regroup and figure out what happens next.

I still don't know what my Halloween costume will be. Steven thinks I should be either Miss Scarlet or Mrs. White from Clue, which I admit has a certain appeal--all I need is a dishy dress of an appropriate style and color and a candlestick or lead pipe shoved in my purse. What do you think?

*Steven was there, and three other friends, so it wasn't terrible. I read them "The Tenderness of Jackals" and then we went for gelato.
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Any questions you may have about The Drowning City, that is. I am moving the questions that were asked in the last post here, so they don't get eaten by the large and moving Torb.

[ profile] le_marquise_de asks: I'm interested in the geography, curiously. Inspired by your experiences in Indonesia?

It isn't, actually, because I have only vague memories of Indonesia and none of them geographical. Sivahra is mostly a great smooshy amalgam of southern and southeastern Asia. Lots of rain forests and mountains, and the fictional version of Ha Long Bay. The Sivahran kris is totally the Indonesian kris, though. The hill in the forest where Xinai heard pigs being slaughtered comes from Yap. That is really not a pleasant sound.

[Bad username or site: @] says: I really enjoyed Adam and Xinai. Will either of them be making a reappearance in The Bone Palace?

No. They are busy with other problems. Right now I think that Adam will come back in Kingdoms of Dust, but I've been wrong about these things before. If he doesn't I will definitely write him a short story or something, because he's one of my favoritest characters ever. I would kind of like to come up with a spin-off book about Xinai and the Sivarhan crew post-TDC, but that may just be a pipe dream. Especially since I can't call it The Bone Stair.

And [ profile] txanne says: ..I liked the food. Are there Earth analogues? Sure. Green curry, tom yum goong, lassi, and century eggs I remember off the top of my head. Cardamom cream cakes were probably just wishful thinking on my part. Everything is better with cardamom.

Ask me questions! I can only procrastinate with Bookworm and Tetris for so long.
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Firstly, I have solved a great mystery:

That is a large and moving torb. Which means I have an equally large and mobile torb in my house. I house one of the prechosen forms!

Secondly: Does anyone have any questions about The Drowning City so far? Do I need to make a question-asking post for it, to contain spoilers? Do I need to quit writing and become a zuul-herder?
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September 5th was The Drowning City's birthday. On that day in 2005, I posted its very first metrics post. Four years later, the final product was released into the wild. I remembered the book's birthday all through release week, and then promptly forgot it, and would have kept on forgetting had [ profile] mrissa's lovely betentacled bookday present not arrived today. Happy birthday, little book! I'm very proud of you.

And speaking of which, happy Hannahversary, [ profile] buymeaclue!

(The Bone Palace is actually older than TDC. Her birthday is April 12th, 2005.)
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I appear to have acquired a book signing. 7:00 PM on Tuesday, September 15th at BookWoman. Show up and I'll buy you a drink afterward.

I also went to the Barnes & Noble by my house and signed copies of TDC today. That was a little surreal.

Now I'm waiting (in vain, it seems) for a repair-person to come fix our AC, replacing a character in Bone Palace, and waiting to go climbing. And fighting an ongoing caffeine headache, the strength of which impresses and intimidates me. I haven't caved yet.
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I've added a pronunciation guide to TDC's page. It's pretty sparse right now, so if there are any names that you have trouble with that I didn't list there, let me know and I'll add them.

According to B&N, the book is in every store in Austin except the one closest to me. :P

And sadly, not even the squee of release day can fight PMS. I am grumpy and sleepy and many other dwarves as well.
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Good morning, internets!

I feel I must clarify a point amidst all the release-day festivities. Today is The Drowning City's release on Amazon, but as My Fabulous Editor reminded me, the official in-store release day is September 1st. So, yanno, give your local bookstore another week before you loot and pillage if they don't have a copy. However, I've heard reports now of three sightings in the wild. So instead of a release day party, we can have a release week party!

And I'm on a role with weird writer dreams lately. Last night I dreamed that Neil Gaiman had to fight the forces of evil at every WorldCon, and this year the con was thrown into disarray when evil fought dirty and kidnapped one of his daughters. (And no, the forces of evil were not played by crazed fangirls.) I encourage someone else to have the sequel dream "Amanda Palmer Strikes Back".


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