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I had plans to attend a summer solstice parade last night, and most of a Green Fairy costume assembled for the occasion. Then [ profile] mmaresca informed me that The Bone Palace would be featured in a Naked Girls Reading performance. Well, dear reader, parades happen several times a year in Austin. Gorgeous burlesque dancers reading my books aloud--not so often. The reader turned out to be Zaftigg von BonBon.


After the show I blushingly introduced myself and got a glittery hug, which means that I have actually found the fabled auctorial glamour. Even awards that come with tiaras are not so glamourous.

I am suddenly incredibly motivated to finish The Poison Court.

In other news, my gym recently acquired a heavy bag. It is my new best friend. I spent ten minutes on it this morning, and now my knuckles are bruised. I want to punch things forever.
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So, a) over the past month I've become completely smitten with Avatar: The Last Airbender*, and b) I turned over the TV to the childer tonight with two-thirds of the series finale left to watch. This virtue pains me, and makes it hard to concentrate on the chapter I'm rewriting. I keep getting distracted by googling pictures of June and Mai. Not June/Mai yet, but this virtue can't last forever.

Think I could Kickstarter enough money to hire the animation team to make an adaptation of The Bone Palace? If not, I'll be reduced to begging for fanart of Mai, June, and Isyllt kicking ass in barfights and drinking tea**.

* It may come as no surprise that Uncle Iroh is my one true love. And yeah, I totally cried at the Mako tribute episode.

** THAT IS A HINT, people.
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The Bone Palace is up for a Spectrum Award! As are [ profile] handful_ofdust and many others. Woot!
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When no one will notice it, but I'm avoiding cleaning my hall closet and the new novel at the same time.

The Bone Palace now has an epilogue.

I was waffling over whether or not it could be the beginning of a later Savedra story, and it still might, but for now it can stand on its own as an extra. Just in case anyone was wondering how that particular plot thread ended up.
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Fourth-day Universe is having a contest, with many categories. The Bone Palace is one of the contenders for Best Horror Novel of 2010 (I know, but I guess it is kinda spooky?). If you have some free clicking time, feel free to vote for any of the many fine books nominated for various things.

Today I sent back the page proofs for the End of an Aeon anthology! It's scheduled for print and ebook in July. I'm so glad that "Blue Valentine" will finally be loose in the world, even if I'm not in love with its commas anymore.

Now I need to read someone else's book to crit, and then try to figure out what's going on with my boywhores and oracular demons.
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I just found out that The Bone Palace made the Tiptree honor list. I am so freaking happy right now--the Tiptree is the award that means the most to me, and to make it to the shortlist is fan-fucking-tastic. I am once again in excellent company, with [ profile] nojojojo, [ profile] la_marquise_de_, and others.

I hope to take another stab at it one day, with the Savedra & the Crimefighting Demimonde Book. Which could really use a working title about now.


Mar. 18th, 2011 02:04 pm
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BSCreview is having a tournament. The Bone Palace is one of the competitors, along with books by Cherie Priest, Ian Tregillis, Daniel Fox, and many others. Go forth and vote, if it so moves you.
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And speaking of the glamour, I forgot to mention that The Bone Palace got a very nice (and totally spoilerific) review on I'm thrilled that the book is working--at least for some readers--the way I meant it to. After two (otherwise positive) reviews that call Savedra a transvestive, I'm especially happy.
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A reminder that tomorrow (today!) starting at noon, I'll be answering questions at Bitten by Books. Go here to RSVP, which gives you more chances to win the awesome prize pack of Orbit titles.

I should probably go to sleep soon, if I want to be coherent when I answer questions, but I'm still riding the high of a day that included my bonus check from work, The Bone Palace's release check, and a peak at the preliminary cover art for Kingdoms. I envision a lot of word-marching and modular Swedish furniture buying in my future.
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I'm doing some sort of interview/Q & A thingy over at Bitten by Books on Tuesday, Dec 14th. I'm not sure of the details yet, but there will be punch and pie a contest with fabulous prizes.
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Possibly premature, since it's been out less than a week (but has already been Klausnered!), but I'm bored and waiting for dinner. So I declare this a post for The Bone Palace discussion. Questions? Comments? Want to yell at me for being mean/not mean enough?. Please do so here.
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The Bone Palace is loose in the wild! I signed stock at my closest B&N, and will probably swing by Borders later. I would love to see pictures of the book in various stores (or compromising positions) if anyone is so inclined.

Now I need to settle down with Kingdoms for a few hours. It's been so long since I worked on it I'm not sure I remember what it's about.
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I find myself, as I always do, stuck in the middle of my current book, angsting and gnashing my teeth. And since the internet is for oversharing, I will angst and gnash my teeth here.

A little craft and whole lot of wank. )

If anyone's made it this far, what are the things that make you happiest in a book, your own or others'?

* Oh, I know the other kind of response is coming. Don't worry.

** Only the things that made me happy. Everyone else is on their own.
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My saffransbrod didn't rise. Alas and wellaway! I blame a combination of cold kitchen and spite, since I know the yeast was good. I'm sitting deathwatch on the rolls now, to see if any of them cooked through without burning. Oh, well--if they didn't, I get bread pudding and Steven's potluck gets rolls from the store. The bits of one that did cook were delicious, though, and the saffron/milk/sugar/butter combo was the most amazing thing I've ever encountered.

I have addresses for my Bone Palace winners, and will get those in the mail this week. (Except [ profile] akashiver, who I promised a copy to at WFC--send me your address!)
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My author's copies of The Bone Palace have arrived! This means it may be appearing in bookstores near you any time between now and December. This also means that the time to win an early copy is at hand.

[ profile] b1bl10v0re gets one, since I have not forgotten that contest. LJ-message me with your address, please, or email exoblivione at gmail dot com.

I have a blurry memory of promising one to someone at WFC. If I made such a promise to you, let me know.

If I've made you know promises, but you would like a copy, comment here. First three to do so win.

While you're doing that, I'll be in the kitchen attempting saffransbröd for the boy's Diwali potluck tomorrow.
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Chapter 2 of The Bone Palace is up, if anyone is actually reading the teasers.
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I'm busy staring at Kingdoms and procrastinating putting up the next teaser chapter of The Bone Palace, but I'll take a moment to share a shiny thing.

Romantic Times gave The Bone Palace 4 ½ stars, saying "...absolutely outstanding. It’s full of fantastic and original characters and a tightly coiled plot that pulls the reader along. Highly recommended both to fans of gritty secondary fantasy but also to those looking for something a little bit different, a little bit unusual, and a whole lot of awesome."

And if that wasn't cool enough, they also appear to have nominated it for the 2010 Best Fantasy Novel award. I'm up against [ profile] nojojojo, [ profile] maryrobinette, Guy Gavriel Kay, and Kage Baker, so, yanno, a snowball's chance, but that is very fine company to be among.
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1. My starred Publishers Weekly review, let me show you it. This makes me all warm and gooshy inside.

2. My vintage nurse's cape came today, and it is a lovely thing. Heavy and scratchy, but lovely. Now I have to get the last minute dress, cap, and makeup.

3. I leave for WFC in two and a half days! I have no programming, so the odds of finding me in the bar are pretty good.

4. Climbing tonight. Nothing outstanding, but a solid night.

5. There is no fifth thing. I think that review counts for two.
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Chapter 1 of The Bone Palace is up. Eight weeks to go.

I also put up a dramatis personae
for The Drowning City. If you can think of any other people or places I should list there, let me know.

Tomorrow I start a four-day forced march through Kingdoms. I will be fixing all the things in the beginning I now know are wrong, and then plunging into the Dreaded Middle. I may drink too much tea and spam LJ with metrics.

And a request from the management: if you don't have an LJ and want to comment, great, but please sign your posts. It's not like it has to be your real name, but totally anonymous comments have a certain eau de creepy troll, even when their content is neither creepy nor trollish.
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Twitter has revealed to me that review copies (electronic, I assume) for The Bone Palace are loose in the world. Eek! I guess I should hurry and put up some more sample chapters. After I kick the next chapter of Kingdoms into shape.


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