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A survey sort of meme swiped from [ profile] la_marquise_de_. Just the sort of thing I need to distract myself on a gloomy Sunday when I should be working on this short story that's due quite soon.

Day 1 - Ten random facts about yourself

I spin widdershins when I dance.
I'm seriously considering bright blue curtains in the new kitchen.
I may be the only goth in the world who doesn't appreciate Nightmare Before Christmas.
One of my new fitness goals is holding a shield wall.
I wish I kept better notes and timelines for previous novels.
I don't know how to ride a bike, but friends are trying to convince me to do a triathlon next year.
I swim very slowly. (Which makes that triathlon doubly problematic.)
I chose snuggling over trail-running this morning. Warrior Dash is two weeks away. Oops.
Coming up with random facts is very difficult for me.
This short story still refuses to finish itself.

Day 2 - Nine things you do everyday
Day 3 - Eight things that annoy you
Day 4 - Seven fears/phobias
Day 5 - Six songs that you’re addicted to
Day 6 - Five things you can’t live without
Day 7 - Four memories you won’t forget
Day 8 - Three words you can’t go a day without
Day 9 - Two things you wish you could do
Day 10 - One person you can trust
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Good morning, and happy holidays! As is the way of my people, I shall soon go have a family Christmas brunch, then return home and have a second holiday with different family. In the meantime, I'm attempting to tidy the hell of beads that my desk has become.

With a bit of diligence, 2015 will be the year of me being more productive in things like blogging and non-writing artistic endeavors. Looking back at the past year and a half, it becomes clear that a grue made of stress and/or depression ate me in 2013, and I've only recently crawled out of it. It's no fun inside a grue; I cannot recommend this.

I've finished two short stories in the past few months, and need two more by March. I'm also working on The Poison Court, and a still titleless project known as D2: Byakhee Boogaloo.
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This is just to say that I'm not dead, Space City Con was a very good time, and that I have my second lesson in properly punching things tomorrow. Further updates to follow.
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[ profile] stillsostrange: I get to have a pelvic ultrasound.
[ profile] matociquala: Eeee. Why?
[ profile] stillsostrange: My ob/gyn likes to make sure one's uterus is not oddly shaped, oddly sized, or full of bees before she does IUDs.
[ profile] matociquala: I suppose that makes sense. If it's bees... Awesome?
[ profile] stillsostrange: Better bees than daddy long-legs*.
[ profile] matociquala: That's a Cure song.

* Last time I went climbing outside, one of my friends disturbed a daddy long-legs nest while looking for a toehold. They came boiling out of the rock, down the cliff, and tried to swarm our bags. At least it was a toehold and not a handhold...
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LiveJournal updates remain thin on the ground, but I have not died. I had a lovely visit to Massachusetts last week to run around (literally) with [ profile] matociquala and dance with [ profile] readingthedark and meet other delightful people. And then I brought [ profile] matociquala back to Austin with me, where we danced and hiked and signed books and danced some more.

After some delays on the insurance end, our old car was finally declared totaled (and hopefully given a Viking funeral). Today we brought home a new Honda, which with any luck will live a long and full life like my first Honda, not die a tragic and self-sacrificing death like the last one.

In addition to great busyness and some brain-eating personal stuff going on, I've been unposty because of a lack of novel progress and frustration therewith. But--cross your appendages--I may have had An Idea tonight. It's actually an old idea (spies in fabulous hats), but I'm starting to figure out what makes it tick. If I can get a surge of worldbuilding built next week, I should have a solid foundation. I hope.
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This is a placeholder because I am about to run to work, but tomorrow I will join [ profile] curgoth's music meme whilst cleaning the house for Teen Babysitter and getting ready to go see God Module.
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I survived many hours in the Gothtopus getup today, and even sold a book. An unexpected side effect of my recent weight loss is that my corset fits amazingly well (I had nearly grown out of it at this time last year), but the tentacle skirt is now too large. And it's hard to have a tentacle skirt taken in.

Today's random writerly revelation: I really want to write a gothic*. Crumbling mansions and curses and madwomen in the attic. This dovetails nicely with my equal desire to write a Scion of a Creepy Family story. Now I just need to find a plot to support these dreams.

* I had fun doing high fantasy gothic in Kingdoms, and my unfinished Pinion is a Texas gothic, but I want even more gothic than that.
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Due to the vicissitudes of women's clothing sizes, I understand this is a meaningless milestone, but all the same: for the first time in my adult life, I bought jeans in a single-digit size today. Then I did another five miles on the elliptical. Then I ate a cream puff.
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It's a bright side/dark side sort of week. On the bright side, my local B&N had several copies of Kingdoms, and copies of Brave New Love. Also, my unfucking habits have held on: not only is the kitchen clean, but I have coffee prepped and ready for tomorrow morning, and made my lunch. Also also, I went to a new dentist today, and was quite happy with her. My cavity was filled with entirely no fuss or pain, and I didn't have any other cavities lurking out of sight.

On the dark side... My laptop Jadis died yesterday. She'd been running slow for a while, so I freed up some memory and rebooted. Only for her to never wake up from the reboot. Steven still isn't sure what the problem is, but it does seem like most of my data is intact, somewhere out of reach. Say it with me now, children:

Back up early. Back up often.

So I'm borrowing Steven's Macbook for the time being, and hoping for the best.
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by Amanda Downum, age 32 and 2/3rds.

I unfucked part of the front lawn! Then I figured out how to use tumblr so I could post about it. Now you too may enjoy the before and after photos, since I'm sure everyone else is enthralled by yardwork.

Afterward I ate a pummelo, and now I'm making $40 a pound chai. If this chai doesn't turn me into a guild navigator, I want my money back.

The End.

P.S. Pretty soon you'll get before and after photos of my shrub-removal project. Won't that be thrilling!
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I contemplate giving up something for Lent. But I'm not sure what. Something I like whose absence might be vaguely healthy. That means it's time for a poll!

[Poll #1821020]
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I am not actually dead, though I did manage to sleep for 13 hours last night.

Over at Diana Peterfreund's blog she has updated cover art for Brave New Love, and the list of contributers. It's pretty spiffy.

I've finished the proposal for TWR/TAT, at least until someone tells me how awful the synopsis is and makes me fix it. Now I can go back to picking at Dreams for the rest of the month. As soon as I finish typing up my notes for this crit novel.
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I was hoping today would be a productive day like yesterday. I would haul some gravel, then write. Only while I was hauling gravel, what should appear in my yard but two stray dogs. I called them and they came over, then got distracted by exploring my back yard. I promptly shut the gate and got leashes and a spare collar. During the time they were shut in the back yard, Brown Dog managed to break a board in the fence and get into the neighbor's yard--luckily I managed to coax her back into mine. Brown Dog has a collar but no tags; her companion Yellow Dog has neither.

Next we went for a walk, and Brown Dog and Yellow Dog dragged me around the neighborhood, but never picked one house that might be theirs. None of the people we met knew them. After the walk we drove to my vet, where no one knew either dog, and learned they aren't microchipped. I took them to another vet in the area, with no better luck. I proceeded to print some fliers, put an ad on Craigslist, and leave my number with animal control, in case anyone calls to report them lost.

Brown Dog and Yellow Dog are both very friendly and well-behaved, but Brown Dog is a cat chaser. She also hates crates and bathrooms. Currently the cats are locked in the garage and my dogs are outside. I guess we'll go for a walk again at 5, and hope someone has come home to notice their dogs missing. Otherwise sleeping arrangements will be interesting tonight.
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A very productive day: I picked up my new glasses (they have stripes, for speed), talked to my tattoo boy about my next piece, and wrote over 3,000 words. The book is still Frankensteinian, but becomes sleeker and sexier. Like Udo Kier in Flesh For Frankenstein.

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters

10036 / 80000 words. 11% done!

And I did all this in spite of discovering Fuck Yeah Udo Kier. The gifs from Blood For Dracula are hypnotic. No one vomits blood more sexily than Udo Kier.

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I was going to get up and haul some more pea gravel this morning, but the key to our back gate is MIA. Alas. Eventually I'll enpant and go see my tattoo boy, but he's not in the shop for another hour yet. So to kill time I guess I'll make an LJ poll.

I would like to write more short stories one of these years. I need a Mi-go story for early 2012, and I'm stupidly close to the end of "Flood" and need to start poking it again. But other than those, I'm not sure what to work on. I've managed two sequel/prequel stories, and would consider others. If you're familiar with my short stories--or just like sharing opinions on the internet--what would like to see more of?

[Poll #1793402]
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I have three chapters of That Book Thing finished, but need at least one more to have a proposal-sized chunk. My current trouble is controlling the flow of information--usually I'm told to clarify things, but this time I'm trying not to let the first chapter turned into a bolus of exposition that would choke a horse.

Austin's Midnight Madness scavenger hunt--which I'm helping run this year--is on Saturday. I've started making my clues, and need to put together prop packages for the teams. And buy a wig. And make sure all my cohorts have fedoras.

I've bought the first round of supplies for my Halloween costume, but haven't begun assembling it yet. Next week will be a frantic wing-making rush. And I need to find--Cod help us all--a pair of leggings.

The pile of gravel in my driveway is much smaller (we can park one car in it), but not yet vanquished.
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Which are much like bulls, in this case. Between being trampled by a bull or paying to overnight a manuscript to New York, I'm not sure which is more painful.

[ profile] deakat and [ profile] saare_snowqueen, your books are finally in the mail! Sorry for the delay.

Blood Rose Books is running an interview with me and attendant contest (scroll down, you'll find it). If you know anyone who doesn't have a copy of The Drowning City yet, they can win one there.

And now, at long last, I get breakfast, and to sit down and brainstorm on the proto-book. Word Race 2011 crashed and burned spectacularly, as is my way with races, but maybe now I can get moving again.
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A meme via [ profile] autopope

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach. -- Alfred Hitchcock, 1899 - 1980

If I wrote Cinderella, what would you immediately be looking for?

After a day of feeling listless and out of sorts and just-short-of-awful, I have finally realized that the culprit is allergies. Sadly, that won't give me my afternoon back.
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There were things I wanted to post while LJ was down. Now that it's back I have nothing. Well, I have to take a sad, stupid dog to the vet in a little while, but that's not very exciting. (Protip: don't bring an ottoman to a landshark fight.)

Other than that, I'm mostly sitting around staring at the book-shaped hole in my brain where a book should be.
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I meant to post yesterday to close the book sale, but I unexpectedly drove to Dallas to pick up the Boy, whose flight to Austin was cancelled. We took a nostalgic tour of Denton, which both sad--it's an adorable town, and I had the best job in the world there, but I made very few friends--and intensely grateful that I no longer have to drive into Dallas to see shows or go dancing.

So, anyway, the sale is now closed! Books will go in the mail this week, in between frantic bouts of word-marching.


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