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I mentioned that I ran the 3M Half last month? Well, this month I'm running in the Austin Half Marathon. February 19th, to be exact. Some of this is masochism, but mainly I'm fundraising for Out Youth. So if you'd like to contribute to Central Texas LGBT+ kids' services, programs, and safe space, you can do so at:

Anything is appreciated, including good wishes for my poor limbs. This route has hills.
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I need a gender-neutral respectful address suitable for mages. (In the same setting as The Bone Palace, if you've read it.) Greco-latinate roots are acceptable, as are Turkish or Persian, but plain English is fine too as long as it sounds cool.

I don't know what I'm going to do about the damn pronouns.
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My day has been markedly unproductive, as the boy came home from work early and put in Mass Effect 3. This game is so awesome, you guys. This game is fan-fucking-tastic. This pretty much makes up for Dragon Age 2 and the boringness of ME2. Not having to deal with the Cigarette Smoking Illusive Man and the bigoted assclows of Cerberus is a huge help. Not to mention you get the band back together. I've teared up three times in one day watching this game--once for a death-or-glory stand that ended in glory, one that ended in death, and once in sheer unmitigated nerdjoy when you summon the [SPOILER] to deal with the [SPOILER].

So far everything in this game makes up for all the things I didn't like about the last two: namely how you were forced to deal with xenophobic douche canoes without being able to turn them into a fine red mist (or court-martial them). And somehow rescuing a damsel in distress bothers me less when the damsel is a giant psychic space insect who looks like the lovechild of Shelob and the Xenomorph queen.

Also, there seems to be even more queer content, most of it gracefully integrated. Except Kaidan--he's a douche no matter which gender he's hitting on. It's a pity Garrus appears to be straight. He might be ME's little black dress.

It is, however, a little weird how your subordinate officers keep hitting on you.
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Ralph Fiennes. Gerard Butler. Coriolanus

I think that's all that needs saying.
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So, this amazing vicissitude* of literature as performed by Orson Scott Card (link provided for context--I don't encourage actually reading it unless you like the taste of shit and increased blood pressure) was just brought to my attention, and while I won't comment on the work in question, this prompted me to reaffirm a manifesto of mine.

Every time bigots like OSC open their mouths--or set fingers to keyboard--in public, the healthiest nonviolent response I can muster is to write something really fucking gay. So congratulations, bigots: a few more fictional queers have just been born because of you.

Another reasonable response is to take a few moments to (belatedly) celebrate Freddie Mercury's birthday.

And my favorite tribute:

* I mean that more in the White Wolf sense than the dictionary's.
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[ profile] britmandelo is editing a reprint anthology of bisexual and genderqueer speculative fiction for Lethe Press. Details here. Please stop by and recommend your favorite queer stories, or submit a reprint if you have one. I may dust off "Flotsam."
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I just found out that The Bone Palace made the Tiptree honor list. I am so freaking happy right now--the Tiptree is the award that means the most to me, and to make it to the shortlist is fan-fucking-tastic. I am once again in excellent company, with [ profile] nojojojo, [ profile] la_marquise_de_, and others.

I hope to take another stab at it one day, with the Savedra & the Crimefighting Demimonde Book. Which could really use a working title about now.
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And speaking of the glamour, I forgot to mention that The Bone Palace got a very nice (and totally spoilerific) review on I'm thrilled that the book is working--at least for some readers--the way I meant it to. After two (otherwise positive) reviews that call Savedra a transvestive, I'm especially happy.
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Thursday March 25: walking, ~4.5 miles
Friday March 26: --
Saturday March 27: --
Sunday March 28: --
Monday March 29: bouldering
Tuesday March 30: pub trivia, the antithesis of Project Valkyrie.
Wednesday March 31: bouldering & a little top-roping. I flashed a V0+/V1, and then failed to send the rest of the V0s. :P

The rest of the day involved getting through Chapter 8 in the revisions, and then mainlining RuPaul's Drag Race. I had RuPaul's picture on my wall in high school* and I'm pretty impressed by how she hasn't aged in 15 years. I'm even more impressed by how well he'd play Nyarly in those suits.

*Along with Brandon Lee, Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman, Lady Death, and Dawn. Yeah. My Sandman poster is still hanging.
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Okay, I think I adore Bioware now, despite Dragon Age's cheese and stilted dialogue and Claudia Black's atrocious not-a-shirt. People threw a shitstorm over Mass Effect's blue-alien-lesbian nookie, and now Dragon Age has even more queer. I'm kind of in love with Zorro the Gay Elf.

You can also have hot demon sex (lesbian or otherwise), but sadly the hot demon in question is wearing stripper pasties. Just say no to pasties, my friends.

(Also, Zorro the elf happens to bear a more-than-passing resemblance to Legolas. And you can play a dwarf. I don't endorse Gimli/Legolas, but I still want to smooch the writers.)

Oops, I think I see my novel...
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Today is National Coming Out Day. I'm wearing my Miskatonic U GLBT hoodie to cover all the bases: girls, boys, Yog-Sothoth, etc.
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Vida works out.
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I meant to write the haunted castle (with bonus demon birds) tonight, and instead ended up with some dub-con genderfuck sex. Oops. I'll get to the damn birds one of these days.

Once again I am reminded of the sekrit truth behind heteronormative fiction: same-sex pronouns are a pain in the ass.

I think my brain is finally coming back online, though. Today I figured out another bit of timelining that need readjusting, and have successfully readjusted.
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As a member of the Outer Alliance, I advocate for queer speculative fiction and those who create, publish and support it, whatever their sexual orientation and gender identity. I make sure this is reflected in my actions and my work.

I'm not actually a member, but yes. Yes, yes, yes.

It is to my great shame that all the queer relationships in The Drowning City got shoved way into the background. Like, Dumbledore-backgrounded. I regret not fixing this when I had a chance. The Bone Palace does not have this problem, I assure you.

ETA: But you can find some queer fishgirl love here.


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