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I contemplate giving up something for Lent. But I'm not sure what. Something I like whose absence might be vaguely healthy. That means it's time for a poll!

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I was going to get up and haul some more pea gravel this morning, but the key to our back gate is MIA. Alas. Eventually I'll enpant and go see my tattoo boy, but he's not in the shop for another hour yet. So to kill time I guess I'll make an LJ poll.

I would like to write more short stories one of these years. I need a Mi-go story for early 2012, and I'm stupidly close to the end of "Flood" and need to start poking it again. But other than those, I'm not sure what to work on. I've managed two sequel/prequel stories, and would consider others. If you're familiar with my short stories--or just like sharing opinions on the internet--what would like to see more of?

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In an attempt to have money for food whilst in Europe, I'm contemplating having a book sale. That is, selling signed copies of The Drowning City and The Bone Palace, and possibly whatever spare anthology copies I have lying around. I could also offer character sketches.

To gauge interest in such a thing, I offer you this exciting poll.

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Today is The Running of the Errands. So far I have: bought travel accoutrements and laundry stuff; bought a dress and cap for my Halloween costume; cleaned the cat boxes; taken out the trash; bought cat food. Next I need to: do laundry; pack; sweep & vacuum the living room so I can yoga, which I must do because I'm skipping the gym tonight; eat something; clean the kitchen; other things I can't think of.

I looked through last year's makeup, and it looks like the mermaid leftovers will be enough to manage a sufficiently dead nurse. Now I just need to figure out what shoes I'm going to wear, and get a surgical mask and gloves. I wish I had time or opportunity to get some good fake blood, but I'll have to get by with food coloring.

And now, a fashion poll:

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Now to start the laundrypocalypse.
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I need a word, o my wise and learned LJ. This time, I need a word for undead sorcerers that isn't lich. Not zombies, mind you, or any sort of shambling undead. I need something that implies power and sentience.

[ profile] truepenny suggested necrifex, which I'm very fond of, but if might have the sanguiturge problem of crossing the Greco-Latinate streams. So I turn to the court of the LJ poll.

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Quick, what's your favorite word?
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If, in theory, one were ever to develop a lesbian zombie-apocalypse roadtrip adventure past a short story, should one go all the way and make it a YA lesbian zombie-apocalypse roadtrip adventure?

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I need to put up some new content for International Pixel-stained Whatsit Day, but I'm not sure which story to use. So I turn to you, people who might actually read it.

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Note to self: more hot old wizard slash.
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Unrelated to harpies, I keep put books on the bookcase, but the number of books still elsewhere doesn't seem to diminish. Why is that, exactly?
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I got new shoes on Saturday, and broke them in last night. My old Mad Rocks were too big to start with, and stretched even worse. So now I have these:

They're a size and a half down, as REI didn't have them a whole size smaller. They are Nidhogg, the toe-gnawers. But I do notice a large and positive difference in my footwork already.

The annoying thing with bouldering is that ever since the fall, I'm not pushing myself very hard. I really need to get over this, because I ought to be sending V1s consistently by now, instead of still foundering on V0s. I did get the end of another 0 last night, and got three moves higher on a V1, so that's something.

Assuming that LJ doesn't capsize in the immediate future, I should probably start posting something more than word metres. The problem with that is that I'm boring. :P

What would you like to see more of, anyway? Metrics? To-do lists? WiP snippets? Pictures of Gretchen and the cats? B-movie reviews?

Wait, what am I thinking? :P

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So I'm sitting here working on Dreams, which is going pretty well, and because it's going well, I need something else to be neurotic about. So I'm poking the title.

This book has been Dreams of Shreds & Tatters since its inception back in 2003. Mostly I like it--it should give people familiar with Mythos stuff a clue as to the contents, and warn everyone else Caution: May contain dream sequences, or scenes processed in a factory that also processes dream sequences. And it gives me the Noun with Prepositional Phrase construction I like so (Prayers to Broken Stone, The King of Moths, A Dirge in Yellow).

The other possibility is Orpheus Falling, since the book is full of Orphic journeys and maenads, and Blake wants Greek titles for all his chapters--anamnesis, katabasis, apostasia, etc. (I also considered Orpheus Drowning, but apparently that's a wincest fic. :P )

What do you think?

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Today was Gretchen's first vet visit. She was very brave, and everyone exclaimed over how pretty she is, as well they should. She left the pound with worms and a skin irritation of unknown origin, but is otherwise a strapping young puppy of 13.5 pounds. Soon she'll weigh as much as Fafnir.

1262 words on Pinion today, to satisfy virtupitude. A lot of that was rewriting old snippets into a coherent scene, but I'll take any progress I can get. Another 1200 words and I'll be back to the wordcount I had before I cut 3k.

The spy mages continue to poke me. As soon as they find a title, they'll be a real threat. But first I need to sort out the worldbuilding. I know certain things about some settings (Simon works at a university, the sort with towers and verdant lawns and robes, and Liesel is in an opium den at some early point of the book) and the feel, time-wise (between-wars Europe). But so far I can't think of a reason it needs to be set in that time. All I need is politics and spies and orders of mages, as well as fabulous hats.

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Of all the foods that could make me feel gross right now, why the heck is it bread and other bland carbs?
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Now I shall spam LJ with every cute thing my puppy does! Mwahahahahaha!

So far she is the prettiest puppy in pupland, and also a ferocious slayer of stuffed hedgehogs. She also slept through the whole night with nary a whimper or accident. She's still cute enough I don't mind getting up at sunrise to take her outside.

But she still needs a name! So I turn to the wisest of all oracles, the LJ poll.

For those interested in stats, she's a lab/pit bull cross (probably among other things). She has huge floppy bat ears and stompy feet, and a white rorschach blot on her throat and chest. Her interests include toes, leaves, Mr. Hedgie, and running in circles.

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[ profile] mekkavandexter suggested Delilah, which I like a lot, but considering that Delilah in my WiP got hit by a car, I'm not sure that's such a great association.
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So sue me. I'm sleepy and half-dead of allergies and all my brain power is going to catching word-rep in the first three chapters of Bone Palace before I move on. :P

I realize I have no idea what kind of wedding jewelry, if any, is worn in Selafai. Or any culture, for that matter. I guess they don't wear any in Sivarha, since I finished TDC without wondering about it. The culture is vaguely psuedoGrecian, with bits of fauxPersian and a whole lot of MadeUpian. I know mages wear rings, which are both functional and indicative of rank.

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I have five days left till I officially start spazzing over the Lovecraftian story I need by the end of the year, but I thought I'd get an early start.

[Poll #1194311]

Tomorrow I'm really really going to take garden pictures. My tomatoes are going crazy. The basils and peppermint didn't like sitting on the porch for five days of heatwave, but they're perking up now that I've brought them inside. I may have to set up a plant shelf in the upstairs office.
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What's worse than a guy saying "We don't need a condom. Trust me, baby."?

A book saying "We don't need to know the second half of the plot now. Trust me, baby."

That's how you end up broke and pregnant when half an unsaleable novel.

And speaking of unsaleable novels, [ profile] cristalia thinks her current WiP will be more unsaleable than Pinion. If you didn't know, Pinion will be a short novel, present tense, with ten million povs, most of which are angsty 20-somethings. And nearly everyone in it is bi. And when I'm done, I'm going to find a sucker hire a talented artist to illustrate it. Clearly, this will be the most unsaleable novel ever. If you agree, please go vote in [ profile] cristalia's poll. Also consider joining our subgenre, Unsaleable Monstrosities with Pretty Illustrations.

Tomorrow is a day off. It's my 4th anniversary, and the boy and I are celebrating with Indian food and a She Wants Revenge concert. And before that I'm going to go fall off walls.
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How well would you do as a werewolf?

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