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In a record 14-hour turnaround, Not One of Us is buying "Wounded in the Wing"! I'm especially squeeful that this will see print, as it's a prequel to Pinion. Now I need to write the other two prequel stories I have in mind, hire someone (*cough*[ profile] csinman*cough*) to illustrate them, and I'll have a pretty chapbook to accompany the Unsaleable Monstrosity when it's done.

So I guess I should get back to work on that...
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Today was Gretchen's first vet visit. She was very brave, and everyone exclaimed over how pretty she is, as well they should. She left the pound with worms and a skin irritation of unknown origin, but is otherwise a strapping young puppy of 13.5 pounds. Soon she'll weigh as much as Fafnir.

1262 words on Pinion today, to satisfy virtupitude. A lot of that was rewriting old snippets into a coherent scene, but I'll take any progress I can get. Another 1200 words and I'll be back to the wordcount I had before I cut 3k.

The spy mages continue to poke me. As soon as they find a title, they'll be a real threat. But first I need to sort out the worldbuilding. I know certain things about some settings (Simon works at a university, the sort with towers and verdant lawns and robes, and Liesel is in an opium den at some early point of the book) and the feel, time-wise (between-wars Europe). But so far I can't think of a reason it needs to be set in that time. All I need is politics and spies and orders of mages, as well as fabulous hats.

[Poll #1244185]

Of all the foods that could make me feel gross right now, why the heck is it bread and other bland carbs?
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Words today: 3722 (Okay, some of these I got last night after I logged words. But then I looked up and I had 2500, and then 3000, and then I couldn't stop because I had the once-in-a-lifetime chance of catching up with [ profile] jmeadows. Gah!)
Words total: 36744
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
36,744 / 70,000

Please god, let that percentage be true. It feels like I'm halfway done, but books are tricksy and false.

Reason for stopping: No more words. None. Brain empty.
Sustenance: pesto and bread pudding and Tazo Berryblossom
Tyop: Asha lunches That should be "lunges"
Darling: Her skin is white as stone, white as frost, her lips and eyes bruised blue as anemones. Frozen cold as Snow White, and he has to cut away her bodice, shake the apple from her throat-- But her breast rises and falls above her corset, slow and shallow, and she's swallowed something much bigger than a poisoned apple.
Mean things: The attention of angels, sister in a coma (I know, I know, it's really serious), stress-induced vomiting
Quirks: I have wandered off the map. This latest reversal was not in the original game plan. I think I like it, though. We'll see how long that lasts.

If a psychic vampire eats the angel of hunger, and maybe later a chunk of the angel of dominion, and transubstantiates, what will she become the angel of? 2 parts hunger + 1 part winter + 1 part flaming swords + 1 part crazy goth girl = ???
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Words yesterday/today: 1500
Words total: 33,022
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
33,022 / 70,000

Reason for stopping: chapter
Sustenance: saag paneer
Tyop: bathrub
Darling: But that fear is familiar. She's known it since the very first fall--not the fall of man, or the fall from heaven, but a short careless fall off a stage during dance practice, that ended a heartbeat later with a torn ligament and a broken future. And she was so sure then that she'd never rise above that sudden drop. So certain the pain and despair would swallow her whole.

They hadn't. She lived. She endured. She built herself a different future.

Quirks: Aww, brave little character-toaster. And I think we've finally come to the end of the lesbian not-exactly-subtext, at least for a chapter or so.
Juryrigging: The scene that was giving me so much trouble? Solved with a POV switch. Oh, these crazy books. I've still got some things to shore up, plot-wise, but the plot no longer seems like the flimsiest thing in the history of flim.
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Words today: 759
Words total: 31523
Reason for stopping: running out of steam
Sustenance: the crispy flesh of chickens, and tea and oranges (all the way from China)
Mammalian assistance: a snoring boy
Tyop: goosepumps
Darling: the whole scene, (gratuitous not-a-lesbian-shower-scene FTW!) but no particular line
Mean things: Terrible Revelations, helplessness, mistreated tattoos, embarrassment
Quirks: I remember now why I hate characters who don't know what's going on. There's always at least one scene where they sit around saying "so what do we do now?", and nobody can come up with an answer. And then they all stare at me, like I'm supposed to know this shit. :P

Earlier this week I came to the conclusion that I really didn't need one of these povs, so I cut 3000 words. I've now caught up to (and I think surpassed) the pre-cutting wordcount. This may be an unsaleable monstrosity (with pretty illustrations), but it's also the only novel I have at 30k, so it's probably stupid to stop working on it.

Now I just have to figure out what happens next.
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Words today: 1459
Words total: 30961
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
30,961 / 70,000

Reason for stopping: end of chapter
Sustenance: guacamole and cappuccino--not together
Darling: Her servants stand against him. Only two, ragged crow children. Scavengers, like their mistress.
Tyop: relents to Maddy's impatiens That's a demanding plant.
Quirks: Kshathra Vairya--still a dick.
Mean things: Word-rep word-rep word-rep! Fuzzy psychic battles with colored lights. Immolation.

There! The awful psychic angel fight is done. I just needed to switch povs, and it all fell into place. Of course, then Kshathra took over, so now this awful thing has 10 povs. I really need to kill someone soon.

I guess I'll press on until [ profile] arcaedia tells me to write a book that's actually saleable, or a short story seduces me with promises of plot and endings, or I get stuck. Or until I finish.

So what the heck happens next?
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Words today: 823
Words total: 28658
Reason for stopping: out of steam
Sustenance: Pasketti and tomato bread and ice cream and more tomato bread because the stomach would. Not. Stop. Ravening.
Mammalian assistance: Oh why won't I play with the dog? She's the very best dog, and no one has ever played with her before. Or fed her. No dog has ever been fed in the history of the world. Certainly not just a few hours ago. And she's figured out her rival, because she keeps trying to unplug the laptop.
Darling: Her eyes were wide and black and drowning, like a pool where his feet couldn't touch. Like missing a stair in the dark.
Tyop: n/a
Mean things: Childhood trauma! In detailed flashback! Apparently the characters drew lots to see who got their trauma in flashbacks, and who got it in dreams. Now I just need to figure out where these flashbacks go.

Sourdough Tomato Bread (Guest-starring olives and basil)

3/4 cup shoggoth
1/2 cup warm water
1/4 teaspoon yeast
1/2 cup blood of Christian children warm tomato juice (V8 works fine)
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt (mine turned out a little bland--more salt wouldn't hurt)
3 1/2 cups flour
basil and olives to taste

Combine the ingredients and knead--I used the robot as slave labor. The dough was a bit too dry, so I added an extra splash of water and a teeny bit of olive oil. You probably want to mix the flour in a bit at a time till you get the right consistency.

Place in a greased bowl, cover, and let rise 2 hours or till doubled in size.

Punch the dough down and shape. Let rise again for half an hour. Slash the top.

Bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes.

Nom nom nom.

The Orphanage? Just as creepy and depressing as I imagined it would be.

And last but not least, happy birthday [ profile] hominysnark! And happy slightly belated birthday [ profile] ultharkitty!
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Words today: 1177
Words tota: 27789
Reason for stopping: scene
Exercise: 25 min yoga
Sustenance: pasketti
Darling: I like the whole scene, but no real kicky lines
Tyop: n/a
Words Word don't know: stormlight, veiny, viburnums

That fleshed out a nice bit of backstory, effectively (I think) setting up our antags' creepy childhood. Now I need to figure out where to stick it.

And now, because cutting is messy, I use movies to satisfy my masochism.

Namely, the Dragonlance movie.

Yeah. There is not enough beer in the world for this. By the time this is over, I will need the healing embrace of a Hammer film.
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What's worse than a guy saying "We don't need a condom. Trust me, baby."?

A book saying "We don't need to know the second half of the plot now. Trust me, baby."

That's how you end up broke and pregnant when half an unsaleable novel.

And speaking of unsaleable novels, [ profile] cristalia thinks her current WiP will be more unsaleable than Pinion. If you didn't know, Pinion will be a short novel, present tense, with ten million povs, most of which are angsty 20-somethings. And nearly everyone in it is bi. And when I'm done, I'm going to find a sucker hire a talented artist to illustrate it. Clearly, this will be the most unsaleable novel ever. If you agree, please go vote in [ profile] cristalia's poll. Also consider joining our subgenre, Unsaleable Monstrosities with Pretty Illustrations.

Tomorrow is a day off. It's my 4th anniversary, and the boy and I are celebrating with Indian food and a She Wants Revenge concert. And before that I'm going to go fall off walls.
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Words today: 1170
Words total: 26,439
Reason for stopping: going to the gym as soon as the boy gets home
Sustenance: Tazo berryblossom white, my favorite tea this week
Darling: Through the lace Asha's skin is icy, but that's not the wrong thing Jodi notices--the width of her hand isn't right, the flex of metacarpals as she squeezes.
Tyop: the width of her hand isn't write
Words Word don't know: ulnar
Words I'm surprised Word do know: metacarpals
Mean things: dizziness, bewitchment, confusion, noncon kisses
Quirks: Surprise girlsmoochies! I didn't realize when I started this book that 90% of the characters were bi. It will give people something to bitch about, besides the present tense and ten million povs.

This thing has been a helpful well-behaved book all week. I don't trust this at all.

Jodi has finally met the first-tier antag, and we've revealed the Shocking Revelation that 95% of readers will have figured out three chapters ago. Now the fourth piece of my Voltron-angel has shown up, and there may be pyrotechnics.

But first I will fall off walls, and then go have a cheeseburger. Falling off walls twice a week is a good way to earn cheeseburgers.
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Words today: 1245
Words total: 25,311 (Third of a short book!)
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
25,311 / 75,000

Reason for stopping: tired
Sustenance: green tea ice cream--it's growing on me
Darling: His leather jacket feels a lot like a hair shirt as he slips it on. (He was a Catholic boy, redeemed through angst, not through joy)
Tyop: Maddy shifts her wait
Mean things: angst, grief, yadda yadda

Are we there yet?
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Words today: 1061
Words total: 24066
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
24,066 / 80,000

Reason for stopping: quota, and tired
Sustenance: saag paneer and a Raison D'etre
Mammalian assistance: Fafnir thinks it's dinner time for cats. He's wrong.
Exercise: see previous post
Darling: they all need context
Tyop: n/a
Quirks: When in doubt, let characters eat and talk about backstory. Interesting facts may fall out. For example: when two of my characters dislike each other unreasonably, odds are good they slept together.

Sadly, eating and backstory are over now, and it's time for more plot.
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As soon as Pinion wasn't my official project anymore, it started putting out.

Words today: 1001
Words total: 23,005
Reason for stopping: Plot
Sustenance: Pasketti and Raison D'etre, and ciabatta in the oven. Carbstravaganza! Good thing I'm going to the gym tomorrow.
Mammalian assistance: The boy locked Siggy in the upstairs bedroom overnight, and she hasn't been happy since.
Tyop: none that I've notice yet
Darling: Headaches, hallucinations, panic attacks--she runs through her symptoms, but this isn't her specialty at all. Not a migraine. God, she prays, not a brain tumor. People don't just go crazy. There are causes. Like schizophrenia.
Mean things: See above darling.

I finished the scenes of chapter 7 that stalled me a month ago. Now it's time for chapter 8, and the big third-of-a-book explosion or reversal. I wish I knew what that was.
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I woke up this morning (before noon, thank god) with Danny from Pinion talking to me. So I figured out how to say "¿Quién es esta gringa?", and then wrote 300 more words of the scene it goes in. Sadly, that was not the big scene in chapter 8 where the plot happens.

Plot continues to be highly overrated.
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I need to figure this out for the next scene, but the characters are not being helpful. If your best friend died, and you were to get a tattoo to remember her, what would it be? Obviously it would depend on the people, but again, no help is forthcoming there. The characters are not helping--I am looking for concrete suggestions.

ETA: "You" in this case being an early-twenties punk chick. Perhaps an important distinction.

Help me pick a design and you win a cookie. Suggest something so awesome I'd get it done when I finish the book and you win a spot in the acknowledgments. Or a bigger cookie with extra chocolate chips.
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21012 / 70000 words. 30% done!
Tyop: n/a
Darling: Her books and notes are spread across the table, half a page of ideas for a paper on the indications and use of prosthetics in upper and lower extremity amputations scrawled in her notebook, but her heart isn't in it.
Words Word don't know: integumentary
Quirks: Nodding, nodding, always with the nodding! It's guillotine time!
Jury-rigging: Leading up to the big quarter/third twisty escalatey bit, and I still have no fucking clue what that is.

Non-writing-related activities (AKA a life): That 400 pounds of top soil? Not enough. Yeah. I'm probably close to 600 pounds of dirt, compost, and peat moss in that damn hole, and it could still use a little more. But I'm planting the berries tomorrow anyway. And they better be some charming motherfucking blackberries.
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Words today: 1226
Words total: 20,012

Quarter of a book! Quarter of a book!

Tyop: sleeping in a dead girl's bead
Darling: He nods toward the chair. "Come on. I'll do you." A wink and a leer, and maybe she should punch him anyway, but the thought of needles lets her anger slip away a little. Instead she flips him off.
Mean things: Wearing her dead sister's clothes, headache
Research: Photo references. I suffer for my art, I do.

Something large and catastrophic should happen about now. Wish I knew what that was.

The impatiens has a new home. Now if I can just keep it alive...
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18010 / 70000 words. 26% done!
Tyop: n/a
Darling: "What happens if she eats your brother?" // "There's one less self-righteous asshole in the world."
Words Word don't know: inframammary, aether, unhappinesses, piercings

This batch of words is half angst and half characters talking about the plot. At least there's enough plot to talk about.

And now, unrelated to the angsty angels, a quick game of Spot-the-Plot:

An old picture game snippet )

Marina Sirtis as Commandant Matriarch Cleavage in Mass Effect cracks me up. I want her hat, though.
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17338 / 70000 words. 25% done!
Tyop: winding around her angles, the closer pear approaches, coffein--that might be an energy drink for vampires

Yesterday and today I added a new scene to the beginning, and a chunk of exposition to another scene. I think I have most everything laid out now, at least enough for a first draft. I'm also switching to present tense, just so people can bitch about it later. I wish I had some 2nd person I could add. :P
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16000 / 70000 words. 23% done!
Words today: 1066
Reason for stopping: end of scene
Sustenance: red curry chicken & mangoes
Darling: n/a
Tyop: ten million, none of them interesting
Researchy things: Not work safe! A gorgeous girl with an e.e. cummings tat... guh. That makes up for all the scary things I waded through to find it. (What? It's research! Really!)

I've had several useful crits on the beginning (thanks, guys!), and I now I have vague and contradictory ideas about what to do. I guess I'll let it stew for a bit and see what clicks. It would be easier without a certain character there in the beginning, but I figure someone has to know what's going on, and it usually isn't me.

I suppose I should pause and figure out what's going on now, if I'm going to keep posting this on the shop, and cram a little more plot into the front end. People get so cranky when they don't know what's going on. :P

Tomorrow Thursday (not like I know what day it is anyway) I go to San Antonio to see And One! Finally! After years of frustration and near-misses! *crosses fingers*

Oh, and I actually watched Alone in the Dark last weekend. Am I become anesthetized to the evil that is Uwe Boll, or was it really not so bad, comparatively? I mean, Blood Rayne was a gobsmacking nonstop onslaught of awfulness, and I only made it 15 minutes into HotD. AitD has the usual Bollian asstastic camera work and a ridiculous amount of voice-over exposition, but I wasn't crying by the end. And Christian Slater's coat was nice.


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