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I forgot this metric in my last post, but it can fill a post all its own.

Things what don't have names yet:

The hijra temple
The wing in the palace where the king's close advisors live
The street where the Iskari embassy is
The name of the embassy (e.g. the Something House or the Something Serai)
The street where Varis lives
Selafaïn method of execution
A butler
The Iskari royal palace

Anyone want to name a street or a butler?
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I want to have a reading at Readercon, but I'm not sure what to read. My best three options are Dreams (out on submission), The Poison Court (completely a rough draft in progress, but I could polish up a scene), or "Snakebit", the sappy vampire story that I recently finished and need to edit. Any thoughts? Your opinions have added weight if you'll be attending Readercon.
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Through the good offices of Katie Cowden, I once again have new photos. Some of them shall become author photos. Does anyone have opinions on which one I should send to the nice people at HPLFF?
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I'm currently engaged in a delicate flirtation with Salvage. For those of you playing along at home, Salvage is my honest-to-Cod SF book. Protobook. Theoretical book. Something.

She's a world-weary cop with a crooked partner and only a few weeks left on the job. She's a betentacled parthenogenic alien scientist who wasn't even supposed to be here today. They fight crime and attempt to avoid diplomatic incidents.

My current problem--besides not having a plot, of course--is that I don't have names for my two MCs. The human cop is just waffling between a few choices, and will settle on one eventually. The alien scientist, on the other hand, completely stumps me. I don't have a naming convention for the aliens.

Should I conlang some names for them? Have them adopt human nicknames when dealing with humans? I want to avoid either Space Elf naming conventions, or anything remotely close to Japanese Aliens (or J'onn J'onzz, for that matter). But they also need names that I--let alone readers--can figure out, and preferably pronounce.

Thoughts, LJ?
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I'm working on Prayers To Broken Stone, and coming to the conclusion that it's no longer the right title. This isn't surprising, considering I've completely changed the main characters, if not the last incarnation of the plot. This is the book also known as La Ghoul Nikita (Or: A Travelogue With Ghouls), and has gone from being slow and elegiac to a lot more thrillerish. A title that reflects that might not hurt, and might get me through the current revision burn I'm suffering on the first three chapters.

[Poll #1858116]
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Of the musical variety, that is.

I have a particular character's playlist that I just can't get to gel. I have thematically appropriate songs, but they have yet to fit together into a euphonious and resonant whole. Which means I'm searching for new music in hopes of making it click.

On the list already:

Gary Numan - "Dark"

Don't let the dark into me
We killed the angels that warned us of you
Don't let the dark into me
We raised the tower of Babel for you
Don't let the light shine on me
I am the poison that feeds life to you
Don't let the light shine on me
I am the demon that waits inside you

Tool - "Forty Six & 2"

See my shadow changing,
Stretching up and over me.
Soften this old armor.
Hoping I can clear the way
By stepping through my shadow,
Coming out the other side.
Step into the shadow.
Forty six and two are just ahead of me.

A Perfect Circle - "Weak and Powerless"

Tilling my own grave to keep me level
Jam another dragon down the hole
Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren
One that pushes me along and leaves me so
Desperate and Ravenous
I'm so weak and powerless over you

Silversun Pickups - "Panic Switch"

When you see yourself in a crowded room
Do your fingers itch, are you pistol-whipped
Will you step in line or release the glitch
Can you fall asleep with a panic switch

Tears For Fears - "Mad World" (I might have to switch to the Gary Jules version, which pains me.)

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
That the dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had

Maybes, not-quite-rights, and also-rans:

The Cure - "Open" & "Labyrinth"
The Joy Formidable - "The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie"
Bush - "Little Things"
Marilyn Manson - "Long Hard Road Out of Hell"
Garbage - "As Heaven Is Wide"
Amanda Palmer - "Runs In The Family"
Ladytron - "Destroy Everything You Touch"
Combichrist - "Today I Woke To a Rain of Blood"
Depeche Mode - "A Pain That I'm Used To"
David Bowie - "We Prick You"
Metallica - "Until It Sleeps" (Lyrically so very right, musically so wrong)
New Order - "True Faith"

Anyone have any song suggestions that seem appropriate?
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I named a character once in The Bone Palace, an offhand reference that didn't warrant an entry in the dramatis personae but is still in print. Now I find myself needing to write more about that character and a) not liking his name much anymore, and b) finding it a bit too similar to someone else who shows up quite often. How many of you would be wildly irritated if I changed someone's name between books? (I doubt most people even remember that he was ever mentioned, but somewhere out there is the reader who will.)
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It was suggested on Twitter today that the Poignant Denouement would make a great drink. Someone help me design that!

ETA: I feel like champagne and bitters would be thematically correct here. It needs something to tie them together.
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Q was lost to the quirks of LJ. R was all me, though. Any suggestions for an R, or shall I skip to S?
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I need a gender-neutral respectful address suitable for mages. (In the same setting as The Bone Palace, if you've read it.) Greco-latinate roots are acceptable, as are Turkish or Persian, but plain English is fine too as long as it sounds cool.

I don't know what I'm going to do about the damn pronouns.
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I think you guys took care of J for me. I was tempted by "juvenilia," but I've talked about that so much before. Although, I did find my very terrible junior high Lost Boys homage recently. It remains amazingly awful, and not full of strip-mineable ideas like Falling Towers was. Maybe if I ever suffer a head injury* that leaves me wanting to write vampire YA, I'll revisit it.

As far as K goes, I'll turn this into an opportunity to ask the internet for advice. I agreed to dress up for Free Comic Book Day at work, and now I have two weeks to come up with a costume. Thoughts?

Morrison-era Jean Grey is easy and practical, if not much of a challenge. Silk Spectre I would be fun, but I don't know how I'd manage the hair. Typhoid Mary might also be fun, if makeup heavy. Someone on Facebook suggested Barbara Gordon, but neither spandex nor wheelchairs will be readily available. Skirts, fishnets, and even high heels and corsetry I can manage; spandex or tight leather pants are right out. Also out is anything expensive, or too difficult to maneuver through a bookstore.

Delirium would also be easy, but I'm reluctant.

* Where by "head injury" I mean "an idea."
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What the heck is J for, people? I am at a loss.
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IMG_0119 by Amanda Downum
IMG_0119, a photo by Amanda Downum on Flickr.

Today I went to Houston to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Tutankhamun exhibit. It was not the most in-depth of exhibits, but full of lovely things none the less. Afterward we went to Fadi's, and now I am full of lovely Mediterranean food.

D is also for Dreams of Shreds & Tatters, and its potential not-a-sequel A Dirge In Yellow. But there's a book in between them, and I don't have a title for it. I'm enamored of the Ds, though, and would like to keep the alliteration. Right now I'm leaning toward Devils of something. But Devils of what? (The devils can have a different preposition if they want.)

Anyone have any brilliant, vaguely Lovecraftian suggestions? I would especially love something along the Wraeththu model.

ETA: Steven just suggest Debts of Something, which I also like. This is why I keep him around. So debts or devils are my top two places to start.
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I need book recs! Smart, fun middle grade books, specifically. Bonuses awarded for female MCs and MCs of color. Hook me up, LJ.
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I have author's copies, which means it's time to give a few copies away. But how? Help me think of a contest, LJ!
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A new character study is up at the Necromancer blog, complete with music and visual aids. Any requests for who to do next?
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2011 wasn't my best year for writing or publication, but it wasn't the worst either. I finished Kingdoms of Dust, and made it more than half way through the latest revision of Dreams. I also finished and sold "Red" and "Bone Garden."

My goals for 2012 are a) to finish this draft of Dreams by Jan 19th, b) sell more books (any books will do), and c) to finish a few of the short stories that have been collecting dust for too long. I would also eventually like to put out a collection of my short stories, but I care less about when that happens.

21. The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler

Beautifully written and plotted, and rightly a classic. On the other hand, the constant low thrum of sexism made me kind of tired, and it had the same bonus homophobia that made me sad in The Maltese Falcon. Sigh.

22. The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett (This must be a reread, but I can't remember when I first read it.)

This is really a sweet little book, but wow it makes me roll my eyes a lot. Could be greatly improved by monsters.

My other goal is to read more books in 2012. Perhaps as many as 40. 52 still seems a bit of a stretch.

And now, the contest! is up now (though there's no new content yet), but it needs a tagline. As in "The Necromancer Chronicles: Sexy tagline goes here." I turn to you, beloved LJers, to come up with something brilliant.
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I own, but haven't done very much with it. Originally I planned to fill it full of all the book-related stuff I have on my website now--chapters, deleted scenes, soundtracks, etc.--plus the character studies and artwork I've been too lazy to post here. This hasn't happened both because I am a slothful beast and because I began wondering if there was any interest in such a thing. So instead of wondering and slothing, I will ask outright:

Would a website full of book-related extras be cool? Would it be too much duplicated content? If it doesn't sound cool, is there a way in which it could be made cool? If I asked for fan art, would anyone but [ profile] csinman draw me some?
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1. God's War - Kameron Hurley
2. The Sea Thy Mistress - Elizabeth Bear
3. Servant of the Underworld - Aliette de Bodard
4. Devil in the Dust - Chaz Brenchley
5. Tower of the King's Daughter - Chaz Brenchley
6. The Messenger - Daniel Silva
7. The Mermaids Singing - Val McDermid
8. The Windup Girl - Paolo Bacigalupi
9. Demon Bound - Caitlin Kittredge
10. Deathless - Catherynne Valente
11. No Hero - Jonathon Wood
12. Mekhet: Shadows in the Dark - Russel Bailey
13. The Drowning Girl - Caitlin R. Kiernan
14. Desdaemona - Ben Macallen
15. Ghosts & Echoes - Lyn Benedict
16. The Girl of Fire and Thorns - Rae Carson
17. Choke Hold - Christa Faust
18. Among Thieves - Douglas Hulick
19. Cabal - Clive Barker (reread)
20. The Magicians - Lev Grossman

(Plus at least three crit novels.)

Not a good year for finishing books. I resolve to read more than twenty next year. Now it's time to try to squeeze one more in before the end of the month: any suggestions? Books conveniently nearby include The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland..., Endurance, The Night Circus, The Tempering of Men, and Harbinger of the Storm.
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I was going to get up and haul some more pea gravel this morning, but the key to our back gate is MIA. Alas. Eventually I'll enpant and go see my tattoo boy, but he's not in the shop for another hour yet. So to kill time I guess I'll make an LJ poll.

I would like to write more short stories one of these years. I need a Mi-go story for early 2012, and I'm stupidly close to the end of "Flood" and need to start poking it again. But other than those, I'm not sure what to work on. I've managed two sequel/prequel stories, and would consider others. If you're familiar with my short stories--or just like sharing opinions on the internet--what would like to see more of?

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