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I would have fought. The cat, ever contrary, didn't want to.

I've lost many animals over the years, but this was the first time I had to say the word and choose the hour. I would have held onto any reasonable hope, but the vet didn't offer any. Siggy has shouted every day of her life since she could vocalize; yesterday she didn't speak at all.

My heart has been stone before, been steel, been still; it will be again. It is not now.

It happened last night. I woke up this morning and the house was so quiet. There was a cat on the foot of my bed. My housemate's cat, not mine.

I miss my cat.
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Readercon was lovely, as usual. I read from The Poison Court and no one threw produce at me. I listened to other people read things. I drank an intemperate number of cocktails on Saturday night and got five hours of sleep before my 9:00 A.M. panel Sunday morning. I am forever grateful for Neil Clarke for being present and awake and talking about publishing while all I could manage was to sit very still and pray the room didn't capsize. Eventually the hotel stopped its ominous sway and I had breakfast and made it to my panels, where I hope I managed some small degree of coherence. After the last panel, a group of us adjourned to see Pacific Rim, which was...entertaining. The next day we returned to Boston for still more cocktails and dancing.

Today I'm slumped on [ profile] matociquala's couch until it's time to go to airport, staring at the internet and wondering if I should try to write a synopsis for Poison Court yet.
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Will she trick or treat? I bet she will.

Tonight we took Agent J trick-or-treating, and afterward I did not ditch Steven to go dancing at Elysium. But, oh, dear reader, how tempted I was. Instead I'm at home drinking cocktails and wondering if we can squeeze a bad movie in before bedtime.

Tomorrow I'll make every effort toward MaybeWriMo. We'll see how that goes.

In other zombie related news, I can now run jog two miles without a break. I am totally a match for zombies in uneven footwear, or small, three-legged zombies.

Two or three years ago it was just another snake cult...
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I'm not so good at this posting every day thing. But tomorrow! Tomorrow is my dental surgery! So I'll come home full of anaesthetic, take some Vicodin, and wake up eight hours later convinced I can write something coherent.

I believe this is the really real functional link to my write-a-thon page: If you sponsor me now, you'll be paying for incoherent opiate wordage. None of which will make it into the final book, of course, but I might be foolish enough to post snippets to LJ.

I may have possibly spent tonight drinking cocktails to fortify myself for the many days of yogurt and pudding in my future. And as practice for the incoherent days to come.
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Psst, [ profile] curgoth--the Bete Noire you helped me come up with (Kraken and Campari and coffee liqueur) won a contest at one of our fine local establishments. I discovered this two weeks after the fact, alas, but at least in searching for a notification gone astray I found a two-week old piece of fanmail caught in my spam filter. So a day of discovery all around.
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It was suggested on Twitter today that the Poignant Denouement would make a great drink. Someone help me design that!

ETA: I feel like champagne and bitters would be thematically correct here. It needs something to tie them together.
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Tonight's attempt at the BĂȘte Noire is a good one. One part Kraken rum, half part coffee liqueur, a splash of Campari and a splash of Angostura bitters, shaken. Definitely black, bitter, and dangerous. It's sweeter than I'd anticipated, but the initial sweet fades through the citrus and spice and into lingering bitter coffee. I'm quite enamored of it, but I may try again without the Campari and see what that does.

I bought the Starbucks coffee liqueur because it was on sale, and was told it's been discontinued. So of course I like it. I'll have to scour the city and stockpile until I find a good replacement.

ETA: I tried it again without the Campari, hoping to tone down the sweetness. That works, but it also takes out the interesting bits, sadly. I may try it again when I have a good orange rind to hand.

And speaking of the black beast itself...

Dreams of Shreds & Tatters

50695 / 70000 words. 72% done!
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I need a drink called a BĂȘte Noire. Our local absinthe bar tried to slip me a Boulevardier in disguise, but I am wise to their trickery. (But now I love Boulevardiers, so that's a plus.) I feel this drink should be dark, bitter, and dangerous, but am otherwise open to just about anything. Whoever designs the drink I like most will win a place in the acknowledgements of a book, and probably a better prize as well, when I think of something appropriate.

I will test all serious suggestions and report back.


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