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I saw Bestial Mouths last night, breaking my two-year SXSW curse. I shall brave the madness again on Saturday and see what I can find. Of course, my partner and I are running Warrior Dash early on Saturday. Last time I did WD and SXSW in one day, I ended up not eating enough and blacking out on the sidewalk outside the club. We will strive to avoid that this time.

Day 1 - Ten random facts about yourself
Day 2 - Nine things you do every day
Day 3 - Eight things that annoy you
Day 4 - Seven fears/phobias
Day 5 - Six songs that you’re addicted to
Day 6 - Five things you can’t live without
Day 7 - Four memories you won’t forget
Day 8 - Three words you can’t go a day without

Day 9 - Two things you wish you could do

You'd love it. Nobody tells you when to go to bed. You eat all the ice cream you want. You get to kill all day, all night just like an angel.

Teleportation would be pretty badass, too.

Day 10 - One person you can trust
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I may brave the madness of SXSW tonight and attempt to break my curse of always missing Bestial Mouths. We'll see. The gods smile on brave women, or so I hear.

Day 1 - Ten random facts about yourself
Day 2 - Nine things you do every day
Day 3 - Eight things that annoy you
Day 4 - Seven fears/phobias
Day 5 - Six songs that you’re addicted to
Day 6 - Five things you can’t live without
Day 7 - Four memories you won’t forget

Day 8 - Three words you can’t go a day without

God damn it. Alternately, for fuck's sake.

Day 9 - Two things you wish you could do
Day 10 - One person you can trust
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Missed a day, due to being distracted by the death of my car. I won't know anything certain until Monday, but this may be it's final death. This will be of some concern to me if it happens.

Day 1 - Ten random facts about yourself
Day 2 - Nine things you do every day
Day 3 - Eight things that annoy you
Day 4 - Seven fears/phobias

Day 5 - Six songs that you’re addicted to

It changes, of course, but currently they might be:

Fever Ray - "Keep the Streets Empty For Me" (I have plans for this song. Such plans.)
Fever Ray - "If I Had A Heart" (We've been on a Vikings bender lately.)
Karen O - "Immigrant Song" (See aforementioned bender.)
Austra - "The Choke"
Bestial Mouths - "White Eyes"
Ladytron - "Destroy Everything You Touch" (I feel Isyllt leaning over my shoulder a lot these days.)

Day 6 - Five things you can’t live without
Day 7 - Four memories you won’t forget
Day 8 - Three words you can’t go a day without
Day 9 - Two things you wish you could do
Day 10 - One person you can trust
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(Not actually an exercise post.)

I am not dead, despite my poor showing on LiveJournal. 2013 has been a hell of year so far, emotionally. January (and December before it) were fraught, February and March were delightful--so much so, in fact, that they nearly culminated with my passing out from exhaustion at SXSW, as previously recounted. April decided to live up to Eliot after all, and became an emotional roller coaster that left me in a ditch. Lacking any forgetful snow, I can only hope that summer surprises me.

On the upside, I've spent the past three months seeing more concerts than I had previously imagined possible. My brain may have swollen under the constant application of new music--SXSW, Convergence, Austin Psych Fest, and a host of other shows. Last week was Peter Murphy (doing an all Bauhaus set). Tomorrow is The Joy Formidable and Io Echo. I've danced more than ever, and I already dance more than nearly anyone I know.

On Thursday morning I leave for Portland, and the H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest & CthulhuCon, where I will be reading, participating in a panel, and melting into a gibbering puddle of glee at the director's cut of Nightbreed. If you happen to sit next to me in the theatre, I apologize in advance for deliquescing on your shoes.

When I get back from Portland I'm going to lock myself in alternately my room and my favorite coffee shop and write a damned book.
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I didn't meme yesterday, as I ended up having no time between cleaning and getting ready for the show. So here we are.

Via [ profile] curgoth: Just had an idea for a content generator to fill the voids of livejournal; Music in Time. Take a period of time (say, the 90s) and *either* post some of the music that was your favourite during that time OR music you like now that was released during that time.

[ profile] curgoth gave me the late 90s as a time period, which is a fun one. I graduated from high school in 1996. Until then, my musical tastes were mostly formed by either what my friends listened to or what I watched on MTV/VH1 and heard on the radio. So it was a lot of pop and R&B in grade school, and grunge and metal in high school. Movies provided little windows into what would later become my music--TKK in The Crow, "Face to Face" in Batman Returns--but there were no other goths in my high school, and all I knew about the word came from reading PZB & co.

In 96/97 I started college (I was 17). I joined a VLARP group. I started wearing a lot of crushed velvet. I spent a Christmas holiday working at a CD shop. I learned a deeper appreciation of the Cure from a boyfriend, and went to a Marilyn Manson concert with some of my CD shop coworkers. I stopped listening to the radio, and even if I'd had cable, it's not as if MTV played much music at that point. The late 90s are where my knowledge of pop music drop off sharply.

In the summer of 1997 I was finally old enough to go clubbing*, and so began my long tenure at the Church. A few of the songs I would spend the rest of the decade dancing to include:

And of course, a song that lived up to its name in short order:

* I had tried before that, but the college ID trick that let me buy cigarettes did not work on club bouncers.
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Today I sent the final* draft of Dreams of Shreds & Tatters to [ profile] arcaedia. Selling the damn thing may be a new nightmare, but it will be one that is mostly out of my hands. There is suddenly a book-shaped hole in my life. And since there's no pressing need to kill myself over D2 until I know the fate of D1, this means I get to cruise the city looking for sexy novels to have torrid flings with. Maybe Salvage wants to tell me more about its alien scientists and speedboat chases.

In other news, I will be at Monster-Con on Saturday, October 13th. I'll be signing books dressed as a fish monster. As one does.

In other, other news, I hope to participate in Run For Your Lives on December 13th. This depends on me getting the day off work, since large contingent from my bookstore wants to go, but I'm going to start training for a 5k anyway. December is the best possible time to run 5k. This means I have to abandon my beloved elliptical tomorrow in favor of the dreaded treadmill.

On Friday I made a last minute decision to go see TKK after work, and am glad I did so. It wasn't like seeing them 12 years ago, but the show was fun and the venue pleasantly small, and Groovie was ambulatory the whole time. And they played "After The Flesh," which I'm been waiting to hear live since I first saw The Crow. And in an added bonus, my recent love affair with the elliptical means that I can now wear the striped tights which are the custom of my people without looking like a hobbit.

And on that note, I'm off to the gym.

* Yes, I know. There will be a revision for an editor, copy edits, and proofs. Let me cling to my delusion for a time.
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Err, how embarrassing to find I've posted about nothing but exercise in the past week. Maybe I should write a book or something.

Friday: Rest day (4 hours dayjob)
Saturday: Many hours baking at a waterpark
Sunday: 7 hours dayjob
Monday: 1 hour yoga, climbing
Tuesday: 1 mile treadmill, 1 mile elliptical, assorted weights and walking lunges (There are muscles in my thighs: I know this because they hurt.)
Wednesday: Climbing & powerhouse (Alas, no dancing.)
Thursday: 1 hour session with trainer, 4 hours dayjob

(10 miles out of Hobbiton, as the treadmill treads.)

I'm slowly coming out of my climbing slump. I sent two V1s on Monday, and fell off a V10 halfway up.

Also, thanks to recent coffeeshop exposure, I've been listening to nothing but The Chameleons' Script of the Bridge since Tuesday. Someone may need to stage an intervention soon.
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Of the musical variety, that is.

I have a particular character's playlist that I just can't get to gel. I have thematically appropriate songs, but they have yet to fit together into a euphonious and resonant whole. Which means I'm searching for new music in hopes of making it click.

On the list already:

Gary Numan - "Dark"

Don't let the dark into me
We killed the angels that warned us of you
Don't let the dark into me
We raised the tower of Babel for you
Don't let the light shine on me
I am the poison that feeds life to you
Don't let the light shine on me
I am the demon that waits inside you

Tool - "Forty Six & 2"

See my shadow changing,
Stretching up and over me.
Soften this old armor.
Hoping I can clear the way
By stepping through my shadow,
Coming out the other side.
Step into the shadow.
Forty six and two are just ahead of me.

A Perfect Circle - "Weak and Powerless"

Tilling my own grave to keep me level
Jam another dragon down the hole
Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren
One that pushes me along and leaves me so
Desperate and Ravenous
I'm so weak and powerless over you

Silversun Pickups - "Panic Switch"

When you see yourself in a crowded room
Do your fingers itch, are you pistol-whipped
Will you step in line or release the glitch
Can you fall asleep with a panic switch

Tears For Fears - "Mad World" (I might have to switch to the Gary Jules version, which pains me.)

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
That the dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had

Maybes, not-quite-rights, and also-rans:

The Cure - "Open" & "Labyrinth"
The Joy Formidable - "The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie"
Bush - "Little Things"
Marilyn Manson - "Long Hard Road Out of Hell"
Garbage - "As Heaven Is Wide"
Amanda Palmer - "Runs In The Family"
Ladytron - "Destroy Everything You Touch"
Combichrist - "Today I Woke To a Rain of Blood"
Depeche Mode - "A Pain That I'm Used To"
David Bowie - "We Prick You"
Metallica - "Until It Sleeps" (Lyrically so very right, musically so wrong)
New Order - "True Faith"

Anyone have any song suggestions that seem appropriate?
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Þæt, as they say, wæs god concert. We had great seats, the pyrotechnics were gorgeous--and hot*--and the set list was very nice, even if I would rather have heard "Rosenrot" than "Bück Dich." We had to miss the last encore to get home to the babysitter--the opening whistle of "Engel" chased us into the parking lot, and I'm not sure what they played next. I got to see "Haifisch," though, which I love unreasonably.

They played "Ohne Dich" and it was quite nice, but I'm afraid Laibach did to that song what Johnny Cash did to "Hurt." They'll never top that cover.

That's another concert off my life list. Having seen Leonard Cohen and Concrete Blonde, and given up on Siouxsie or the Creatures, the list is getting short. It would be nice to see Laibach. The rest would need a time machine.

* Not unlike many members of the band.**

** But Till, honey, the reason you can't get laid in Germany is because German women understand your lyrics.
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I seem to have fallen into an elementary school schedule-shaped hole, which has stronger gravity than usual. I may need another daily posting meme to keep me tethered. Anyone feel like joining me in a mutually-assured destruction blogging pact?

We can't be sad, though. Not today. Today is Rex Manning Rammstein day. Or it will be as soon as I clean the house, drop off a dog to be boarded, pick up Agent F from school, pick up the CSA and split the spoils with [ profile] fadethecat, feed animals, feed and medicate a child, and wait for the babysitter to show up. Then we will drive to San Antonio to enjoy pyrotechnic goodness.

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A special two-for-one meme day!

I write to music, and all my projects grow soundtracks. Usually songs get picked by theme, or imagery, or because they remind me of characters, or out of some vague sense of this feels like a song for X. Sometimes I pick up bits of plot from the songs. Since my normal habit is to put a project's playlist on repeat while I'm working, the longer it is the better.

Today I worked on Dreams, when I wasn't taking St. Gretchen to the vet or waiting for the AC repair people. (Only the climax and denouement left to revise! Two more chapters!) So here is its soundtrack, all five and a half hours of it.

Read more... )

And if you read all that, you can probably guess what the book is about.

Because a) I've been writing this book for nine years and b) picking music is easier for contemporary characters, I also have (shorter) playlists for the three main characters. Although after nine years and updating the chronology a bit, what was once the music of their adolescence has become the music of their childhood, or before.

That's right, people. There are now teenagers in this world to whom Marilyn Manson is their parents' music. I will be in the corner keening and rocking.
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Steven and I spent last night in San Antonio with friends, cocktails, Rock Band, and $100 a pound ham*. A pleasant evening all around. Today there will be housecleaning and maybe a little writing--rolling out of bed at noon-thirty tends to put a dent in my productivity.

One thing that made me happy in 2011 was finding new music. New-to-me mostly, but some newer bands. This helps slow my progression into a cane-shaking, trouser-rolling eldergoth who bitches about "that noise those kids listen to." Some of this music even gets mainstream radio play.

I already knew about Ego Likeness and Android Lust, but I finally got whole albums last year. And, thanks to Elysium and their new dance floor video screens, I discovered Aesthetic Perfection. I wish the adorable tooth fairy song had a video.

(I highly approve of videos in clubs, and not just because Daniel Graves is pretty. But that helps.)

* It was good ham, but not the life-changing even I would expect for a hundred bucks a pound.
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In a display of wonderful timing, Trent Reznor has made the Karen O cover of "Immigrant Song" available for download. It's like he knows what my book needs.

The Winter Road (The Ashen Throne? I can't decide! TWR is a better title, but TAT is more pertinent to the book.)
Words today: 1633
Words total: 12229
Darling: To be safe, she brought her boot down hard on his sword hand, feeling the crunch of bone through leather, and kicked the weapon away with her toe. I'm not happy with the construction of the sentence, but I love it when Isyllt is a bitch.
Mean things: Two weeks without a bath, assassins in alleys, gunshot in an enclosed space, watching your boyfriend get shot. (Isyllt isn't the only bitch here.)

Downum's Law: The time spent writing combat scenes is inversely proportional to actual combat time. But after spending hours on a five minute scuffle, I stumbled over an unexpected twist. I may rethink it, but a moment of auctorial nastiness could serve to leave Isyllt alone and off balance, and allow me to conserve characters.

When you find yourself giggling and clapping after shooting someone in the lung, writing or serial murder are really the only life choices left to you.
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A very productive day: I picked up my new glasses (they have stripes, for speed), talked to my tattoo boy about my next piece, and wrote over 3,000 words. The book is still Frankensteinian, but becomes sleeker and sexier. Like Udo Kier in Flesh For Frankenstein.

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters

10036 / 80000 words. 11% done!

And I did all this in spite of discovering Fuck Yeah Udo Kier. The gifs from Blood For Dracula are hypnotic. No one vomits blood more sexily than Udo Kier.

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Three scenes into chapter 2, but it's still lacking in oomph. Tomorrow I will go oomph-hunting. I will also visit my beloved tattooist to start designing my next tattoo. This one will hurt.

Dreams of Shreds & Tatters

6490 / 80000 words. 8% done!

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Today I went with the Partners in Climb to Lost Maples Park, where we hiked for many hours and somewhere around 8 miles. I would have photos, except my phone seems to have eaten them.

After that, I managed another scene, for 1149 revised words. Two more characters sang for their supper.

Dreams of Shreds & Tatters

5584 / 80000 words. 7% done!

I would actually NaNo this bastard, but I leave for Hawaii on the 14th, and I doubt much rewriting will happen there. We'll see how much I can get done around that week.

Having posted two other songs from the soundtrack, I think I'll make a habit of it. I certainly have more than enough songs to get through the rest of the month.

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Sometimes there's an up-side or two to taking eight years to finish a book. One is improved writing skills, of course, but another is soundtrack growth. Eight years ago this song wasn't around to be Liz's theme song.

And having listened to it about a dozen times today I will now sleep, since I have to wake up early tomorrow to go hiking at Lost Maples.
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November brought some chilly weather to go with its wordcounts. How nice of it.

Dreams of Shreds & Tatters

4435 / 80000 words. 6% done!

That's prologue and 1st chapter finished, and one character removed. I'm currently having a serious debate about two other characters. I think one is going to stay and one is going to be replaced by someone new in the same role, but I've changed my mind before. The next parts will be tricky, as I'm going to totally rearrange my timeline in hopes of making things neater and tighter and making my MCs more active and less reactive.

And here, have a song from the soundtrack, which [ profile] stillnotbored gave me long ago. (I can't speak for the Veronica Mars vid, but the song is gorgeous.)

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It's that time again. Time for me to ask for music recommendations.

The project in question is Norse/Old Germanic flavored, with themes and motifs including winter, revenge, exile and homecoming, family, ghosts, obligations, and more ghosts. And some Big Gay Hamlet thrown in for good measure.

So far the soundtrack includes:

And One - Krieger
Android Lust - Stained (Winter)
The Crüxshadows - Winter Born/Valkyrie
The Cure - Cold
Das Ich - Das Dunkle Land
Ego Likeness - Seance
Faith No More - Paths of Glory
Funker Vogt - Refugees
Heimataerde - Endlos/Gib Mir/Wiedergaenger
Joy Division - Dead Souls
Ladytron - Melting Ice
National - Anyone's Ghost
The Sisters of Mercy - Walk Away/Driven Like the Snow
Suicide Commando - Hellraiser (VNV remix)
VNV Nation - Cold/Kingdoms (Restoration)/Joy/Procession/Honor
:Wumpscut: - Wir Warten/Auf Der Jagd/Hold/Die In Winter

Any suggestions?

Oh, and have a Spider pony while I'm at it.

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So, this amazing vicissitude* of literature as performed by Orson Scott Card (link provided for context--I don't encourage actually reading it unless you like the taste of shit and increased blood pressure) was just brought to my attention, and while I won't comment on the work in question, this prompted me to reaffirm a manifesto of mine.

Every time bigots like OSC open their mouths--or set fingers to keyboard--in public, the healthiest nonviolent response I can muster is to write something really fucking gay. So congratulations, bigots: a few more fictional queers have just been born because of you.

Another reasonable response is to take a few moments to (belatedly) celebrate Freddie Mercury's birthday.

And my favorite tribute:

* I mean that more in the White Wolf sense than the dictionary's.


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