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I had my signing at Dragon's Lair Comics on Wednesday, and it was a lot of fun. People showed up and bought books, and I didn't even know some of them. I eventually passed signing duties over to Aswan, the store cat. She's much better at this sort of thing than I am.

The signing and a particularly heartwarming piece of fanmail have been the highlights of my writing week. Today the low came in having to bow out of an anthology I had really wanted to be part of, due to having run out of both miracles and chocolate coating.

Next week I'll be in Boston, signing at Pandemonium Books on Thursday. When I come home I get to begin in earnest the final revisions of Dreams. Final until I send it to [ profile] arcaedia, anyway. But that's final enough for me.

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I would apologize for spamming LJ, but LJ could use a little more content these days. Anyway...

I expect Kingdoms to start hitting shelves between tomorrow and next Tuesday. Bookscan tells me that copies have already been sold. If anyone spots a copy in the wild, pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I'm having another contest for a free copy over on Twitter, if you would like to win such a thing.
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Chapter 3 of Kingdoms is now up on my website. And keep an eye on the Necromancer blog, as I hope to have another character study posted before the release date.

3. Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed

I actually read this last year, but forgot to add it to the book list. Ghouls! Crotchety ghoul hunters! Lion girls! Creepy jackal spirits! Cardamom tea! I do not read enough books with cardamom tea.

4. Infidel - Kameron Hurley

I continue to love the Bel Dame Apocrypha, brutal and bittersweet and veined with the impossible hope of redemption. My only nit with this book is Sweet Holy Mother of Fishes, the word rep! I cannot not see it, and it burns us, precious.

And now I should have lunch and put on non-yardwork clothing, for tonight I'm crashing [ profile] jmeadows' signing, with cupcakes.
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I have author's copies, which means it's time to give a few copies away. But how? Help me think of a contest, LJ!
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My author's copies have landed! Everyone who has already sent me a donation receipt, your book will be in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday.

If anyone else was waiting for more immediate gratification, now is the time. Donate $8.00 to Planned Parenthood and email me a copy of the receipt. I will then send you a signed copy of Kingdoms of Dust. The book won't be released in stores for another two weeks.
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I'm sure most of you have by now heard how the Susan G. Komen Foundation has pulled far ahead in the douche-canoe races by stopping its funding to Planned Parenthood. I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that part of my publication check for Kingdoms of Dust (minimum of an entry fee for the Race for the Cure) would be donated to Planned Parenthood, and that stands, but today I had another idea.

Anyone who donates at least $8.00--the price of an MMPB--to Planned Parenthood and sends me a copy or screen cap of the donation receipt will get a signed copy of Kingdoms of Dust. These will be coming out of my stock of author copies, which means you may receive them before the official pub date. I also have copies of The Drowning City and The Bone Palace available.

Two things to note:

1. I don't have my copies of Kingdoms yet. I expect them in the next week or two, but I have no firm ETA.

2. I don't yet know if I'll be selling my own copies at my signing, so for the moment the number of donation copies is capped at 15. (With 10 copies remaining now.)

It's only reasonable to wait till I have prizes in hand before participating--although anyone who wants to donate sooner is certainly welcome to--but I wanted to make the post now while I'm thinking about it.

You can donate here.
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Today was not as productive as I might have liked in wordcount, but I did also manage to take my car to the shop (cracked ignition coil), buy [ profile] jmeadows' brand new book, meet [ profile] commodorified & co. for coffee and mutually assured corgi destruction, and spend some time chatting with a strange and tiny new cat in my driveway.

Dreams of Shreds & Tatters

70105 / 80000 words. 88% done!

I have five chapters left to revise from the old-old file, or around 13,000 terrible awful nogood words. I'm not sure what that will become in new words. On the one hand, the old stuff was overwritten and repetitive sentence-wise, so things will shrink. On the other hand, I'm adding more useful bits in this draft, and have two new plot points I want to squeeze in. And the original denouement was atrocious, and needs to become completely different. I would guess the final product will turn into 85k, but I've been wrong before.

Tomorrow I have dayjobbery and climbing, but Thursday through Saturday shall be a bookmarch of epic proportions.

Also, Publishers Weekly has nice things to say about Kingdoms.
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Time for the next installment of Kingdoms of Dust. Here is Chapter 2, wherein we see the return of another old friend. (Also available on the necromancer blog.)
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Kingdoms has acquired a rating on Goodreads. Now I'm left to wonder if that means eARCs are going out, or if the reviewer is psychic. (It's a good rating, so she's clearly an accurate psychic.) If anyone hears of review copies, let me know.
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To celebrate Squidmas, here is the first chapter of Kingdoms of Dust. (Contains spoilers, unsurprisingly, for The Bone Palace.)

If anyone has any questions about the books so far, this would be a fine place to ask.
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I have been having quite the terrible no-good day, but I do have a bright spot to share:

On Thursday, March 22nd, [ profile] matociquala and I will at Pandemonium Books in Boston, having a joint signing/launch for Range of Ghosts and Kingdoms of Dust, from 7 - 9 PM. Come hang out. We promise not to throw books at you. At least not hardbacks.
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Which are much like bulls, in this case. Between being trampled by a bull or paying to overnight a manuscript to New York, I'm not sure which is more painful.

[ profile] deakat and [ profile] saare_snowqueen, your books are finally in the mail! Sorry for the delay.

Blood Rose Books is running an interview with me and attendant contest (scroll down, you'll find it). If you know anyone who doesn't have a copy of The Drowning City yet, they can win one there.

And now, at long last, I get breakfast, and to sit down and brainstorm on the proto-book. Word Race 2011 crashed and burned spectacularly, as is my way with races, but maybe now I can get moving again.
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I mentioned some time ago that I had sold "Bone Garden"--now I have a few more details. I've sold "Bone Garden" to Subterranean Press, for A Fantasy Medley 2, edited by Yanni Kuznia. I've been a fan of SubPress for years, and I'm thrilled senseless to be included in this anthology.

I don't have all the release details, but it will include a limited signed hardcover version. I'll get signature sheets! This is the fanciest I have ever been.

For those playing along at home, "Bone Garden" is a novelette set in Erisín shortly after the events of The Bone Palace, also known as "Demimonde Theatre Boys vs. Oracular Demons", or the story in which I kill [ profile] sovay.

And now I have to get back to page proofs for Kingdoms.
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Armadillocon is over, and I've returned [ profile] matociquala and [ profile] scott_lynch to the airport. It was a lovely con, except for the part where I had to cut out of the writing workshop early to drive to Houston and back on Friday. Panels were sane, the bar was full of drinks, and the AC in the hotel was set to 60 to make up for the 110+ temperatures outside.* I had drinks and/or watched bats and/or played Talisman with [ profile] catrambo, [ profile] stina_leicht, [ profile] fadethecat, [ profile] matociquala, [ profile] scott_lynch, and got to meet [ profile] upstart_crow at the signing table. There were also climbing, queso, and cupcakes, in the tradition of my people.

Now I have page proofs for Kingdoms of Dust to finish, and then I can return to fidgeting with books.

*The AC in my house went out Sunday. It's been repaired, but the house hasn't cooled off yet.
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Yesterday brought doubled good news. "Red", my not-exactly-a-zombie-romance featuring goth bicycle gangs in post-apocalyptic Austin, has sold to Brave New Love, a dystopian YA anthology edited by Paula Guran. (For those of you who followed the Wicked Pretty Things debacle, yes, there was a change of editors. I've worked with Paula before, and am very happy that she took over the anthology.)

Shortly after that, I learned that "Bone Garden"--or Boywhores vs. Oracular Demons--was accepted by its anthology as well. I don't have the all-clear to share details yet, but I'm very happy to be accepted by this publisher.

The CEM for Kingdoms went back to my editor today, leaving me with with a surprising fondness for the book, and the restless itch to write The Bitter Road, aka the unsold fourth Necromancer Chronicle. Not to mention The Poison Court.

That leaves the to-do list looking like this:

Finish Kingdoms of Dust
Write "Bone Garden"
Write dystopian YA story
Kingdoms CEM
Revise "Bone Garden"
Revise "Red"
Write synop & 3 for Oracle of Plagues
Kingdoms page proofs
Pitch option novel
Poke "Flood" with a sharp stick
Poke "Birthgrave" (Isyllt's origin story) with a sharp stick

Project Valkyrie and Operation: Badger Reduction continue apace. Several of my shirts are becoming less like sausage casings, but I seem to have lost all my swimming stamina since last summer.

Now I guess I'll start looking for awesome stuff to pack into Oracle. Any suggestions?
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The book sale packages have been shipped. Hopefully with the right books in them. Thanks, everyone!

I will now return to the end of Kingdoms, which apparently involves ten thousand words of people talking to each other before the big explosion. Remind me not to do that again.
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Good news/bad news:

The good news is, I got the edit letter for Kingdoms today, and my editor likes it! I appear to have pulled off the desert gothic thing. He also had useful suggestions for making the end into less of a dog's breakfast.

The bad news is, the release date has been pushed back till March of 2012. Alas. This is what happens when you blow your deadlines and your middle initials aren't R. R. To everyone who was hoping to get in in December, I apologize for the delay, but I'll try to offer bonus content to make up for it. Necromancer Christmas cards, maybe...

"Bone Garden"
Words today: 1618
Words total: 6886
Reason for stopping: tired
Darling: "What went wrong?" Something always went wrong. The theatre had taught him that, even if he hadn't seen [the plot] himself.
Tyop: n/a
Named things: If domovoi is "house thing", does that mean kostovoi is "bone thing"?

I'm not sure I can wrap this up in 3k, but at least the beginning has some fluff I can trim.

The book-and-art sale continues, and will do so till Monday.

Mad science baking led to Goblin Market muffins (beets, cranberries, pomegranate applesauce, orange zest), a brilliant idea that fell through somewhere along the way. They're tasty, but way too sticky, and end up fused with the cupcake papers. I'll try this again some time.

Shadowhand (aka Mad Max Beyond Ragnarok) is clamoring at me. The characters have started telling me too much about their sex lives, which is always a dubiously good thing. I'm especially enamored of Loki's grandson, and am trying to figure out a graceful way to conflate both Vális.

Oh, hey... I thought Fenrir was the man with the cold grey voice (because Hel is the hag), but maybe it's Váli. This book is turning into one big family reunion. Maybe Laufey herself will get a cameo.
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Today was pretty awesome, in an understated way. First an anthology invite came through, for something I really want to be in. Of course this means scrambling madly to finish a story by the end of the month, but oh well. Also glamour-related was the news that as [ profile] matociquala's arm-candy, I don't have to plan my own plane tickets to Eurocon. This is a huge relief.

Next was bouldering with [ profile] fadethecat, who will be climbing circles around me in a couple of weeks. Yet another impetus to push myself up a grade or two. :P

The first day of serious dieting lifestyle change went well, concluding with mushroom & cannellini paprikas from Appetite for Reduction, served with fauxtato (or caulipots, as the book calls it--a combination of mashed cauliflower and potatoes). This might actually be better than the chickpea piccata, and stupidly healthy. I splurged and added a side of wilted beet greens. But don't worry that I'm becoming a filthy hippie; we used cheese and cream in the potatoes.

I've also written a thousand words today on the final chapter of Kingdoms, and will continue writing until it's finished. Then it flies away and I absolutely and for reals won't look at it again until editor and/or agent give me an edit letter.

Also, it rained, if only a pathetic drizzly amount.
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That last post, about ignoring books and having downtime? Yeah, scratch that. Back on your heads. My head. Whatever.

Wordle: Kingdoms

I'm used to having a big ol' "back", but the size of that "like" alarms me.
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Today I finished the second rough draft of Kingdoms of Dust and lobbed it to my editor. These were my own revisions, as I'm still waiting for the edit letter, but now the draft to be edited is less of a flaming mess. I can now in good conscience ignore it until I get edits.

Which means...I have to find something to do. Besides Zuma, I guess. I could work on Prayers but that requires a little more wherewithal than I presently possess. Maybe I'll follow Gretchen's example and wander in circles until I fall asleep.


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