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Two updates. Or maybe three.

1. Still So Strange Studios is now a functioning Etsy shop.

2. I have launched a Patreon campaign. This is specifically intended to help lift the weight of the world a fraction of an inch so I can finish The Poison Court in a timely fashion. Savedra partisans, please check it out.

3. I haven't been quite as slack at blogging as this LJ indicates. Right now the Necromancer Chronicles is getting the bulk of my updates while I'm trying to shake the kinks out of my primary website.
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My fundraiser for Still So Strange Studios was a success, and I'm now making jewelry again. Getting my Etsy shop up and running is slow going, but if you'd like a preview of what I've been working on, click upon my links, ye mighty, and despair.
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My jewelry not-a-Kickstarter is going remarkably well. It's nearly 90% funded with over a month to go*. I've placed my first supply order, and will do another next week. These purchases include PEARLS, because two of those have already been claimed. So if you want Savedra's pearls, jump on that last set quickly.

But with over a month left, I might as well make stretch goals or new perk options or whatnot? Any suggestions? Things you would like to see created or things you think would be good enticement for random passersby?

* Tell my baby sister not to do as I have done, and pay more attention to the fine print with these sorts of things. All credit card contributions will be tied up until the end of the campaign, so some orders must wait until the whole two months are up. Grumph.
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Today I'm excited to announce the launch of Still So Strange Studios.

The roller-coaster that was 2013 and 2014 has left me with the desire for creative outlets, and the need to make money on those creative endeavors. And while writing will always be my first love and career, it's not exactly known for its steady paychecks. So I turn back to jewelry-making.

Necromancer fans take note: the uppermost perks are made with you in mind.

And LJ doesn't want to embed, apparently, so follow the link to my IndieGoGo page.
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[ profile] ammitnox, your necklace is in the mail, finally! Gah!

[ profile] txanne, yours will go out this week. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
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I've (belatedly, sorry) shipped everything whose payment has cleared, I believe. I'm waiting now for one echeck to clear, and another physical check to arrive. And my bloodstone and pretty labradorite coins came in the mail, so I'll make something with them soon.
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The jewelry sale continues. Now with wire links and pearls. More will follow.

In other news, I am shocked, shocked, by the quality of the Miami Vice pilot movie. That awful piece of crap that came out recently should be even more ashamed than I realized.
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The sale continues, and will probably continue all month, as my bead store is having a sale. (Mmm, bead sale...) Eventually there will be wire link necklaces, when I find my motivation for snipping and twisting, and a pendant or two.

I'm moving any unsold pieces from previous posts into the latest post, so don't worry about backtracking to find stuff. Shipping is $5 in the US and $7 anywhere else, and I'll combine shipping for multiple items. Matching earrings are probably available, $5 for stainless steel earwires and $7 for silver or gold. (ETA: I don't have any guaranteed non-allergenic ear wires right now. If you have metal allergies or sensitive ears, let me know what you need and I'll see if I can get any.) I also take requests, so if there's a particular stone or color combination you'd like, let me know. (I have bloodstone back-ordered already.)

ETA: (Because this would be useful, wouldn't it?) My preferred payment method is Paypal, to exoblivione AT gmail DOT com. If you'd rather pay by check or some other method (I cannot take small animals as barter at this time--I'm full up), either email me at that address or leave a comment here.

Mermaids of the Neritic Zone - $37

Pearls, labradorite, glass and swarovski crystal on silk thread; 33.5 inches. This is an "As Is" sale because the knots by the clasp are a little crazy. That's what I get for beading whilst drinking and watching Bond movies. For $50 I'll restring the silly thing and get rid of the Thunderball-induced craziness.

Ghostlight by the Dark of the Moon - $65

Blue goldstone, moonstone, sodalite, amber, mother of pearl, and glass on sterling silver; 35 inches.

Tiger's Fancy (or fancy tigers) - $32

Tiger's eye, pearls, and blackstone (or possibly onyx, I'm not sure); 19 inches.

Burning Bright - $27

Tiger's eye, resin, and blackstone (or onyx); 18 inches.

Moss Troll Gardens - $45 SOLD

Moss jasper, amethyst, tourmaline and sterling roses; 33 inches. The scanner is not doing the colors justice--the amethyst is rich and vivid and sparkly, and the tourmaline has more luster in person.

Shades of Sky II - $25 SOLD

Sodalite, moonstone, and swarovski crystals; 15 inches. This is a very snug fit, please be sure you can wear it comfortably.

Icing Sugar - $25 SOLD

Pearls, dyed jade, swarovski crystal, and sterling roses; 18.5 inches.
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Or, Jewelry Sale: Give a small dog a haircut edition

It's that time again. I am overburdened with shinies and underburdened with cash. So without further ado:

A Ceiling of Amber, a Pavement of Pearl - SOLD

Amber, moonstone and pearls; 21 inches - $45 (the scanner is not doing the amber justice)

Shades of Sky I - SOLD

Blue lace agate and blue goldstone; 17 inches - $25

Shades of Sky II

Sodalite, moonstone, and swarovski crystals; 15 inches - $25 (this is a very snug fit, please be sure you can wear it comfortably)

Bone Woman, Sky Woman, Red Dirt Girl - SOLD

Red jasper, turquoise and bone; 44 inches - $40

Shipping is $5 in the US, $7 anywhere else.

Matching earrings may be available, from $5-$7 depending on fanciness. Please ask!

More shinies will be added all week, or until I run out of beads.
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[ profile] hawkwing_lb and [ profile] galeni, your packages shipped on Monday. [ profile] ginny_t and [ profile] ropo, yours shipped today. [ profile] enegim, yours should go out tomorrow or Friday.

I think that's everybody. If I'm forgetting someone, please poke me.

I committed tourmaline at the bead store today. Now I have to find something to go with it... The only place that would be more dangerous is a store that gave away kittens.
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And now, more jewelry! I wanted to do some pendants, but alas, I'm all out of wire. Same rules apply: $5 shipping anywhere in the world (as long as you don't mind waiting for the mailman to swim to you), $7 for multiple items. Leave a comment to claim a piece or email me at exoblivione AT gmail DOT com.

I still have more beads, but I'm running out of spacers and clasps, so I think this is going to be it for now. If there's any particular combination of stones/colors you'd like that I don't have, feel free to make suggestions--they might show up at the next sale.

Stargazing, $29 Blue goldstone, moonstone, and snowflake obsidian. 21 inches. SOLD

More shinies! )
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ETA: The sale continues over here!

ETA: You guys are wonderful! Also, you've cleaned me out. I will definitely be posting more jewelry either tonight or tomorrow, so check back. If you've paid for something, I will have it in the mail on Friday, Ceiling Cat willing and the creek don't rise.

All old jewelry must go! $5 shipping anywhere, or $7 for multiple items. The sale will last until I decide it's over, but at least two weeks, and I may be adding more pieces. (Amber, amethyst, leopardskin jasper, silver roses!)

The Forest in Winter, $15 - Either agate or jasper--I'm not entirely sure--and moonstone. ON HOLD

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