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Dreams of Shreds & Tatters is loose in the world today! I'm so proud of my little book.

And as a lovely book day present, says nice things about it.
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1. Dark Places - Gillian Flynn
2. Red Delicious - Kathleen Tierney/Caitlin R. Kiernan
3. The English Girl - Daniel Silva
4. Critical Space - Greg Rucka

Books! Lists! Lists of books!

And speaking of books, Publishers Weekly has reviewed Dreams. Believe me, it's not just the characters who are intensely beleaguered.
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Today I took a break from our move to help a friend move. I burned a lot of calories, sunburned my shoulders, and went home determined to give even more stuff to Goodwill so that I will never have that much stuff to move. Tomorrow I must meet a flooring person to see about fixing a water-damaged board in the living room, which is currently preventing us from filling a bookcase there. Wednesday I will borrow my mom's SUV to make what will hopefully be the last IKEA run, to obtain yet another bookcase and various other things. Friday the movers come to drag everything down from the top of this ziggurat and set fire to it in the parking lot relocate it.

In non-move-related news, the first few chapters of Dreams of Shreds & Tatters are now up on my website. A month and a half left till release day.
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It isn't just one of your holiday games.

I have an anthology story to finish by the end of the month, another due in March, and an Isyllt novelette sort of thing that glares at me reproachfully from time to time. In addition, I'm also trying to put together a proposal for the second Dreams book. The trouble is, it probably needs a title that isn't D2: Byakhee Boogaloo*. I'm reaching the stage of frustration where I start combining nouns until something sticks.

Door(s)/Tower(s)/Mask(s) of Night/Horn & Ivory/Shadow

Diane Duane took all the good Doors Into things. Murder mysteries have cornered the market on Eliot references. The Waking City would almost be a good play on Boston as "the walking city." Does anyone ever call it that?

* I maintain that all sequels are either Electric Boogaloos or Pigs in the City.
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I am the worst LJer in the world, I fear. But! Today I bring you a thing of great joy and beauty!

My artist is Jeffrey Alan Love, and I adore this so much. It's nothing like anything I've ever imagined, and that makes it all the more delightful.

The release date for Dreams appears to be May 12, 2015, and it's available for pre-order from Books-A-Million and other sources.
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Everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over and over and over again.

I will always be writing Dreams of Shreds & Tatters.

I will always be revising Dreams of Shreds & Tatters.

I will always be selling Dreams of Shreds & Tatters.

I am thrilled to announce that [ profile] arcaedia and I have sold Dreams of Shreds & Tatters to Solaris.

More details to follow after the book mines.
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Today I sent the final* draft of Dreams of Shreds & Tatters to [ profile] arcaedia. Selling the damn thing may be a new nightmare, but it will be one that is mostly out of my hands. There is suddenly a book-shaped hole in my life. And since there's no pressing need to kill myself over D2 until I know the fate of D1, this means I get to cruise the city looking for sexy novels to have torrid flings with. Maybe Salvage wants to tell me more about its alien scientists and speedboat chases.

In other news, I will be at Monster-Con on Saturday, October 13th. I'll be signing books dressed as a fish monster. As one does.

In other, other news, I hope to participate in Run For Your Lives on December 13th. This depends on me getting the day off work, since large contingent from my bookstore wants to go, but I'm going to start training for a 5k anyway. December is the best possible time to run 5k. This means I have to abandon my beloved elliptical tomorrow in favor of the dreaded treadmill.

On Friday I made a last minute decision to go see TKK after work, and am glad I did so. It wasn't like seeing them 12 years ago, but the show was fun and the venue pleasantly small, and Groovie was ambulatory the whole time. And they played "After The Flesh," which I'm been waiting to hear live since I first saw The Crow. And in an added bonus, my recent love affair with the elliptical means that I can now wear the striped tights which are the custom of my people without looking like a hobbit.

And on that note, I'm off to the gym.

* Yes, I know. There will be a revision for an editor, copy edits, and proofs. Let me cling to my delusion for a time.
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Today [ profile] arcaedia sent me her notes for Dreams. My goal for this weekend is to take two clunky flashbacks and turn them into something graceful. Then...the book will go out into the world. After nine years, this book will have become something I can take out in public.

I don't know what I'll do without my bete noire. I suppose some other book will come along to take its place. Knowing my luck, it will probably be D2.
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Blake by Amanda Downum
Blake, a photo by Amanda Downum on Flickr.

I'm ridiculously happy with this right now. I've also apparently entered some sort of Tim Bradstreet period. Which wouldn't be a bad place to be for a while.

Part of me wants to just do more shading in ink and leave it black & white. The greater part demands color, though, which means I must begin the delicate process of not fucking this up.

I'm not sure why I thought those bricks were a good idea.

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Friday: 6 hours dayjob
Saturday: 6 hours dayjob
Sunday: 7 hours dayjob, ~3 hours gothercize. Dancing on a holiday weekend--I suspect my lungs are still coated in other people's sweat.
Monday: 5 miles elliptical
Tuesday: 1 hour session with trainer
Wednesday: 1/2 hour core class, climbing
Thursday: 1 mile stair machine, 1 mile treadmill, 1 mile some other sort of cross training machine thing. I don't even know. What I do know is that I love none of them like I love my elliptical machine.

(22 miles out of Hobbiton.)

Something beautiful happened Wednesday. I'm not suddenly sending V3s, but I did sail up an overhang that has defeated me for more than three freaking years. I was so stunned to have sent the route that I turned around and sent it again. I'm surprised a choir of angels didn't await me with hosannas at the top of the wall.

Also, my endurance running is getting better, but a mile on the treadmill still leaves me red and gasping alarmingly. I need a slow zombie apocalypse if I'm to have any chance at survival.

Sequels. These things are hard. The Bone Palace existed before I ever wrote TDC, and was always its own separate thing. But D2 builds almost entirely off Dreams, and needs to further an overarching plot while still doing its own stuff. I find this very strange and unnerving. Also, it means I finally have to figure out what the overarching plot is.
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Wherein our heroine attempts a post that isn't an exercise log*.

I failed to celebrate Uncle Howard's birthday yesterday, but today I met my tattoo boy and went over the design for the mermaid who'll keep my octopus company. She is a lovely mermaid, and we start the outlining next week. I could count this as the tattoo that celebrates finishing Kingdoms, but it really feels more like a second celebration for Dreams. The first time I finished it, I got my yellow sign. The many-times-more-badass mermaid marks the many-times-better book that will soon go out in the world.

* I bought whey protein today. I no longer recognize myself.
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My commitment to writing every day lasted slightly longer than previous Nano attempts, but not by much. Luckily, small and attainable goals prevailed. The bulk of these words were on The Poison Court, some on The Ashen/Winter Throne/Road, and most recently some on Prayers to Broken Stone. I also got two chapters into the revision of Dreams based on my crack location expert's notes. (Add more rain!) Right now I'm trying wait for [ profile] arcaedia's notes so I can bring this in with just one more pass.

10590 / 10500
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I did, in fact, make it home from Boston. Which is half a shame, because I love Boston, but the airport Hilton is too expensive to become a second home. Readercon was lovely, with highlights including drunken yoga in the lobby and cocktails at Drink.

The very best news, though, was that [ profile] arcaedia likes the draft of Dreams I sent her. Six and a half years and several drafts later, my little novel has finally grown up. (Which doesn't mean it's ready for submission yet, but so close!) Now I can really start brainstorming for Dreams 2: Byakhee Boogaloo.

ETA: I forgot the other half of today's noteworthy events. First, I've been talking to my tattooist about my next tattoo, a companion piece for my octopus--either a friend or an assistant to answer his fanmail. If he comes up with a sketch we like, the painful part should begin in August.

And in an effort to make the real estate on my arms a little more appealing to potential tattoos, I joined a gym today. Climbing is still the best workout I'll ever get, but the climbing gyms are far, and the new place is right down the street. It's also nice because no matter how hormonally incompetent I may become, I can still manage a leisurely pace on a treadmill or bike. In the airconditioned shade. I meant to run in for maybe half an hour tonight, and stayed for an hour. Now I just have to keep this up enough to warrant the (small) expense.
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Yesterday--or 2:00 AM this morning, to be technical--I turned my final revision of Dreams into [ profile] arcaedia. Now all I'm waiting for are her notes, and any comments from my Vancouver native reader. I don't know what will happen to the book next, but for the first time in eight years it's no longer hanging like an albatross around my neck. This feels very strange.

Now I can go back to working on proposals for further Necromancer Chronicle-related works, and trying to think of a title for Dreams 2: Byakhee Boogaloo Debt and/or Devils of Something.
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IMG_0119 by Amanda Downum
IMG_0119, a photo by Amanda Downum on Flickr.

Today I went to Houston to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Tutankhamun exhibit. It was not the most in-depth of exhibits, but full of lovely things none the less. Afterward we went to Fadi's, and now I am full of lovely Mediterranean food.

D is also for Dreams of Shreds & Tatters, and its potential not-a-sequel A Dirge In Yellow. But there's a book in between them, and I don't have a title for it. I'm enamored of the Ds, though, and would like to keep the alliteration. Right now I'm leaning toward Devils of something. But Devils of what? (The devils can have a different preposition if they want.)

Anyone have any brilliant, vaguely Lovecraftian suggestions? I would especially love something along the Wraeththu model.

ETA: Steven just suggest Debts of Something, which I also like. This is why I keep him around. So debts or devils are my top two places to start.
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I had my signing at Dragon's Lair Comics on Wednesday, and it was a lot of fun. People showed up and bought books, and I didn't even know some of them. I eventually passed signing duties over to Aswan, the store cat. She's much better at this sort of thing than I am.

The signing and a particularly heartwarming piece of fanmail have been the highlights of my writing week. Today the low came in having to bow out of an anthology I had really wanted to be part of, due to having run out of both miracles and chocolate coating.

Next week I'll be in Boston, signing at Pandemonium Books on Thursday. When I come home I get to begin in earnest the final revisions of Dreams. Final until I send it to [ profile] arcaedia, anyway. But that's final enough for me.


Feb. 6th, 2012 09:25 pm
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Dreams of Shreds & Tatters is done. Again. Except for the last couple threads I need to resolve. Until I get crit notes. But for today, it's done.

84000 / 84000 words. 100% done!

Tomorrow I'll reread it for typos (because typing "cream" instead of "scream" can be embarrassing in the wrong context--hell, in any context), then send it to my crack crit team. Then I'll crawl into a hole and hibernate. Or go back to the proposal for TWR/TAT. (I am perilously close to calling this book TWAT, and let's not do that, shall we.)
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I am a badass, but not quite badass enough to pull an all-nighter. The climax has to be completely rewritten not just to purge the suck, but also to add in a new plot point, and that means I should think about it for a bit. By which I mean, all day at work tomorrow. The denouement also needs to be rewritten entirely, because after nearly seven years consideration, I realize that I cannot let one of these characters wander off into the sunset alone like an emo Mad Max dumbass.

81674 / 80000 words. 102% done!

It would be nice to post about things beside this book, like the opera, or...whatever else people talk about when they're not writing books. I think people also do the dishes when they're not writing books. I may need to look into that soon.

On the upside, though, I got to write one of my favorite death scenes again today. I've shot this character in three drafts now, and it never gets old.
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So many words today. So...many...words... And the words I'm replacing--yeesh. For every finished scene in this draft, there were two or three repetitive, flabby scenes in the last draft. I was a bit fan of hesitation marks, apparently. I have less than 9k of old draft left now, and only one new plot point to insert. (That I can think of now, anyway.)

75067 / 80000 words. 94% done!

Mean things: head trauma, unpleasant realizations, electric shock, abrupt decatheterization, pneumonia... And I wonder why I've had such a hard time getting a sequel out of these characters.

I have to march early tomorrow, for tomorrow night I'm going to see the Austin Lyric Opera perform Lucia di Lammermoor. I wish I could have seen it before I finished The Bone Palace, but better late than never.
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Today was not as productive as I might have liked in wordcount, but I did also manage to take my car to the shop (cracked ignition coil), buy [ profile] jmeadows' brand new book, meet [ profile] commodorified & co. for coffee and mutually assured corgi destruction, and spend some time chatting with a strange and tiny new cat in my driveway.

Dreams of Shreds & Tatters

70105 / 80000 words. 88% done!

I have five chapters left to revise from the old-old file, or around 13,000 terrible awful nogood words. I'm not sure what that will become in new words. On the one hand, the old stuff was overwritten and repetitive sentence-wise, so things will shrink. On the other hand, I'm adding more useful bits in this draft, and have two new plot points I want to squeeze in. And the original denouement was atrocious, and needs to become completely different. I would guess the final product will turn into 85k, but I've been wrong before.

Tomorrow I have dayjobbery and climbing, but Thursday through Saturday shall be a bookmarch of epic proportions.

Also, Publishers Weekly has nice things to say about Kingdoms.


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