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Erisín is a haunted city, and her specters are hungry. When demons prowl the streets of Oldtown, preying on the poor and the weak, a young actor must face the ghosts of his past and of his family to protect his new home.

"Bone Garden" is a novelette set in Erisín following the events of The Bone Palace. It was originally published in Subterranean's A Fantasy Medley 2 (ed. Yanni Kuznia) in 2012. It's now available on Kindle and Smashwords.

If anyone has any other platforms or file types they prefer, I can make it more widely available. This is my first attempt at self-pubbing anything, so feedback is appreciated.
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Publishers Weekly gave A Fantasy Medley 2 a a starred review. Money shot: "The best of these four is Amanda Downum’s “Bone Garden,” an exciting gothic tragedy set among actors and refugees in the world of the Necromancer Chronicles."

I like being exciting and gothic. I also have a crush on PW.
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My arm is slathered in cocoa butter; chances of auto-cannibalism today are high.

My mermaid needs a name. If you're so inclined, leave your best suggestion in comments. My favorite will win an ARC of A Fantasy Medley 2.

In the mean time, my deliciously chocolatey arm and I will be cleaning the house.
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Another con survived, and this time without "Hotel California."

ArmadilloCon is over, and I had a lovely time. I missed the waterfall in the lobby on Friday, but I was out for dinner and drinks with the Bat City Novelocracy at the time, so it wasn't as disappointing as it might have been. My reading went well, I gave away two ARCs of A Fantasy Medley 2, and my panels were smart, fun, and contained no slut-shaming at all*. The writing workshop also went smoothly. We even got to blindfold the workshop students and do terrible things to them.

And did I mention I have ARCs for A Fantasy Medley 2? I drew names out of a bowl at the reading, so I should probably use a slightly more sophisticated system of placing the next two. Suggestions?

* Sadly, I'm told that wasn't the case in other panels. Panels, I am disappoint.
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I had hoped to have at least the chapters of this damn proposal done before Readercon, if not the synop, but that looks questionable now. Still, progress continues. So far we've had one corpse, one unexpected betrothal, and two unsettling revelations. Next I need to plant some clues about the murderer, and then figure out how to wring an interesting scene out of searching someone's room.

8018 / 10500

Today also brought the joyous news that I can finally announce the details about "Bone Garden." It will appear in A Fantasy Medley 2, edited by Yanni Kuznia, which will be released in late November. I share a ToC with Tanya Huff, Seanan McGuire, and Jasper Kent.

I'll be reading from "Bone Garden" at Readercon on Friday, if any of you are wandering by.
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I mentioned some time ago that I had sold "Bone Garden"--now I have a few more details. I've sold "Bone Garden" to Subterranean Press, for A Fantasy Medley 2, edited by Yanni Kuznia. I've been a fan of SubPress for years, and I'm thrilled senseless to be included in this anthology.

I don't have all the release details, but it will include a limited signed hardcover version. I'll get signature sheets! This is the fanciest I have ever been.

For those playing along at home, "Bone Garden" is a novelette set in Erisín shortly after the events of The Bone Palace, also known as "Demimonde Theatre Boys vs. Oracular Demons", or the story in which I kill [ profile] sovay.

And now I have to get back to page proofs for Kingdoms.
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"Bone Garden"* is finished! At 11600 words, it's 1600 too long for the intended market, but that's what ruthless revisions are for. It's also the first short(ish) story I've finished since two thousand and frickin' eight, as well as my first real novelette. (As opposed to a short story that was just too long.)

I'm thrilled to have finished something short again, and even more thrilled to have made a deadline. After the disastrous lateness of the last two novels, this is very soothing to me. Now I just have to do it again by the end of June.

Also, thank you everyone who contributed a fake play. Many of your suggestions will be performed in Erisín soon.

Here, have a video that was very influential on this story.

*Also known as Boywhores vs. Oracular Demons, or the story in which I kill [ profile] sovay horribly.
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I need names for made-up plays. Especially comedies--by which I mean both light and funny as well as ending happily. So far I have several tragedies, but nothing happy or amusing.

The plays so far are:

Astrophel & Satis, the tragic love story of a lace-maker and a sorceress who defy society to be together, only to be parted by human and inhuman jealousy.

Aristomache, the story of a priestess seduced and betrayed by a prince, and how she exacts vengeance from beyond the grave.

Mirror of Dreams, the story of a cursed mirror that causes the downfall of a powerful house by playing on their ambitions, with the primary focus usually given to the mirror demon's seduction of the lord's daughter.

I've also mentioned Undine, which is clearly about a water spirit and probably ends badly, but I don't know the plot of that one.

Can anyone think of some more cheerful performances for Erisinian theatres?
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"Bone Garden"
Words today: 2236
Words total: 9099
Reason for stopping: so close, and yet so tired.
Mean things: inconvenient emergencies, painful realizations, guilt
Named things: Gentian's troupe, the demon of the mirror, a lot of extras
Things that need names: A random comedy. (A comic play, that is.)

Long story is long, with further still to go. At least they're walking into the antags' lair right now, so hopefully we'll wrap this up fairly soon. Then I have to whittle it back down to 10k before I sub it.
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Are there any theatre people in the house? Can anyone describe for me what it's like backstage before a performance--mood and activities and such?
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Good news/bad news:

The good news is, I got the edit letter for Kingdoms today, and my editor likes it! I appear to have pulled off the desert gothic thing. He also had useful suggestions for making the end into less of a dog's breakfast.

The bad news is, the release date has been pushed back till March of 2012. Alas. This is what happens when you blow your deadlines and your middle initials aren't R. R. To everyone who was hoping to get in in December, I apologize for the delay, but I'll try to offer bonus content to make up for it. Necromancer Christmas cards, maybe...

"Bone Garden"
Words today: 1618
Words total: 6886
Reason for stopping: tired
Darling: "What went wrong?" Something always went wrong. The theatre had taught him that, even if he hadn't seen [the plot] himself.
Tyop: n/a
Named things: If domovoi is "house thing", does that mean kostovoi is "bone thing"?

I'm not sure I can wrap this up in 3k, but at least the beginning has some fluff I can trim.

The book-and-art sale continues, and will do so till Monday.

Mad science baking led to Goblin Market muffins (beets, cranberries, pomegranate applesauce, orange zest), a brilliant idea that fell through somewhere along the way. They're tasty, but way too sticky, and end up fused with the cupcake papers. I'll try this again some time.

Shadowhand (aka Mad Max Beyond Ragnarok) is clamoring at me. The characters have started telling me too much about their sex lives, which is always a dubiously good thing. I'm especially enamored of Loki's grandson, and am trying to figure out a graceful way to conflate both Vális.

Oh, hey... I thought Fenrir was the man with the cold grey voice (because Hel is the hag), but maybe it's Váli. This book is turning into one big family reunion. Maybe Laufey herself will get a cameo.


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