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Good morning, and happy holidays! As is the way of my people, I shall soon go have a family Christmas brunch, then return home and have a second holiday with different family. In the meantime, I'm attempting to tidy the hell of beads that my desk has become.

With a bit of diligence, 2015 will be the year of me being more productive in things like blogging and non-writing artistic endeavors. Looking back at the past year and a half, it becomes clear that a grue made of stress and/or depression ate me in 2013, and I've only recently crawled out of it. It's no fun inside a grue; I cannot recommend this.

I've finished two short stories in the past few months, and need two more by March. I'm also working on The Poison Court, and a still titleless project known as D2: Byakhee Boogaloo.
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Or other equinoctial celebration of your choice. I'll be spending the day at work, followed by a witches' night out with many friends. That seems like a well-balanced day.
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So, my New Year's Day inventory of dancing-related injury includes: bruised hip-bones from dancing in a corset, chafed ribs from same, one bruised knee from enthusiastic Goth Bridge (I made it all the way to Goth Wheel once!), and a bruise on the ball of my right foot from dancing in heels on Sunday. The corset put up a bit of a struggle, but by the end of the night I could dance to anything in it.

I call this a successful end to 2012.
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Books read in 2012 )

A much better reading year than last year, if not as fabulous as one might like. The writing front was also not as fabulous as one might like, but not too shabby. Kingdoms came out, and Brave New Love. And maybe A Fantasy Medley 2--I got my author copies, at least. I finished an extremely thorough revision of Dreams, and my fabulous agent has sent it out into the world. I also tidied up a partial of Pinion, and started a few other projects. I did not finish any new short stories, but oh well.

I'm not as happy to be rid of 2012 as some of my f-list. I would like to be more productive in 2013, and slightly less crippled with indecision (well, laugh), but if nothing else the success of Project Valkyrie and my Run For Your Lives training has made this a pleasantly memorable year. We'll see how Warrior Dash turns out. Hopefully 2013 will be the year of the unassisted pull-up.

And of course, there was that whole adoption thing. Can't forget that.

Hopefully the boy will find his missing driver's license soon, so as not to thwart our plan to go for cocktails and Elysium tonight. My house has already thwarted my plans to repurpose last Halloween's griffin costume by eating my feathers and copper foil. I'll be less of a danger to myself and others without dozens of sharp copper feathers, I suppose.
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I have survived the holidays, mostly, despite letting them pass without an update. Now I just need to come up with a costume for Elysium's New Year's costume ball. I'm trying to figure out a way to reuse the copper feathers from my metal chicken griffin costume. Those should keep people from crowding me on the dance floor.

I've also committed to Warrior Dash in March, which will require much more training, particularly in the climbing ropes and jumping over fire departments. Between that and a 10k in April, I should manage to keep myself in reasonable valkyrie condition until the summer heat hits.

And after New Year's, I need to gird my loins and start marching on a new book. Any book will do, at this point.
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I did, in fact, make it home from Boston. Which is half a shame, because I love Boston, but the airport Hilton is too expensive to become a second home. Readercon was lovely, with highlights including drunken yoga in the lobby and cocktails at Drink.

The very best news, though, was that [ profile] arcaedia likes the draft of Dreams I sent her. Six and a half years and several drafts later, my little novel has finally grown up. (Which doesn't mean it's ready for submission yet, but so close!) Now I can really start brainstorming for Dreams 2: Byakhee Boogaloo.

ETA: I forgot the other half of today's noteworthy events. First, I've been talking to my tattooist about my next tattoo, a companion piece for my octopus--either a friend or an assistant to answer his fanmail. If he comes up with a sketch we like, the painful part should begin in August.

And in an effort to make the real estate on my arms a little more appealing to potential tattoos, I joined a gym today. Climbing is still the best workout I'll ever get, but the climbing gyms are far, and the new place is right down the street. It's also nice because no matter how hormonally incompetent I may become, I can still manage a leisurely pace on a treadmill or bike. In the airconditioned shade. I meant to run in for maybe half an hour tonight, and stayed for an hour. Now I just have to keep this up enough to warrant the (small) expense.
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Psst, [ profile] curgoth--the Bete Noire you helped me come up with (Kraken and Campari and coffee liqueur) won a contest at one of our fine local establishments. I discovered this two weeks after the fact, alas, but at least in searching for a notification gone astray I found a two-week old piece of fanmail caught in my spam filter. So a day of discovery all around.
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I seem to have fallen into an elementary school schedule-shaped hole, which has stronger gravity than usual. I may need another daily posting meme to keep me tethered. Anyone feel like joining me in a mutually-assured destruction blogging pact?

We can't be sad, though. Not today. Today is Rex Manning Rammstein day. Or it will be as soon as I clean the house, drop off a dog to be boarded, pick up Agent F from school, pick up the CSA and split the spoils with [ profile] fadethecat, feed animals, feed and medicate a child, and wait for the babysitter to show up. Then we will drive to San Antonio to enjoy pyrotechnic goodness.

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B is for baby bats, because tonight is zombie night at Exquisite Corpse, which means I get to dress up extra. I was a late blooming baby bat--I didn't learn the term "goth" (as opposed to Ostro- or Visi-) until I was seventeen and started college, despite years of watching vampire movies and wearing black. I also discovered VLARP my freshman year, which doubled the tragedy of crushed velvet and cobwebs on my temples. And then I discovered Hot Topic. I won't lie, readers: those were a grim few years.

My love of dark clubs, loud music, and dressing up hasn't faded in the past fifteen years. Luckily, my fashion sense and taste in alcohol have mostly improved.

B is also for blood, because it's compulsory, and because I need to mix some up for extra undead verisimilitude. Pictures may follow, if the gods of photography are kind to me.

In the meantime, enjoy a sampling of the music of my people.

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And now a rare fitness post. You have been warned.

I spent most of the holidays perfecting my Slug With a Laptop pose and being on a weight loss plateau. Since then I've returned to my (only mildly sporadic) regimen of climbing, yoga, core class, and dancing, with pleasant results. After last night's four hours of dancing thanks to Elysium's Sisters of Mercy tribute night*, I'm now under 165. Apparently these last two pounds were the magic ones, because I've gone down a band size. This is good, because I stockpiled all my old bras when I gained weight, and have been reluctant to buy many larger ones. (Those suckers are expensive.)

This means that I've lost 17 pounds since my horrible peak weight at World Horror last year, and 12 from last year's normal upper range (when not effected by queso and cupcakes). My goal right now is 160. From there I'll assess how my clothes fit and how well I'm climbing.

* This was the best night ever. I love my club so much right now.
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Steven and I spent last night in San Antonio with friends, cocktails, Rock Band, and $100 a pound ham*. A pleasant evening all around. Today there will be housecleaning and maybe a little writing--rolling out of bed at noon-thirty tends to put a dent in my productivity.

One thing that made me happy in 2011 was finding new music. New-to-me mostly, but some newer bands. This helps slow my progression into a cane-shaking, trouser-rolling eldergoth who bitches about "that noise those kids listen to." Some of this music even gets mainstream radio play.

I already knew about Ego Likeness and Android Lust, but I finally got whole albums last year. And, thanks to Elysium and their new dance floor video screens, I discovered Aesthetic Perfection. I wish the adorable tooth fairy song had a video.

(I highly approve of videos in clubs, and not just because Daniel Graves is pretty. But that helps.)

* It was good ham, but not the life-changing even I would expect for a hundred bucks a pound.
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Tonight I celebrate Gothmas Eve with dancing. Tomorrow there will be family dinner and perhaps some melting zombies maenads.
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A healthy chunk of wordcount today--if not epic, certainly heroic. Over 6,000 words of Dreams revised, bringing me to 30k for this draft. Pretty close to half way. It helped that the chapters I went over today contained not only a byakhee, but the Man himself. Byakhee are better, but Nyarlathotep is best. Next up, maenads and melting zombies! It's nice to find the fun parts in this book again.

Tomorrow I'll celebrate by seeing Tintin with my parents, which makes me feel like I'm eight years old. Then I'll come home and melt some zombies.

Happy Solstice!
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Happy Thanksgiving, also known as Too Much Food Day.

Too Much Food Day is so much more soothing when I'm not hosting it. All I have to do is bake bread pudding and make a salad, and drive to a friend's house at 5:30. Restful! The pudding will be made with Hawaiian sweet bread--because too much of that ended up in my suitcase when I came home--with cranberries and coconut and maybe a pinch of cardamom.

I am also, Cod help me, sorely tempted to draw some anthropomorphic cats. Please have an intervention team standing by.
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Yesterday was nearly a disaster. I was working on costume stuff from the moment I enpanted to the time we left the house, and through a series of design failures and last minute fixes, we left very late. We didn't get into the car until the time we were supposed to be at the staging ground for the parade, and there was no way we'd make it there before launch time, let alone find parking. My wings were underfeathered, I forgot my tail, and I didn't have time to put in my contacts before we left the house. I was in a truly vile mood at this time.

We decided to park in our usual downtown spot, which happens to be at the end of the parade route. My plan was to walk the route backwards and hook up with the parade midway, trying to salvage something. Luckily, I managed to get my contacts in when we parked, so my plan to see the parade came to fruition.*

We walked down 6th Street and over to the river. At this point I began to wonder where the parade was. It was half an hour after launch time, and the route isn't that long. And you can't exactly miss a drumline, a brass band, and a large spider-eyed elephant puppet. We passed another couple of people also wondering where the parade was. Then we heard drums across the water. Eventually we walked all the way to the staging ground, and lo and behold--the whole thing was running late. I felt a lot better at this point.

So I got to march in the whole parade and got double the exercise. My wings were nowhere as cool as they should have been--less a griffin** and more a molting metallic chicken--but they were still shiny. (And I managed to dance in them.) I have to try this costume again another year, because I have a lot of leftover feathers and copper, and I still want to be an actual griffin, dammit.

Some grainy iPhone pics.

* I got contacts for the first time ever last week. They're the size of hubcaps and getting them in and out is an ordeal far too reminiscent of Un Chien Andalou. But I have peripheral vision with them, and that is pretty damn amazing.

** If a griffin wears leggings*** from Old Navy, does that make them a hipstergriff?

*** The true Halloween miracle was that I looked okay in the leggings. Climbing: it works.
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Pursuant to a comment by [ profile] ammitnox, I decided that there needs to a be a cocktail called the bête noire. I couldn't find a recipe, so I asked the bartenders at Peché to make me one. What I got was a variant Negroni, with rye, sweet vermouth, and Campari (1-1-1). It is dark, bitter, and delicious. I love having an absinthe bar.
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Coilhouse has led me to a YouTube wonderland: cyber industrial dance videos. I've never been crazy about the neon extensions and furry leg warmers, but these are my people. I dance just like this. I would dance just like this in the streets of Germany.

(Take note of 0:54. That guy is my soul mate.)

Why am I not in Germany right now?
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Bookkeeping 2010 )

19. Renfield: Slave of Dracula - Barbara Hambly

Because I'm me, I found this sweet and adorable, in addition to being a wonderful example of unreliable narration. It doesn't hurt that Renfield will be forever played by Tom Waits in my head.

And jeeze, what a lousy year for finishing books. I didn't even gorge on graphic novels to boost my numbers.

Not much writing to report. I finished The Bone Palace and saw it published, and have a chunk of Kingdoms of Dust written, though not nearly as much of one as I'd like. Running With the Pack kept the year from being a complete wash on short stories. Hopefully when Kingdoms is done I'll be able to finish one.

Other than that, I'm now furiously cleaning the house before friends come over, and then we're going out for drinks and whatever else we find. If I wear my adorable heels, there's sure to be walking and dancing. If I wear sensible boots we'll come home early.

Happy New Year!
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True Grit is outstanding. Hailee Steinfeld was robbed not to get top billing. Also, I think this was the first Coen Bros movie that made me cry. (Not with laughter; Fargo's come close to that a couple times.)

Merry Christmas!
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Happy Solstice, everyone!

We had heavy--and oddly pink--cloud cover last night, so I only caught a few glimpses of the eclipse in progress.

I woke up to two Solstice presents today: a royalty check for Lovecraft Unbound (YAY!), and a scratchy throat (BOO!). Now I get to make tea and oatmeal and finishing rewriting Chapter 1. This is my third rewrite. I would like it to be the last.


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