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Despite having slacked off on weightlifting for the past two weeks, I don't seem to have lost too much muscle. Tonight I sent a 5.10 that eluded me last week, and much it involved hauling myself up on crimpers. I was pretty surprised to have done so well.* This is the second 5.10 I've sent in recent history, which is a good sign. I also did more pushups during Powerhouse last week than I may ever have done before.

And despite a lot of holiday sloth, I went dancing twice this weekend. Ego Likeness played on Friday, which was a great delight. They played "Aviary" (aka Phaedra's song from Bone Palace), which made me very happy. Last night was a Peter Murphy tribute at a venue I'd never been to before, which was a pleasant diversion. As a Peter Murphy tribute, the set was pretty lackluster, but I still danced plenty. In doing so, I discovered what may be an unexpected side effect of recent weight loss: high heels have become more comfortable. They're still not pleasant, but I danced or stood for nearly four hours without misery or blisters. Or even fishnet chafing. Either thirty pounds makes quite a difference on one's feet, or I've leveled up in femme.

Now I just have to maintain my muscle gain till after Run For Your Lives, when I can start weight training again. And maintain my improved running stamina.

* I dogged the rope like woah, though, so take that with a little salt.
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Due to the vicissitudes of women's clothing sizes, I understand this is a meaningless milestone, but all the same: for the first time in my adult life, I bought jeans in a single-digit size today. Then I did another five miles on the elliptical. Then I ate a cream puff.
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Err, how embarrassing to find I've posted about nothing but exercise in the past week. Maybe I should write a book or something.

Friday: Rest day (4 hours dayjob)
Saturday: Many hours baking at a waterpark
Sunday: 7 hours dayjob
Monday: 1 hour yoga, climbing
Tuesday: 1 mile treadmill, 1 mile elliptical, assorted weights and walking lunges (There are muscles in my thighs: I know this because they hurt.)
Wednesday: Climbing & powerhouse (Alas, no dancing.)
Thursday: 1 hour session with trainer, 4 hours dayjob

(10 miles out of Hobbiton, as the treadmill treads.)

I'm slowly coming out of my climbing slump. I sent two V1s on Monday, and fell off a V10 halfway up.

Also, thanks to recent coffeeshop exposure, I've been listening to nothing but The Chameleons' Script of the Bridge since Tuesday. Someone may need to stage an intervention soon.
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Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 7 hours dayjob
Sunday: 7 hours dayjob
Monday: Climbing & powerhouse ( 30 min core class)
Tuesday: New gym (1 hour session with trainer), 4 hours dayjob
Wednesday: Climbing & powerhouse, ~2 hours gothercize
Thursday: 1 hour session with trainer, 4 hours dayjob

(Only 7 miles out of Hobbiton, as the treadmill treads.)

I'm quite enamored of my new trainer, even if she makes me do terrible things like walking lunges. She's tiny and adorable* and never once mentioned weight loss as a primary goal. She's very supportive of my plan to focus on cardio and strength/endurance and have any weight loss be a side effect of that. Alas, adorable trainers aren't cheap, so I fear we may have to part ways in a month or two.

This cardio in air-conditioned comfort business is a Codsend. The treadmill and elliptical machine actually give me an endorphin rush, where walking in the heat and humidity is only enervating. They don't quite bring on the ecstatic state that dancing does, but come reasonably close.

* Perhaps adorability isn't the best way to rate a trainer, but I don't care.
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The new gym has been successful so far. 6.5 miles closer to Mordor, between the treadmill and the elliptical. How far is it to Mordor, anyway? The internet gives me conflicting figures.

Thursday: New gym (2 miles and various and sundry presses).
Friday: Armadillocon. Which is like exercise except the exact opposite.
Saturday: Still conning.
Sunday: 7 hours of dayjob, ~2 hours of gothercize.
Monday: Climbing.
Tuesday: New gym (2+ miles and sundry presses).
Wednesday: Gothercize, 2 hours.
Thursday: New gym (1 mile), 4 hours of dayjob.

As of this morning, I've lost 23 pounds since last year's World Horror, not counting the 5 extra pounds of water weight I was carrying at the end of that weekend. Now I need to get my strength and endurance up so I can make forward motion in climbing again.
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First, the bad kind. Jonathan Frid died. My first summer of high school, SciFi--back when it didn't suck three monkeys before breakfast--aired Dark Shadows in the mornings. I would wake up early every weekday to watch it, and then immediately go back to bed. This resulted in some pretty awesome vampire dreams, though my habit of sleeping with the radio on sometimes gave them odd soundtracks. Dark Shadows set to Collective Soul is just not right.

Anyway, I'm glad Frid was involved with and apparently happy about the Burton movie. I, however, am not. And now I am sad.

For the better kind of loss, today I'm wearing size 10 jeans for the first time in...probably two years, maybe more. I think I need to reset my goal weight down another five pounds or so to properly fit into my bras, but other than that I'm quite pleased.

L is also for lackluster and "let's try that again." I've been trying for the past two days to find the write beginning to a chapter. It's a murder mystery, and I'm fairly certain I need to save the body for the end of the chapter. But man, the opening is giving me a hard time. I've mostly given up and am just describing everyone's clothes until I figure out where the tension is. We can always layer it in later.
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I'm thirty-three days into my faux-Lenten sugar purge, and I have broken a couple of times. Once in Boston out of weakness and crabbiness, once again two days later because we found cupcakes and I decided to grant myself another signing cupcake exception, and this morning because a muffin was the better part of valor when confronted with sweet vs. salty & greasy airport breakfasts. Cupcakes have officially become way too much sugar. (Cake is okay, but icing is brutal once its sugar load hits my bloodstream.) I will marshal my virtue and finish my last sugar-free week, and then try to avoid cupcakes.

In more virtuous news, I swept and spot-mopped the front of the house tonight, scrubbed a shelf in the fridge, and did my travel laundry before taking to my bed like a jet-lagged thing.
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March 1 - 7

March 1 - I have completely forgotten what I did last Thursday. Either I did something, or it was a rest day.
March 2 - Yard work, 2 hours.
March 3 - Day job, 5 hours.
March 4 - Day job, 7 hours.
March 5 - Day job, 5 hours; bouldering; core class, 1 hour.
March 6 - House cleaning, ~ 1 hour.
March 7 - Day job, 5 hours; top-roping; yoga, 1 hour; dancing, ~3 hours. State of the badass art.

Every time I see the video for "Lucretia, My Reflection" I think of a line from Traveling With The Dead: ...Because it was white, a color no sane woman, dead or Undead, would wear on a train. This makes me want to work on my Spies With Fabulous Hats book so very badly.

Day 15 of no sugar. These molasses muffins are my salvation.

I am typing this boring post on Jadis! The blue fire worked! We upgraded my OS and she came back to life. We're guessing maybe a file had been corrupted that was replaced in the upgrade. I hope that is in fact the case, because my Apple Care expires next month, and I don't really want to spend a huge chunk of my publication check for Kingdoms on a new computer.
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February 23 - 29

Thursday: Housecleaning. A lot of it.
Friday: More housecleaning. Also a lot.
Saturday: Playground duty (including monkey bars!), a truly lackluster amount of outdoor bouldering.
Sunday: Dayjob, 7 hours. (Book mining burns a lot of calories.)
Monday: Dog-walking, 1.5 miles.
Tuesday: Yoga, 30 min.
Wednesday: Day job, 5 hours. Top roping & 1 hour yoga.

And by some Leap Day miracle, I managed to have beer and cheese fries for dinner, and still come in at 2k calories for the day.

I have a tumblr now. What do I do with it?
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Six days into my sweet-free* existence, and I want sugar so badly I would knife a man for a muffin. Another few days of this and I'll probably be hallucinating that my hands are cupcakes and the cats are cinnamon rolls the size of my head. And I don't even eat very much sugar normally!

In happier dietary news, today I decided to unfuck my crisper drawers and turn the contents into gardener's pie. This, my friends, was a wild success. Some sad broccoli and carrots, wrinkly potatoes and hoary frozen peas and corn combined as if by magic into a delicious dinner. I think the actual magic was not having any broth and subbing red wine. Red wine makes many things better.

* Processed sugary things like cake, candy, ice cream, etc. I can still put honey in my tea.
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I will endeavor to go without sweets (processed-sugary things) for the next 40 days. Inspired by [ profile] yuki_onna's unfucking project I will also endeavor to actually exercise for 30 minutes every day. Yoga, walking, climbing, whatever. My caveats are:

1. I have half a chocolate bar left in the pantry. I am going to finish it. Because wasting good chocolate is just dumb.

2. I will have a cupcake at my launch party. Because it is my launch party, and I am bringing cupcakes.

3. Cleaning the house for 30+ minutes totally counts as exercise*.

I may also attempt to sleep for under nine hours a night, unless a sleep deficit is involved. But I don't want to get too crazy too fast.

And now I'm taking my laptop to bed, where I will write 500 words of the story I have three weeks to finish. Like a m*therf*cking boss.

*This caveat is made because tomorrow will be a frenzy of housecleaning due to an imminent scary thing happening this weekend, which I will talk about later. Not the scary thing some of you already know about, though.
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And now a rare fitness post. You have been warned.

I spent most of the holidays perfecting my Slug With a Laptop pose and being on a weight loss plateau. Since then I've returned to my (only mildly sporadic) regimen of climbing, yoga, core class, and dancing, with pleasant results. After last night's four hours of dancing thanks to Elysium's Sisters of Mercy tribute night*, I'm now under 165. Apparently these last two pounds were the magic ones, because I've gone down a band size. This is good, because I stockpiled all my old bras when I gained weight, and have been reluctant to buy many larger ones. (Those suckers are expensive.)

This means that I've lost 17 pounds since my horrible peak weight at World Horror last year, and 12 from last year's normal upper range (when not effected by queso and cupcakes). My goal right now is 160. From there I'll assess how my clothes fit and how well I'm climbing.

* This was the best night ever. I love my club so much right now.
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As of this morning, I've lost ten pounds since the dark time that was right after World Horror. This appears to translate to a noticeable improvement in my vinyasa. I can't tell if it's helping the climbing yet, because the past three weeks I've done core class or yoga before climbing, and that uses up most of my strength and stamina for a night.

Only 300 words on the Nameless Mesofauxtamian Epic today, but that brings me to 2700 words, and all of Chapter 1 except for one awkward conversation and a bunch of bracket notes awaiting their true content. Chapter 2 is a katabasis, so that's something to look forward to. I look forward to a title even more.

ArmadilloCon fixed my programing so I am no longer moderating. The sock puppet crisis has been averted. For now.
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Yesterday brought doubled good news. "Red", my not-exactly-a-zombie-romance featuring goth bicycle gangs in post-apocalyptic Austin, has sold to Brave New Love, a dystopian YA anthology edited by Paula Guran. (For those of you who followed the Wicked Pretty Things debacle, yes, there was a change of editors. I've worked with Paula before, and am very happy that she took over the anthology.)

Shortly after that, I learned that "Bone Garden"--or Boywhores vs. Oracular Demons--was accepted by its anthology as well. I don't have the all-clear to share details yet, but I'm very happy to be accepted by this publisher.

The CEM for Kingdoms went back to my editor today, leaving me with with a surprising fondness for the book, and the restless itch to write The Bitter Road, aka the unsold fourth Necromancer Chronicle. Not to mention The Poison Court.

That leaves the to-do list looking like this:

Finish Kingdoms of Dust
Write "Bone Garden"
Write dystopian YA story
Kingdoms CEM
Revise "Bone Garden"
Revise "Red"
Write synop & 3 for Oracle of Plagues
Kingdoms page proofs
Pitch option novel
Poke "Flood" with a sharp stick
Poke "Birthgrave" (Isyllt's origin story) with a sharp stick

Project Valkyrie and Operation: Badger Reduction continue apace. Several of my shirts are becoming less like sausage casings, but I seem to have lost all my swimming stamina since last summer.

Now I guess I'll start looking for awesome stuff to pack into Oracle. Any suggestions?
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I sent another 5.10 (minus-ish, but still) tonight! After the Age of Sloth I've been going through, this is very encouraging. My bouldering still isn't back up to snuff, but I need a) lose the rest of this extra weight I've picked up (four pounds gone as of the end of last week, so yay Discipline), and b) get my beloved Coyotes resoled, because my Nagos are like comfy bedroom slippers--a suboptimal condition in a climbing shoe.

The poll looks promising, so there will be a sale. I'll probably start it on Wednesday.
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To confirm, yes, I am attending Eurocon in June. I may even be on panels (all [ profile] matociquala's fault), though I don't have a schedule yet.

Appetite for Reduction's vegetable korma recipe is pretty good. It's even better with cream and yogurt. Also, from this I have learned that light coconut milk is like light beer: why would you ever do this?

Also also, on day four of serious carb restriction, I would kill a man for a piece of toast.

80s TV shows streaming on Netflix are not good for productivity, generally speaking. Lucky for me they don't have Magnum P.I. or The Equalizer.

I'd forgotten what pure and unadulterated crack MacGyver is made of. Crack and exposition.
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Today was pretty awesome, in an understated way. First an anthology invite came through, for something I really want to be in. Of course this means scrambling madly to finish a story by the end of the month, but oh well. Also glamour-related was the news that as [ profile] matociquala's arm-candy, I don't have to plan my own plane tickets to Eurocon. This is a huge relief.

Next was bouldering with [ profile] fadethecat, who will be climbing circles around me in a couple of weeks. Yet another impetus to push myself up a grade or two. :P

The first day of serious dieting lifestyle change went well, concluding with mushroom & cannellini paprikas from Appetite for Reduction, served with fauxtato (or caulipots, as the book calls it--a combination of mashed cauliflower and potatoes). This might actually be better than the chickpea piccata, and stupidly healthy. I splurged and added a side of wilted beet greens. But don't worry that I'm becoming a filthy hippie; we used cheese and cream in the potatoes.

I've also written a thousand words today on the final chapter of Kingdoms, and will continue writing until it's finished. Then it flies away and I absolutely and for reals won't look at it again until editor and/or agent give me an edit letter.

Also, it rained, if only a pathetic drizzly amount.
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Based on multiple recommendations and a trial run of the chickpea picatta, I bought Appetite For Reduction tonight. I will report back on further recipes.

This purchase was apparently well timed, because tonight I started looking through old photos, and saw with fear and loathing the difference between me last week and me six years ago. Reader, I weep. No wonder I have such a hard time hauling my ass up an overhang. (It's also amazing how five years can lend perspective on the quality of photos.)

Starting today, Operation Valkyrie is getting a kick in the pants, mostly involving more choosing/slaying and a lot less mead. Climbing! Yoga! Walking! No more refined carbs!


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