Aug. 22nd, 2015

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1. Dark Places - Gillian Flynn
2. Red Delicious - Kathleen Tierney/Caitlin R. Kiernan
3. The English Girl - Daniel Silva
4. Critical Space - Greg Rucka
5. Foreigner - C.J. Cherryh (reread)
6. Invader - C.J. Cherryh
7. Dark Dance - Tanith Lee (reread)
8. Inheritor - C.J. Cherryh

9. Precursor - C.J. Cherryh

10. Ancillary Justice - Anne Leckie

I was thoroughly charmed by this book.

11. Cocaine Blues - Kerry Greenwood

Here, though, I am thoroughly smitten. Isyllt wants to be BFFs with Phryne Fisher very badly.

12. Defender - C.J. Cherryh

This was the first Atevi book that dragged for me. My goodness, such drag. Still quite pleasant, but this felt very much like a transitional chapter or three dragged out to novel length.

13. Explorer - C.J. Cherryh

The first half of this one was also slow, and then all the fun happened! So much fun!

14. Hellboy, a volume whose title currently escapes me - Mike Mignola

15. Hellboy: The Troll Witch and Others - Mike Mignola

16. The Wicked + the Divine: The Faust Act - Kieron Gillen

I see many people in love with this series so far. I am not. It was amusing and interesting, but I didn't engage with the worldbuilding particularly, and I was left with no real sense of the stakes.

17. Destroyer - C.J. Cherryh

Another volume that felt like a very long transition. And by now Bren's stress indigestion has moved through comedic into annoying repetition. But binge reading is rarely flattering. You'll note I don't stop.

18. Pretender - C.J. Cherryh


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